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Ezeelive Technologies - Hire Professional Joomla Development Company India

Hire Professional Joomla Development Company India

Joomla development services is a free, open source content management system written in PHP for distributed and overseeing content on the web and Intranet utilizing a MySQL database. Joomla is an all around tried, extensible and powerful tool upheld by an extremely dynamic and benevolent group of designers and clients. Joomla incorporates elements, for example, page reserving to enhance execution, newsflashes, sites, discussions, RSS channels, and printable adaptations of pages, surveys, datebooks and language internationalization. A content management system is [...]

Ezeelive Technologies India - advantages jade template engine

Advantages of JADE template engine

There is dozen of template engine available with option such as Vanilla PHP, Smarty, Twig (Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP, Drupal), Blade (laravel php framework default template engine), Haml for Ruby / Ruby on Rails. Jade is specially designed for the server side template in Node.js but it can be used in many other environments also. It’s used to produce XML documents like (HTML, RSS etc.), so we can’t use it to create the plain text like HTML/CSS other documents. [...]

why developer love php in web development

Why developer love PHP in Web Development

We are back again with most famous technologies which I think all know in this software development technological world called as “PHP” (Hypertext Pre-processor),which was invented by the Rasmus Lerdorf  in mid of 1995. At the start it was only a simple scripting language with no framework just a simple script but as time goes on our developers added great and mind-blowing features in that and developed many Frameworks with the help of that any type of website you [...]

PHP vs NodeJS in Web Development

Why choose Node.JS over PHP in Web Development

Now a days so many technologies coming in the market but in that some are very popular and some not got their life so from those some popular technologies two are Node.js and PHP. PHP is already getting very popular but Node.js is its competitor So, now we will see in which way Node.js we can use for the web development over the PHP. The some major and minor features of Node.js we will see below: Node.js installation: Following example installation [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - AngularJS JavaScript Framework Company India

The Good and Bad Parts of AngularJs JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is a structural framework of the JavaScript to make the web apps and applications. AngularJS (version 1.x) is what HTML would have been had it been designed for applications to use its features. HTML is a great declarative language for static documents and helps you to modify your web applications in easy way. Now we will try to see the some good and bad parts of the AngularJS below:Good Parts of AngularJS (version 1.x) JavaScript Framework: 1. MVC Compatibility [...]

Ezeelive Technologie - Python PHP in Web Application Development

Why to choose Python over PHP in web application development?

PHP vs. Python: The Popularity No one can deny that PHP is now in world of technology market is the most preferred open source programming language in the web industry and also it gives you the ‘N’ number of frameworks, CMS like WordPress, Drupal and MVC like strong codeigniter, zend, yii, laravel, cakephp and many more also it gives the strong libraries to use your important functions in your web application development. Because of these such reasons many companies choosing [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Website Development Company in Thane

Website Development – understanding the factors that create a perfect website

On the off chance that you are an entrepreneur, then you realize that pushing whatever items and administrations you have goes far in guaranteeing that you make a benefit. Regardless of the possibility that you are a little online ambitious person situated in Mumbai, you have to tell neighborhood inhabitants that you have something to offer. Ezeelive Technologies (Website Development Company in Thane) tells truth, in the event that you have an online business, and you can advertise your [...]

Hire Freelance Best Web Developers Mumbai

Hire Web Developer in India

What is an online presence to hire web developer in India? To create an astounding online presence, every company today has a website (or is willing to have) of its own. For the purpose, it hires a website developer who looks into all the tasks right from the conceptualisation of the idea for the website to the final product. Why is an online presence important? The online presence benefits the company in more than one way. It helps garner a larger clientele [...]

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer India

PHP Development India

PHP website development has become a service that every company seeks today. Reliable and experienced PHP application development platform is a must for every company that wishes to create an online presence. Thus at ezeelive.com, we provide PHP development services and PHP web application development services to the best of our potential at the best of prices. Why PHP Website Development? With the advent of the Internet, all companies and businesses are striving to create a viral online presence among their [...]

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Website Developer in India

Hire the best Website developer in India to get the most effective website When you are deciding to hire a website development company (ezeelive technologies) to carry out the functionality of your site, reliability and stability are the most important factor. You must approach a company who has earned reputation in delivering seamless and affordable solutions to clients. Now the question is, how would you find a reputable web design company? The first step should begin with intensive research. Ask the company [...]