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Website Design and Development Company Mumbai

Web Development Company in India

Choose the best and capable web development company in India for making your website initiate maximum boom to your business prospect. Every business organization aiming to soar high in market amidst the stiff competition must take care while they plan to go in for online route. Getting online is an act of the wise. The reasons are pretty simple and clear as taking the desired route enhances business reach and incline you to the path of success. The Website [...]

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Check and Use GZIP Compression through PHP

gzip compression is using for increase website speed and save server bandwidth. Read the below points to add gzip compression in your website: 1. Ask Hosting server provider to enable gzip compresssion. 2. Compress all the css and js file using 7-zip e.g. if your css file name is style.css it will save as style.css.gz. 3. Upload all the file on live server and set Content Encode GZIP to .gz files 4. Define gzip global variable in your common php file (remember the [...]