Hybrid and Native Mobile App Development Services

Quick Thing: Why should choose the best mobile app development servicesNative Mobile App Development Services India

  1. High-End Features
  2. Improved User-Experience
  3. Complete safety and security
  4. High Performance with Quick Response
  5. Better User Interface
  6. High Functionality
  7. Consistent aspect ratio
  8. Easy to use

Mobile App Development – Unfold highly usable app with enticing looks

We are dedicated to delivering you high quality native mobile apps that can improve your Return On Investment and can help you in making your presence felt online.

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As a Native iOS & Android Mobile Apps Development Company in India, we understand the importance of native apps and that is why recommend it to our clients.

Being flexible in nature, this type of app development service ensures you that your mobile application will be liked by consumers and it will tempt more and more users towards it. Simple to use these apps appear to many users as a default app and grab their attention.

Mumbai’s No.1 Mobile App Development Services

Android Native Mobile App Developer MumbaiOptimized for all types of mobile, our developers create for you native mobile application that can meet all your requirements.

The cost-effectiveness and full-time maintenance support make us worthy to be called as a credible Android native mobile app developer.

This doesn’t mean we won’t provide you iOS native app. In fact, we know that Apple believes in promoting native apps, we deliver your highly alluring native apps for both iOS and Android phones.

Custom Mobile App Development

If you are striving for tailor-made native apps, then you have reached the right destination. This is the abode of the developers who have creativity and innovation to come up with extremely interesting ideas that can make you appear different from the rest.

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Every step taken by our team of skilled professionals is planned according to your needs and likings. We are here to unveil really customized native app development service that can bring you closer to your target customers and help you reach your business goals.

Why projects executed by us deliver the best results for our clients

Native IOS Android Development Company IndiaWe do not believe in flaunting our work, but in delivering the best work and show you the multiple facets of our service.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this is one of the reasons why our clients not only stick with us but also count on us.

  • You cannot call a service excellent if it is not value for money. Keeping this in mind, we deliver you native app development service that is affordable and you do not feel ditched at the end of the day.
  • The Return On Investment (ROI) is an integral part of our service. We aim to provide you app development service that can bring profit to your business and you climb the stairs of success.
  • We have experience in both iOS and Android app development and we do not believe in imitating things. That is why our applications are unique yet simple so that your customers would love it.
  • Our highly qualified developers have expertise in creating high performing applications irrespective of loaded features as we know how to control the device memory consumption.
  • We understand the hardware interaction and that is why we have developers who create applications that are bug-free and deliver high-speed performance.

Why we recommend Mobile App Service for most of the development projects

  • Appearance is a crucial part of an app and the best thing about native apps is that they have enticing User Interface and appears as a default app to the users.
  • Highly functioning, the native mobile applications can unveil amazing User Experience and can help you in enhancing your business.
  • Providing consistent performance in any aspect ratio is something that makes it surpass all other application development services.
  • With zoom and multi-touch inbuilt, the native mobile app gives you an opportunity to connect with your users easily with enticing features.
  • The complete security and safety that this mobile app development provides is just unbelievable and can diminish the gap between you and your customers.

How our Mobile Application development services benefited our clients

We have the forte in Mobile Application Development and that is why we are one of the best Native iOS & Android Development Company in India.

Our android native mobile app developer knows how to develop an app that can help you reach your customers easily.

  • Native mobile app service is the best option for those who are striving for the development of applications that could be built with customized push notifications. We are competent enough to deliver you such a service at a competitive price.
  • Our script-free, device-native application is designed in such a manner that it provides your users with faster performance and unfathomably improved capabilities.
  • We develop apps that suits your needs and is server optimized so that you get immediate approval from iTunes or Google Play.
  • Apply next-generation technology and the expertise of our app developers determine that you receive rich apps that can help you beat your competitors and increase your customer base.
  • Believe in keeping confidentiality of our clients and have a regular communication with them so that we can meet your expectations and make your vision a reality.
  • Provides maintenance and support service and in case any troubles come up, we are ready to resolve all the problems immediately.

1. Android Apps Development

With the advancement of technology, everyone is switching to acquire a faster communication. Communication plays a major role in all the business to bring more profit in extraordinary style.

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Best Mobile Apps Developer India
Ezeelive Technologies – Award Winning Best
Mobile Apps Developer in India for the year 2018 – 2019

Are you looking forward to having your own Business App to reach out to your clients at much faster pace? We offer you the Superior Mobile Apps Development Services to make your business reach the worldwide attention securely.

Finding a true partner with expertise in mobile technology is most important for the startups, small as well as large organizations to make the worldwide businesses. Our team is specialized in delivering Android technology expertise for your mobile app development project.

Our team has years of experience in the field to help businesses to improve their cost structure, operational efficiencies as well as remains in high technologically competitive.

i) Why Choose Android App Development?

Mobile App development is our core strengths. Our success lies only in building the quality application that is quite robust, scalable and offers brilliant user experience.

Being the top mobile app development company, our team includes Research and Development on the latest Smartphone Apps.

Our team is expert in assisting our clients with standards of app development with the testing tools.

Our Android App Development Service adheres the best in class Android architectural standards with comprehensive OS ecosystem to help build the sustainable and scalable applications across all the platform.

  • Experienced Personnel
  • Profound knowledge of mobile technologies and frameworks
  • Time bound delivery
  • Cost-effective services
  • High-Quality App development process
  • Recognized and Reputed robust mobile app developing service
  • Provides dynamic services across various platforms

ii) Our Android Apps Work:

Have a glance at the wide range of brilliant mobile applications developed by us. Our team has years of experience to create the powerful and scalable Apps with the touch of excellence.

  • Android Specific UX/UI Design
  • Android App Customization
  • Hybrid App Development
  • Widget Development Services
  • Launcher App Development
  • Porting or Redesign
  • Test Automation
  • Support, Maintenance, and Optimization

We care deeply about the code quality as well as maintainability of applications. Our team is well-versed in providing the complete service with Android and iOS specific design, customization and many other features.

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With the high-end functional correctness, the maintainability of the codebase is available at the highest virtue. Our professional team provides maintainable code for the projects by creating the application in the high extensive way.

Android and iOS are the most widely used Mobile Operating System across the world. We have the tools and techniques to easily form the complex ecosystems suitable for different dimensions, form factors, and manufacturers.

iii) Why you require Android App Development in 2018:

Are you looking to design and develop your Android Apps based on Social media, healthcare, sports, restaurants, education or any other sector? With the advent of Android technological advancements, our team of professionals is well versed in designing and developing the highest quality mobile application suitable for your business.

Android Mobile Apps Development Company Mumbai - Ezeelive TechnologiesWith a view to making your Android Apps in much high-yielding, we build engaging and elegant Android applications to bring you higher visibility and accessibility.

Improve your business lucrative with the extensive and user-friendly application suitable for the viewers to handle.

Our professional Android application developers are ready to design and develop the easy-to-use and user-friendly mobile apps.

Our Android App developers are professional and passionate about crafting your Android App suitable for enhancing the user experience in the much secure way.

We are expert in delivering the superior quality of applications based on your request.

Your Android apps idea is designed only based on the creativity from the top chart. Our exhibit is ready to make you the bug-free Android Apps.

iv) Mobile Application Architecture:

We strictly follow the principles “One Responsibility and One Class” and “Don’t Repeat Yourself”. Our team uses the architectural patterns to organize codebase for ensuring that the programmers are intuitively and find out implementations based on the functionality to work on. Our team follows the strict coding conventions as well as code formatting guidelines to make the code suitable for easy to read and navigate.

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v) App Security Features:

With the designing of codes, our next phase is to secure mobile devices along with sensitive data that it contains on them. Depending on the nature of App, we improve the security needs accordingly so we evaluate the appropriate security measures such as

  • Protect Application Services
  • Implement Content Providers
  • Avoid Intent Sniffing
  • Use Broadcasts
  • Implement File Permissions
  • Avoid GUI Objects Caching
  • Implement Intents
  • WebView Best Practices

vi) Best Coding Practices:

Ezeelive Technologies expertise in building multiple applications for Android Operating System. We follow the best suitable coding practices for building the maintainable and scalable Apps. We have the wide range of tools to build the Apps faster in the much more secure way.

g. Expertise in App Domains:

We have expertise in building application for multiple domains across various industries. In fact, our developers become efficient in developing the Mobile Apps across the verticals.

  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Social
  • Healthcare
  • Fitness & Wellness
  • Sports

Designing mobile applications require the higher understanding of appropriate guidelines as well as material design. Our team follows the innovative design practices with emphasizing the specific App designs.

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vii) Mobile App Testing:

Android and iOS are fragmented or with all devices based on testing the Android App. We have dedicated test lab devices to test the application and stimulate the test cases.

It also helps us to ensure to increase the end user experience across devices. Our testing procedure includes:

  • Validation Testing
  • Black box Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • System Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Deployment Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Regression Testing

2. iPhone/ iOS Apps Development

Secure and scalable iPhone applications increase the business productivity while making them more user-friendly. The best and uniquely developed iPhone applications also increase the business sales.

Best iOS Development Company in IndiaThere are many app development companies offer app development solutions, but we bring business individuals some additional conveniences in the form of reliable iPhone app development solutions.

We provide customized and best quality iPhone apps which meet your operational requirements.

Get more from the technology advancements in iPhone through our reliable iPhone application development solutions.

We are the most prominent app developers who provide perfect, dynamic and top-notch iPhone app development solution. We mostly consider the sufficient and necessary needs of our clients.

The useful activity lets us build different types of high quality and enriched iPhone applications. It is helpful to know that the work-flow model of our company is completely quality oriented and selective. It assures both the profitable and practical results.

i) Professional iPhone app development:

Our reputable iPhone app development firm comes with lots of dedicated and skilled iPhone app developers who always deliver the finest app with advanced technologies.

We put our overall dedicated towards developing the best and most reliable iPhone application.

Hire Professional Mobile App Development Company IndiaFor enterprises/business owners seeking the best iPhone apps development firm, we guarantee only the best to all customers.

We are the best iPhone app developers who prefer the best technological concepts to bring our customers complete satisfaction.

Our iPhone app developers understand that the best iPhone application let business owners develop their business and increase their business sales.

We provide great support and efficient iPhone app development solutions.

ii) Highlights of our iPhone app development solutions:

Our iPhone app development company comes with an expert team of energetic, hardworking, experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated iPhone app developers.

We are the skilled experts who understand the latest trend, user behavior, and technology.

Thus, we make the user-centric iPhone applications. Our team has hands-on experience, and comprehensive knowledge of different latest techniques and tools used to make the iPhone applications. Our team not only use the best techniques, but they also do a quick research on the user behavior.

The best activities let us develop the most outstanding and efficient iPhone app development solutions. We are widely known for our groundbreaking and innovative iPhone app development solution.

iii) Mumbai’s No.1 Mobile iPhone App Development Company:

Our team develops each iPhone app with professional app development technologies and methodologies. The unique and professional app development solutions let our clients reach their business success very soon.

The high-quality iPhone apps developed by our app developers are robust, scalable and affordable. Our most affordable and reliable iPhone development solutions have some unique features to empower the business for better productivity.

Our iPhone app developers have the proper understanding of iPhone application development procedures that enable them to deliver the extensive range of iPhone based mobile apps.

We come with a committed team of app developers with in-depth technical expertise and wealth of experience in this mobile app domain.

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The unique approaches help us to develop the robust platform or mobile application for your business. The uniquely developed application helps our customers to experience hassle-free experience.

  • Our professional app design produces a long-lasting and best impression.
  • We use best app designing and development designs to make the iPhone application much attractive
  • Our simple and effective app development solution also helps your customers to explore your business
  • Engaging app design can boost the engagement of your online business
  • The professional design can cheer your users to share the app with their friends that not only doubles the customers, but it also increases the sales.

iv) Why choose a professional iPhone app developer?

1. Experience:

We are the best and professional iPhone app development company that has the best technical expertise regarding both the design and development of many iPhone applications.

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We will have the latest app development tools to make the most creative iPhone applications. The highly experienced iPhone developers of our company only use the advanced and innovative iPhone app development tools.

2. Exposure:

We are the qualified and experienced iPhone app developers who are experts in handling both simple and complex iPhone app development projects.

Our iPhone app developers have better experienced in developing creative and dynamic iPhone applications. We always use the advanced iPhone app development technologies that make our iPhone application much user-friendly.

3. Flexibility:

Our reliable iPhone app development firm will offer different types of flexible app development solutions. The extensive range of app development solutions let our clients choose the right solution based on their business requirements. We help you to select the right solution for your business.

4. Timely Delivery:

We are well-known for our excellent timing, cost-effectiveness and increasing the returns or profits on investment. Our iPhone app development team has sufficient experience in quickly meeting the project deadlines. The professional skills let us deliver the iPhone apps on time.

5. Scalability:

We are the experienced and professional iPhone app developers who will bring the benefit of better scalability as well.

Our expertise lets us offer dedicated app development solutions with complete control over both the project and resources. Also, we satisfy the business needs along with increasing requirements of the business or enterprise.

6. Support and communication:

We always try hard to maintain a reliable relationship with our clients. Along with this, we value our customers and know the significance of keeping a lasting both with them. We will offer continuous support and app development solutions by solving problems.

v) Best iPhone app solutions:

We offer an extensive iPhone app designing and development solutions with the client-centric approach or advanced development techniques.

For every app development project, our app developers perform certain procedures including:

  • Define the scope of app development project
  • Access the feasibility within a budget of our clients
  • Planning and analysis
  • Recognized app coding
  • Regular client demonstration
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For collecting additional details regarding our iPhone app development services, you can hire our official portal where you can discover the extensive range of iPhone app development solutions.

It is significant to know that our company offers professional and high-quality iPhone app development solutions are available at cost-effective rates.

#10 tips for Hire Mobile App Developers in India:

How can you Hire Good Mobile App Developers in India?

With the mobile app business booming, there are thousands of developers in the market, some exceptionally skilled while others just the opposite. How do you tell the good fish apart from the bad in such a crowded pond?

To help you out with making such a tough decision, we have put together 10 tips that might help point you in the right direction.

1. Linked:

The biggest professional network on the Internet, LinkedIn is your go-to when you’re searching for professionals to do your job just right. You can sift through qualifications, contact details and basically develop an idea about who can deliver the best possible work.

2. Look for someone who is interested in the business you’re doing, not just in its development:

Some good professionals don’t just stop at taking you through the development process, but also assist you with creative input and ideas that can help in your app. The good ones have had loads of work experience on the app store, thereby have a thorough understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

3. Make a list of prospective candidates and start making comparisons:

Good developers should have brilliant UX/UI skills. When you’re assessing someone’s portfolio, you’ll want to look for beautiful apps with the really good user interface. The most important aspect of your app is how well it is received by the users.

4. Cross-check all the client references:

The best developers will have nothing to hide. Look for those who readily offer you their client contact information so that you can get proper feedback on their work.

5. Find someone with whom you think you can build a relationship:

The development of a mobile app isn’t a one-time job. Based on user feedback, apps need to constantly be modified and updated. You’d do best to find someone who will stick with you throughout the cycle of modification of the product. The not-so-good developers are the ones who abandon ship once the initial work is done.

6. Don’t let price be one of the driving factors in your making a decision:

It’s quality you should be looking for, instead of searching for low-budget options. If you’re receiving services that are really cheap you’re most likely to end up getting unsatisfactory work and end up having to pay extra for better services with some other partner.

7. Prioritize design above all else:

How an app look is equally important, if not more, than its functionality. Look for developers who are capable of adding value to both the usability and the look of the app, hopefully giving you an aestheticized

8. Visualize the entire project as a whole, and not just the coding part of it:

There’s so much more to building an app than just the coding. If you’re selecting an independent coder, you should have a separate team ready to perform the rest of the tasks such as design, testing, and usability.

9. Get in touch with past customers of some of the top companies:

One of the best ways to determine just how good an app developer is is to contact their previous customers, and ask questions regarding some of the following factors:

  • Product quality
  • Communication skills of the team
  • Response rate
  • Professionalism

10. Work with the promising developer:

Numerous customer reviews and tidbits of past project information can’t compare to the guarantee of testing one’s abilities. Give them a test project, and observe how they approach the problem and how skillfully they handle the project.

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Top 10 questions to ask when hiring mobile app development company:

Why do you need to hire a mobile app development company?

Most of the recent surveys show that smartphone users prefer to access the internet through their mobile phones rather than the usual way of using a browser. Indeed, this is obvious, because with the aid of efficient OS the mobile phones are becoming more and more user-friendly.

You may need to hire a mobile app development company in case you want to realize how your ideas about a particular app may appear to be but have no idea about coding or any prerequisites required for the purpose.

In such a case, you obviously need to choose from the numerous companies that provide solutions to these problems. To help you make the best choice you need to ask yourself and the company the following questions.

1. On what platform is your application going to work?

This is the first and primary question that needs to be answered before handing your project to a developer. It is important to have clear target users so that you can choose your developer accordingly. You can: –

  • target Android users
  • target Apple users
  • think of a flexible platform that supports your app under all conditions

2. What is the best way to convey your requirements to the developer?

The developer must understand what you need and for this, it is almost essential to represent your problem in the most efficient way possible. Any communication gap that is almost bound to happen must be avoided as much as possible. It is best to review the progress periodically and then take the future decisions of the project.

3. Is your company reliable?

There are many app development companies that can be called frauds that just exploit the fact that you know little about your objective. Some of them may even disappear suddenly when they find your project to be beyond their technical knowledge and skills. So, you need to look into the previous projects undertaken by the company and the final results.

4. Where can you get the proof that the app development company is as efficient as it claims to be?

There is no shame in asking for previous projects and question the reliability of the company however renowned it may be. You need to see if the developer suites your and your needs alone. There are several vital reasons why this query is essential.

  • Some companies may just be beginners but claim to be experts
  • It may not specialize in what your app requires
  • To know whether or not the organization is a fraud
  • The company may abandon your project midway without any prior warning thus wasting your invested time and money

5. What are the apps and projects that the company has previously completed?

Experience leads to perfection. You need to be sure about what type of projects the company has successfully completed and the corresponding reviews of the customers. It is vital to know if the company specializes in the type of app that you are planning to build.

6. What is the link of the company’s GitHub Repository?

Most of these mobile app development companies use GitHub to store the codes and scripts that they make for certain important projects. This is done to share these snippets with the employees and clients. A look into these may prove how the developers approach a given problem.

7. Does the company have a developer’s account?

You will of course, not be using your developer’s Play Store developer’s account but this is needed to be sure whether or not the company has had any releases in Play Store. Choosing the developer’s account may later prove to be troublesome hence it is best to use your own developer’s account.

8. Does the company provide documentation for the scripts and application made?

Documentation is an important tool by which the codes can be interpreted by anyone very easily and hence, verified for debugging or further development. Documentation for using the app may also be required in case of complicated projects.

9. What is the budget for the project?

This is a tricky decision to make. You need to look for economic yet efficient app developing company. If your budget is high but the outcome is nil then the whole project will be useless. On the other hand, if the outcome is as desired given the cost is high it will more or less suit your needs. It is important to select one of the tradeoffs.

10. Is the company going to build the app themselves?

If there is any middleman involved then the budget may go up unnecessarily. Cutoff the middleman and you can get what you want at a lesser expense.

In the Last Words:

Ezeelive Technologies is one of the best native and hybrid mobile app developers in India. The team working here is highly efficient, professional and incorporates a great deal of creativity into every app they develop. If you’re looking to hire hybrid mobile developers in India, you might want to check with Ezeelive Technologies. You’re likely to find exactly what you’re looking for.

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