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Website Developer in India

Hire the best Website developer in India to get the most effective website When you are deciding to hire a website development company (ezeelive technologies) to carry out the functionality of your site, reliability and stability are the most important factor. You must approach a company who has earned reputation in delivering seamless and affordable solutions to clients. Now the question is, how would you find a reputable web design company? The first step should begin with intensive research. Ask the company [...]

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Magento Development Services India

Magento can be defined as one of those shopping Carts which have made shopping online not only easy but also very fast. It is one of the most smart and robust E Commerce platforms which makes the life of the people easy. It offers highly innovative, Creative and functional cart system for shopping online. Thus, your E Commerce website is made more attractive. Not all the E Commerce platforms are secure for shopping, but Magento is a platform which is [...]

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Magento Customization India – Custom Payment Gateway Module in Magento

Payment Gateway is most important section of any eCommerce or Shopping website. Where user can purchase and pay by using Credit Cards online. Magento base code developed in Zend Framework Module structure. Here developer can developed modules and extensions as per there requirement and use or re-use. A payment gateway system mostly do : A. valid and accept credit card detail B. autherise payment detail when submit order detail C. Save Transaction ID along with user detail in Order So lets create a Custom Payment [...]

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Recruitment and Job Portal Website Development India

The biggest curse for our country Unemployment has always been an issue of concern in India. It has always haunted the youth of the country. Even for the Government, this is the most crucial problem. A number of Governments have come into reign but none has been able to help the country get rid of this monster. But since past few years there has been a considerable change in the situation of the country in terms of employment opportunities. How and [...]

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Comparison between x-cart and cs cart ecommerce system

Here the another difference in the two well known PHP eCommerce Technology X-Cart and CS Cart. We have recently used X-Cart in our eCommerce projects and found it has some great features (in default installation) eg. Product Review, Suggestion search during typing (Auto suggest), Abandoned Cart Reminder, Built-in fully Mobile skin and Specially Back-end and Front-end Speed which is more require for any eCommerce Project. Currently ezeelive technologies (CS Cart Development Company in India) expert team using both X-Cart [...]

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Website Development Company in Mumbai

When it comes to getting an excellent and high quality website made there is no comparison to a professional Web Design and Development Companies in Mumbai. The reason why Indian web development companies from Mumbai are considered as one of the best options is because they offer best website design and development solutions with the help of latest tools and techniques. Here are some important and useful points on how to find such companies and get an excellent website [...]

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CS Cart development company in India

Importance of CS cart development company in India All if we know the importance of installing the software of shopping cart on the website of our e commerce. The CS Cart eCommerce system is one of the most renowned and most used shopping Cart. Open sources, easy and free to utilize are the unique features. This popular cart development company develops portal for shopping as well as cart for shopping for websites which are related to the services and products. [...]

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Website Design Solutions India

In the recent times, there has been a tremendous need of the internet for gathering information, purchasing products, verifying profiles and social networking. We use internet on a daily basis today and its user base is increasing day by day. Every company, no matter how big or small has an online presence that contains its information about the history, past works and the details about all the products offered by the company. Now, for having a website; you need website [...]

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Comparison between Prestashop and CS Cart eCommerce System

Hello friends, thanks for good response our previous article Comparison between Magento and CS Cart eCommerce System on Twitter and Facebook. We are comparison CS Cart with another famous eCommerce system called Prestashop. Both Prestashop and CS Cart use their own in-build PHP MVC pattern. Our development team have find Prestashop has such good features like Front-end and Back-end Speed, Product Comparison, URL Rewriting, HTML5 Image Uploader, Taxes, Stores Locator etc. and the Same area CS Cart has great features [...]