Advantages of Using WordPress for Designing a Website

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Advantages of Using WordPress for Designing a Website

WordPress was originally launched to be a blog site, but has steadily grown and turned into the most favored platform for the design and enhancement of sites these days, especially e-commerce sites. The best part of the WordPress designing and development is; even a non technical person can also use this platform easily. Plus, it open source cms and totally free, which is helping it to make a most common and well known platform.

To be able to totally realize the strengths of WordPress, I have outlined the best 5 benefits associated with its use.

1.Open Source

Custom WordPress Website Design Company IndiaYou’ve possibly come across many open source programs in the market, but not a single is as good as WordPress. You’d probably question, for something so steady as well as exceptional, why is it accessible for free? Basically, WordPress is continually developed by a group of programmers from all corners of the world. This involves the themes and the plugins. However, WordPress comes with a few limitation but, you can customize it as your needs which is making the wordpress one of the best open source platform in the world.

2.User Friendliness

Initially introduced as a blog site, WordPress is regarded to be user-friendly and doesn’t require programming background in order to put it to use. You are able to quickly learn its functions and functionality due to its User-Friendly UI. The backend of the wordpress if more simple just like operating the mobile phone. The neat and clean navigation will guide you for more updates.


Best Freelance WordPress Developer IndiaFor any web design and development assignment, this is definitely one of the key concerns, specifically for online retail outlets as well as e-commerce websites. Plus, one click backup system is one of the most amazing feature of this open source CMS.


Just about any owner would certainly want to have a responsive web design and development project which stands apart. WordPress makes it possible for you accomplish just that and more along with customizable themes and plugins. The best part of wordpress is; you can even find lots of prebuilt functionalities (Plugin) for free.


Since WordPress has established a community of programmers along with users that interact and offer support by its community forums. It is possible to quickly search for answers for your inquiries through their posts.

6.SEO Friendly

Hire Dedicated WordPress Development Company IndiaThere are so many SEO plugins are available in wordpress which help your website or blog to rank higher. On other side it is really hard to make the website seo friendly with other open source free platform. Yoast is one of the best plugin to go for SEO stuff. Apart from above wordpress is support with PHP Frameworks integrate such as Zend, Yii2 and Laravel etc. Client side technologies AngularJS 1 and 2, EmberJS, BackboneJS etc. So, if you want to run a blog or need a complete business ready website, go with WordPress, it’s easier, simple and free.

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