Social Media – How affects your daily life?

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social media how affects your daily life

Social Media – How affects your daily life?

Do you use Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook? Twitter? LikedIn?

If your answer is YES then you are living in this high tech world only but if your answer is NO then I think you living in the world which was far before of the Orkut or When people had no option to get any information of the world except the old radio and sometimes you can consider the Television or maybe you live on the Mars orbit where Scientists thinking to go because on that planets also these social media also not available then what’s the difference for you to live on this earth or on the Mars and when you are not used to it.

But I really don’t want for anyone who is not used to with these social media channels. Because these media channels are so strong that if you using these high informative services then you don’t have to go anywhere in the world for any type of the information.


Welcome to 2018, where people are using their phones to text, email, tweet, post, share, and talk. Right now, your phone is probably inches away from you and I can bet that you can’t even remember the last time your phone wasn’t at an arm’s length.

For some of you, an arm’s length is even too far. Hundreds of the social networking websites exist in the world which are used to support the daily interest of everyone in the world.

These social networking websites connect the millions of the strangers together and incorporate a wide variety of communication in the form of blogging, photo and video sharing with other friends.

Many of these social networking websites encourage the peoples to upload their personal information on the web-page.

You are located at any part of the world through these social media networks you can talk with them live even you can do a video call also or you can share your birthday pics, any ceremony pics anything which you wanted.


Seventy percent of the teens use the social media website according to the U.S Department of the labor department (United States Department of Labor).

One of the most serious problems with these websites concern is the security issue because it takes the all personal details and after that, these companies use it as a big data and gives to the other company to use just to grow their own business.

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Also, the social networking is very addictive in which any student whose age is just to study they just stick on these websites and forget to study so in another way these websites somehow also spoils much life.

But at the end, it all depends on you how you use these social networking websites. Because everything has its own advantages and disadvantages so the same also goes with this advantages and disadvantages.

But now this part is for the people who use the social network in daily life:

Social media affects

Affects Mental Health:

Studies Show that 61% of the total world log in to their Facebook account daily and at least 43% of total login multiple times in a day and people are so habitual with the post, likes and comments that they just wait for these things only and addicted for this things. So, in mind, people think about this and do it very badly.

Social media gives rise to Cyber Bullying/ Hate Speech:

Cyber-bullying is an enormous concern, especially for adolescents. the survey that found 95% of teenagers who use social media have witnessed cyber-bullying and 33% have been victims themselves.

A majority of found kids, teens, and even adults can post, upload anything without thinking whether is good or bad for they are itself, Family, Society, and Country for just getting publicity on the Internet.

Social Media can make you unhappy:

A study from the University of Michigan collected data about Facebook users and how it correlated with their moods and day and the post they do on the Facebook. Simply put, they found that the more users were overall more unhappy than those who used the site in less number. Over more time, avid users also reported lower satisfaction in their lives overall.


According to me Social Media definitely affects personal life. Everyone has its personal life and sometimes it happens that people don’t want to disclose some personal thoughts or their secrets but the when they log in to social media their thoughts automatically comes on networking websites and those thoughts becomes everyone’s thought.

But I think it should be thought of your and you also have to keep some talks with you only. I am not saying that don’t use the social media because without this no one can live also, use it but in the limit, use its features which can give you the same benefits and it can improve your life, take the knowledge part from that.

At last, it all depends on you only how you handle it, what you want to take from that? And How you want to use it?

Social Media - How affects your daily life?
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Social Media - How affects your daily life?
Social Media specially facebook, youtube, twitter affecting kids, teens even adults affecting daily life, health and wealth.
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