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Ezeelive Technologies - Export Magento Database CSV Format Using Custom PHP Code

Export Magento data to CSV format using custom PHP Code

Magento is one of the Best eCommerce platform in PHP using Zend Framework and Mage Class Library (Mage Static Classes). Magento is highly secure, dynamic seo friendly, internationalization support, large number built-in features and modular based system. Magento System is growing day by day and its has very good growing community, large no. of paid or free plugins, themes that anyone has in eCommerce Platforms. It has Core Code level access for developer to see code class/functions and inbuilt module [...]

EzeeliveTechnologies - which is better wordpress or blogger

Which is better WordPress or Blogger – blogging platform comparison

WordPress is the best of all the CMS as per the opinion of a few experts out there. While there is another section of Tech geeks that disagree to that fact saying that the self-hosted blogger platform can be superior to anything as such? Whether your business firm is a start-up company or a big concern already, this basic ambiguity might put you in procrastinating things for a while. How to select for the appropriate option is what we [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Responsive Design Company India

Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

Personal computers or Smart phones or the Tablets are also being used to access web resources as of today by the modern day men and women. We are used to variety of devices to access information. How it is all made easily possible? Responsive web design to be able to allow the resourceful websites to adapt to the surrounding needs, is what that has made it easier for us to look into the websites from so many devices as [...]

OpenCart - Best Free Online Shopping Cart Software

OpenCart PHP Ecommerce System – its advantages and disadvantages

Today ecommerce has become something inevitable for most businesses apart from what they make out of the retail efforts and conventional sales and marketing campaigns as such. You are exposed to the world on a broader spectrum with new avenues keep on being opened up in that way when you are dealing online.  If you are serious about boosting your ecommerce site rankings or the SERP then you should be using SEO friendly something like the OpenCart PHP ecommerce [...]

MongoDB - NoSQL Database - Ezeelive Technologies

MongoDB : Why use MongoDB NoSQL Database – Pros and Cons

RDBMS or Mongo DB, What is the best option is the question of the hour. If you are from the SQL background and in need of knowing closer information and details pertaining to MongoDB then here we are to present you with some quality info here. Yes, the pros and cons of the major kind are exposed. Use it to your best potential. MongoDB NoSQL Database Pros : 1. MongoDB Database is absolutely schema less. It is one major advantage for [...]

ezeelive technologies - top ten mistake to avoid in your website

Why India is an excellent destination for hire website design company

As the reason of advent of a tech savvy generation and Internet, that has become the store house of all the information and entertainment for all, companies today must join the race for the best online presence! With technology leaping at amplifying rates, companies now need a website of their own that allow them to reach out to their customers, easily and 24×7. Advantages of best web design company in India are many. That said, the advantages are many. The companies would [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Website Development Company in Thane

Website Development – understanding the factors that create a perfect website

On the off chance that you are an entrepreneur, then you realize that pushing whatever items and administrations you have goes far in guaranteeing that you make a benefit. Regardless of the possibility that you are a little online ambitious person situated in Mumbai, you have to tell neighborhood inhabitants that you have something to offer. Ezeelive Technologies (Website Development Company in Thane) tells truth, in the event that you have an online business, and you can advertise your [...]

Professional Website Design Company in India

Professional Website Design Company – most important factors to choose the best one

A website is the medium through which viewers can get to data or buy items over the web. Having a website empowers a business to achieve a more extensive business, or prospective customer base. In today’s reality, the website is evidently vital with a particular end goal to succeed in many commercial ventures. The opposition and nature of the corporate world make it urgent for any business to upgrade its vicinity on a worldwide premise. Master IT experts who assemble [...]

Website Design Company in Mumbai India - ezeelive technologies

5 Mistakes to avoid when hiring a website designer

Discovering a Website Designer in Mumbai that comprehends you and your vision might be a disappointing and unnerving procedure. There are such varieties of things to consider, and there is an immense amount of creators out there. To verify you have the best encounter, maintain a strategic distance from the accompanying slip-ups. Not Getting a CMS for your website: CMS remains for Content Management System, and it permits you to redesign your website effortlessly. You are practically joined to your engineer’s [...]