Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps Development

Are you Looking #Mobile App Development Company in Jakarta, Indonesia?

While looking into developing a mobile app, which is the best way to build a web app, hybrid app or choose the native route instead?

Your dreams should not be limited to a place in your imagination. How about a place in Google Play Store, And Apple App Store? Where to go while it is a need to have the best mobile developers to build a mobile app to match your needs, in time and budget in Jakarta Indonesia?

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With the fast speed at which discoveries and innovations are being initiated in the mobile industry, it is not an easy task to find out the best service for a mobile application, it is just a hectic task to do.

Mobile App Development Company IndonesiaYou should remember that only the right decision you made while selecting a mobile app developer Jakarta would be responsible to answer whether your business will be popular or not.

As the perfect place to develop your mobile applications, we are capable to meet your needs according to the application you want to develop. Some of the factors such as changes, updates, and feedback from the clients that are responsible to enhance the usability of the application and so we always consider these factors while development. We also provide the required amount of support at very convenient prices so there is no need to spend a lot to promote your business on mobile devices.

Mobile App Development @ Ezeelive Technologies

We are experts in doing next-generation mobile application development for various mobile technologies such as iOS and Android. We have a big team of developers in Jakarta.

In our team, we have possessing expertise, top professionals who have years of experience in mobile application development. As one of the best mobile app development company Jakarta we have expertise in developing data, mission-critical, and performance-centric app using the various valuable cloud web services like Azure, NFC, Rackspace, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Dropbox & CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), to keep our clients ahead of the competition.

We are professionals and always attend the requirements of our clients as our top priority in this manner we have achieved a great success in achieving the goal of our clients. Being the best app developer Indonesia one of the organizational goals includes the implementation of the latest technology, which is responsible to give the great and fastest performance.

In our mobile app development services in Indonesia, we provide:

Android App Developer @ Ezeelive Technologies

It is a well-known fact that Android is the fastest and most used mobile platform all over the world (76.53% according to Statcounter), due to this the demand for mobile app development in increasing day by day. Android framework is built by Open Handset Alliance & Google Inc. It is not only an operating system but also a software platform.

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At Ezeelive Technologies, our main objective is to develop enterprise-wide Android apps and state-of-the-art Android apps by combining professional and expert level skills with sheer passion. Ours have all the required and essential tools and the best infrastructure to develop and test the applications.

To create Android applications, we use:

  • Android Studio
  • Android SDK
  • Location-based Service APIs
  • Media APIs
  • Wi-Fi APIs
  • Security architecture
  • OpenGL and 3D graphics.

Our expert team of Android app developers has experience and expertise in developing apps for mobiles, tablets and testing in a required and relevant simulator. Connecting the phone via the SDK, we provide Android applications which can easily access your device sensors such asLight Sensors, Scanners, Magnetometer, Gyrometer, Camera, Accelerometer and Transfer of data via NFC (Near Field Communication) or Bluetooth. You can see our expertise in the apps that we have built.

Why Choose Android App Development By Ezeelive Technologies?

  • Cost-effective services
  • Deep knowledge of mobile frameworks and technologies
  • Dynamic services across various platforms
  • Experienced Personnel
  • High-Quality App development process
  • Time bound delivery
  • Reputed and recognized robust mobile app developing service

iPhone App Development @ Ezeelive Technologies

We work with clients from architecture, development, setting live, design of the app and conception. Being the best iOS developer Indonesia we strive for perfection and excellence in every iPhone app, we develop.

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Our development expertise includes a wide range of functionalities including, push messaging, ad serving, social media integration, web services integration, web services, streaming, augmented reality, GPS, maps, and database synchronization. We integrate one of the most important commercials accept that is In-App Purchase while developing iPhone apps.

Why go with Ezeelive Technologies for iPhone app development?

  • Exposure
  • Years of experience in the specific domain
  • Timely Delivery
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Cost effective service iPhone Jakarta
  • Support and communication
  • Planning and analysis

Native or Hybrid App?

What to choose a native or hybrid app development? For simple data entry applications or fast proofs of concept (POC), a hybrid platform might be the right choice. Hybrid app development helps to save the time of the development team because there is no need to write different codes only a single codebase is sufficient that works for both Android and iOS.

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But, in case if you are thinking for a more complex app and can spend extra time in development, then the native app development is the perfect solution. In this developers need to write different codes for both Android and iOS platform.

Native app development enables to utilize the latest features such as:

  • Apple Pay
  • Android Pay
  • Rich push notifications
  • Native Features
  • Performance
  • Secure

Native app development allows the client and the developer to utilize the technical advancement in their purses and pockets. The selection between a native app and hybrid app depends on your requirement.

Both have different advantages and development phases. It is true that native apps have more functional features and much better mobile behavior but the time and cost to develop the application may be worth a discussion.

Benefits of Hybrid Mobile App Development @ Ezeelive Technologies:

  • Cross-platform / multi-platform development
  • Cost-effective
  • Provides more access to device features and capabilities
  • Downloadable and installable, need not browse it
  • Possess native functionality
  • Highly interactive and
  • Use of open source technologies
  • impressive user interfaces
  • Improved performance

Why choose Native mobile application development @ Ezeelive Technologies

  • High-End Features
  • Easy to use
  • Complete safety and security
  • Better User Interface
  • Improved User-Experience
  • Consistent aspect ratio
  • High Performance with Quick Response
  • High Functionality

As the best mobile app developer Indonesia there are many benefits to choosing Native/Hybrid app development with us are:

  • Mobile app strategy,
  • User experience design,
  • Best developers assigned on the app,
  • Quality Testing,
  • Experience and expertise in App Development,
  • High-quality services,
  • Function with various platforms,
1. Mobile app strategy:

We help you to decide what is the better strategy to develop your application either it would be Hybrid or Native. We know how to convert your vision into reality. We have years of experience in mobile app development and have worked on many projects, so we know that every app project needs special attention due to different requirements and functions. In this manner, we do proper research and planning before starting development.

2. User experience design:

For us, creating new design and functionality is not a big deal it is just like a way to solve the old problems via new ways. That means, our prototype engineers, designers, and developers have the best way to show the existing issues and will develop the newer ways to build your mobile application. You are free to explore your ideas with us. We have expertise in unique design for giving intuitive experience. This would be beneficial for you to increase dwell time, customer retention rate and app downloads.

3. Best developers assigned on the app

We design your thoughts into reality. Our expert team of developers know the phases of development and excels at each and every level of development to assure that the expecting outcome is as good as desired and made by the team. We are a team that has hundreds of app to its credit. After all, boundaries are not for excellence.

4. Testing

Bugs and apps don’t go hand-in-hand. Bugs are a part of development. Expecting software or an application without bugs and errors is imaginative only. A team of expert quality analyst assures the application is error free and tested well against various test cases or modules. We are haters of bugs than anything else.

5. Experience and expertise in App Development

We are known to provide the best mobile app development Indonesia because of our experience and expertise in the mobile app development industry. With us, there is no need to go anywhere else to get the desired application of your need at affordable prices. Check our portfolios and track record and decide the success rate of your application with us.

6. High-quality services

Besides having years of experience we also deliver the high-quality services. We are committed to providing only the quality work to our clients. We supervise and oversee the complete development process in a manner to make sure that there is no compromise in terms of quality work. We also take the latest mobile application trends in our consideration to ensure the quality of work.

7. Function with various platforms

We have the expertise of working with various mobile platforms and we are capable to build apps on different platforms with great ease. We know that every platform has its own requirements and functions but are proficient and assure to give the good results even if your project is complex or really big.

The overall success or failure depends on the service provider selected by you. We are one of the most recommended mobile app development company in Jakarta, Indonesia. We assure to give the best quality results with full functionality. Providing cost-effective and high-quality services to all our clients is our major concern.

Become a leader stay a step ahead with our mobile app development services!

Our Professional Services in Indonesia

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