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Bad Parts of NoSQL MongoDB Database

NoSQL Database – the bad parts

NoSQL (Interpreted as not only SQL) database is a non-relational and large distributed database system that enables the data for a rapid and ad-hoc organization and analysis of large data volume and disparate its data types. NoSQL databases sometimes also referred as cloud databases, non-relational databases and Big data databases and their applications. NoSQL database is generally referred by the Big Data companies to store large number of databases. But as we know every technology has its good part [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - AngularJS JavaScript Framework Company India

The Good and Bad Parts of AngularJs JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is a structural framework of the JavaScript to make the web apps and applications. AngularJS (version 1.x) is what HTML would have been had it been designed for applications to use its features. HTML is a great declarative language for static documents and helps you to modify your web applications in easy way. Now we will try to see the some good and bad parts of the AngularJS below:Good Parts of AngularJS (version 1.x) JavaScript Framework: 1. MVC Compatibility [...]

JSON versus XML - JSON web service php

JSON – its advantages and disadvantages

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) stands for Javascript Object Notation which is light-weighted designed such that humans can easily read data interchange and its execution. The JSON format was originally specified and developed by Douglas Crockford, and is described in RFC 4627 license. The JSON filename extension is .json. JSON is based on the object notation of the JAVASCRIPT language and its standard only. However, it does not require JavaScript to read or write because it is made in text format which [...]

Top 10 Highlighted Wordpress Myths - Ezeelive Technologies

Top 10 highlighted WordPress Security Myths

WordPress is a open source content management system or CMS tool written in PHP which is generally most popular for its easy creation of the Blogs. Now a days in market blogs are made in WordPress only and huge number of people using it. We think that its very secure and reliable but there are some myths that we should know about the wordpress. Below are some highlighted myths of WordPress which people generally don’t aware.1. Use of Plugins: WordPress [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Hire Best Magento Expert India

Magento Tips – how hire best magento expert for ecommerce website?

Today we are discuss about the new concept How hire best magento expert. Here we will discuss on some major points on magento expert hiring but first we will illustrate why only magento for making the ecommerce website. The first thing is Magento is open source, It has the feature of handling the multiple stores for the same merchant, you can make small business store or big business store with magento system. When you use magento you can display [...]

drupal development company mumbai india - ezeelive

Choosing secure open source cms system – 10 reason to use Drupal

Another new and great creation by the PHP DEVELOPERS is known as the Drupal. Drupal is a open source cms system, maintained and developed by the community of users and developers. It is released under the GNU (General Public License) or GPL that means it’s completely free to download, use and modify and make the web application. It doesn’t require any cost to get the license, or to develop the project because its open source it doesn’t cost anything. [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Kohana PHP Framework

Advantages of Kohana PHP Framework

Kohana PHP Framework is a open source, object oriented MVC web development framework built using a PHP5. Kohana is licensed under BSD so you can use this open source framework by extending its features to develop your professional or personal website. Kohana is considered as a strong MVC framework after the Codeigniter. This framework was made by some group of developer so it must having the some features also which will overcome to other frameworks available so let’s come [...]

mcommerce mobile ecommerce development india

MCommerce : the future of eCommerce

The growth of E-commerce market rises by 30-40% annually because of the smart phone mobile app which are available for Android, iPhone operating system and because of this, the web shopping has shifted mostly to the mobile shopping using these E-commerce applications. These ways of shopping can not be ignored because both web and mobile shopping have their own benefits. We will try to illustrate this by giving some examples: Example:1. Flipkart Big Billion day The most successful story behind the [...]

Shopify eCommerce System

Shopify eCommerce System – pros and cons

Shopify eCommerce System is a complete eCommerce solution that helps you to setup an online store to sell your goods with high sell rate. It helps you to organize your products, customize your storefront, access to your credit/ debit/ master-card payments track and respond to orders in few clicks of the buttons. It helps a lot to small emerging business stores to get off the ground and grow into successful companies. It do this by creating great technology and [...]

Laravel Latest PHP Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel – Latest PHP Framework for Web Artisans

As we know PHP launches the frameworks after some interval of timing in regular interval of time. This time we will discuss about the customized MVC framework called as “Laravel”. We will discuss about the some basic part of the laravel that are needed to start the coding. It gives you the more customized way of development for the web application. Laravel is used mostly for the dependency management. Most sites have a common set of functionality (like handling [...]