20 Best PHP Frameworks in 2024

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Ezeelive Technologies India - Best PHP Framework for 2015

20 Best PHP Frameworks in 2024

Wish You Happy New Year 2024…!!

PHP is more famous Website Development Technologies among Web Programmers. More than 50% Website or Web Application using or developed in PHP.

The framework really helps in PHP development as compare core development, the framework provides every web developer base skeleton or foundation for build strong web application.

Every Framework has own Advantages and Disadvantages based on its feature and coding method.

In this post we are trying to briefly the Best PHP Frameworks based on easy for installation and coding, most acceptable to the online community or help-desk, Code reference availability on internet, inbuilt feature helps in development, stability, maintainability, and upgradeability in Web Development, Here we are trying to introduce The Best PHP Frameworks in 2024.

1. Laravel

Laravel The PHP Framework for Web Artisans and one of the best PHP frameworks in 2024. Laravel Framework is the powerful feature like Restful routing, Composer Powered, Beautiful inbuilt templating (Blade template) and expressive syntax etc.

Laravel PHP Frameworks in 2024

Initial Release: Laravel 1 on June 2011
Developer: Taylor Otwell
Current Version: 10.2.10 on 05 December 2023

2. Yii Framework

Yii Framework is fast, secure, stable, high-performance PHP framework for developing Web 2.0 applications. Yii2 provided the basis and advanced application installation based on requirement.

Yii Framework comes with Rich Feature Layered caching scheme, Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern, Database Access Objects (DAO)/ Active Record, I18N/L10N, Role-based access and authentication, Gii (automatic code generation) crud generator module, AJAX-enabled widgets, Detailed documentation, Easily integrated third-party code and system etc. Yii is ideal framework for developing social media, enterprises web application, SAAS, PAAS etc.

Yii Framework - Top PHP Framework in 2024

Initial Release: Yii 1 on 03 December 2008
Developer: Qiang Xue
Latest Version: 2.0.48 on 22 May 2023

3. Zend Framework

No doubt about Zend Framework in this list and top 3 possible because it is flexible architecture and widely acceptable for enterprises web application development.

Laminas Enterprise PHP Framework

Zend Framework - No 1 PHP Framework in 2024

It’s worth noting that in 2018, the Zend Framework project underwent a major change. The project transitioned into the Laminas Project, which is now known as Laminas. Laminas is an evolution of Zend Framework and continues to offer a set of components for building PHP applications.

Initial Release: ZF Library on 03 March 2006
Developer: Zend, Linux Foundation

4. CodeIgniter

CodeIgniter is one of simple, powerful PHP framework. According to PHP creator Rasmus Lerdorf “CodeIgniter is faster, lighter and the least like a framework.”

10 reason why codeigniter is better than other php frameworks

Initial Release: CI 1.0 on 28 February 2006
Developer: British Columbia Institute of Technology, Codeigniter Foundation
Latest Version: 4.4.3 on 26 October 2023

5. CakePHP

Cakephp is one of oldest PHP Framework build by Polish programmer Michal Tatarynowicz inspiring by Ruby on Rails in April 2005. Scratch, Hot Scripts, and Croogo CMS made in CakePHP.

CakePHP Framework - Best PHP Frameworks in 2024

Initial Release: CakePHP 1.0 on April 2005
Developer: Larry Masters
Latest Version: 5.0.1 on 29 September 2023

6. Symfony

Symfony Framework is the focus to set of reusable PHP Components for Enterprises Web Projects. Drupal, phpBB, Laravel, OROCRM and PIWIK etc. using Symfony.

Symfony PHP Framework

Initial Release: 22 October 2005
Developer: SensioLabs SAS
Latest Version: 7.0.1 on 01 December 2023

7. Phalcon

Phalcon is open source, high-performance web application framework for PHP. It implemented C extension for optimum performance to the goal of handle more requests per second than other PHP Frameworks. Phalcon has all the feature which might make it No. 1 PHP Framework as Compare Laravel.

Phalcon PHP Framework

Initial Release: 14 November 2012
Developer: Andres Gutierrez
Latest Version: 5.0.1 on 23 September 2022

8. FuelPHP

FuelPHP is open source HMVC PHP Framework.

Fuel PHP Framework - Top 20 PHP Frameworks in 2024

Initial Release: 2.0 alpha on 01 January 2014
Developer: Andres Gutierrez
Latest Version: 1.0.9 on 28 December 2021

9. Kohana

Kohana is easy, lightweight and easy to use HMVC PHP Framework.

Ezeelive Technologies - kohana php framework

10. Prado

Prado name acronym from “PHP Rapid Application Development Object-oriented”. It is started by Qiang Xue inspired by Apache Tapestry. Based on Prado experience Qiang Xue developed Yii Framework. Prado first initial release was in June 2004.

Prado PHP Framework India

11. Slim

Slim is lightweight micro PHP framework help for quick write simple application and APIs.

Slim PHP Framework

12. Flight

Another fast, extensive micro PHP framework, simple and easy to use PHP Framework for build Restful PHP Web Applications. Running Flight requires minimum PHP 5.3 or greater version.

Flight PHP Framework

13. Webasyst

Webasyst is help for teamwork, collaborate, building website and stores.

Webasyst PHP Framework

14. PHPixie

New lightweight PHP Framework and a fork of Kohana Framework.

Phpixie PHP Framework

15. Aura

Aura PHP Framework provides lightweight, well-tested, decoupled libraries and standards-compliant.

AURA PHP Framework

16. Medoo

Medoo is one of the lightest database frameworks.

Medoo PHP Framework

17. Yaf

Yet Another Framework is first MVC Framework which written in C and builds as PHP Extension.

YAF PHP Framework

18. Silex

A Concise, Extensible, Testable Micro PHP Framework based on the Symfony2 Components.

Silex PHP Framework

19. Agavi

Agavi is simple, scalable, powerful PHP MVC Framework.

Agavi PHP Framework - Best PHP Frameworks in 2024

20. Nette

Nette Framework is developed by David Grudl, an open source PHP Framework.

NETTE PHP Framework - Best PHP Frameworks in 2024

There is another PHP Framework eg. Guzzle PHP, LIMONADE, Pop PHP etc.

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  • Panpic Reply

    I am using Zend & Codeigniter right now

    January 3, 2015 at 3:13 am
  • Jhon Reply


    Good to see few good php frameworks. You are missing Cygnite PHP Framework in the list. I believe it would be another good framework to add in the above list. Cygnite – The new cool kid, simple with cool stuffs.


    January 5, 2015 at 7:43 am
  • webeur Reply

    I am using Zend2, Laravel and Symfony right now

    January 6, 2015 at 8:59 am
  • Esfera Reply

    Nice information i have read many new information regarding to framework thanks for sharing.

    April 8, 2015 at 10:54 am
  • Rene Reply

    One of the best and newest: Flow Framework

    September 23, 2015 at 12:07 pm
    • Ezeelive Technologies Reply

      Hi Rene,

      Flow Framework is not available in PHP.
      As per AWS Flow Framework Official Detail : “The AWS Flow Framework is open source, developed and managed by AWS, and available in Java and Ruby”

      October 19, 2015 at 2:28 pm
  • jimbyard Reply

    It’s a tiny you don’t hɑve a donate button! І’d certɑinly donate too tһis outstanding blog! I guess foг now і’ll settle fօr book-marking and adding үoսr RSS feed tо my Google account.
    I loоk forward tо fresh updates and ԝill share this website ԝith my Facebook ɡroup. Talk soon!

    April 19, 2019 at 10:35 pm
  • Alex Reply

    You could use the mvcspa instead which is a minimalist PHP platform without all the overhead of Laravel | CodeIgniter & their performance issues.
    The mvcspa allows you with just php, sql, html & javascript , built-in PDO CRUD class as an ORM to write professionally written web applications in a very short time where any PHP developer could maintained.
    You can maintain your SQL tables with community-based SQLYOG.
    Where if needed you could modify the platform yourself to accommodate your needs, and would not be locked into proprietary syntax, voluminous framework with a huge learning curve.
    Site: mvcspa.com Documentation: mvcspa.net

    Keep it simple, do it quickly, run it efficiently

    February 9, 2024 at 7:20 am

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