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Top #10 tips to hire responsive web designers in Jakarta, Indonesia

Are you running a business in Jakarta Indonesia? Are you planning to provide your services and products to the people by a website that is easily accessible on mobile devices? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place to get the best solution of your queries in the form of a mobile/responsive web design in Jakarta.

Responsive Website Design Company Jakarta, IndonesiaWeb design is not just how a website looks to the people. In today’s technical and competitive era, having an eye-catching website is a must requirement for any business. However, there are many things we need to consider while choosing a web design company in Indonesia.

A great website design is about how well-signposted content is, call to action, clear information about service and products, website structure, user interface, easy to use for the visitor.

Ask for the references. As a reputable Web Design Company Indonesia, we always show the references to websites developed by us it helps you to get a clear idea about our expertise of the domain. We assure you that we have the ability to provide a website that will be the most suitable web platform for you.

There may be a question in your mind that how we help you to grow your company from our web designing services.

Let’s check the elements of a good web design we focus on:

As a professional web design company, we know the basic elements of a good web design and the things that are necessary to keep the website visitors interested and engaged. However, it is important to know those basic elements that are necessarily focused on us as the most recommended web design agency in Indonesia.


We know the value of font in a web design. The font gives the huge impact on the effectiveness of the web pages. At Ezeelive Technologies our professional web designers know the difference between a sans serif and a serif font very well and also know which one is the best suitable to use. We know which font is good and which is not good according to the theme and content you need on your website.

Colour Scheme:

It is not an easy task to choose the best and the most suitable colour for website pages. But we know it and also suggest clients which are the best suitable colour for the logo and according to the pages as well.

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We also describe you about the impact of various colours on the site visitors and the response that the certain colours can get from its viewers. For instance, cool blue elicits a different response than fire engine red.


We always provide an easy to use interface to your website visitors. We know the value of usability and its impact on the users. A bad and typical usability may lose sales and people will not like to visit you again. We design your website in a manner to provide the flexibility and an easy flow from one page to the next.

User Engagement:

As the best Web Design Company in Jakarta, we help businesses to increase the user engagement. And we do it by making a perfect match for your requirements in the form of a website.

It will clearly show your products and services to the visitors. We help to create effective content. We develop the base to engage visitors to become interested towards your services.

In this way, we refresh your website content regularly and if you need then we also provide your company in different ways that spur specific clients to explore your services and products further.

Know your goal with us:

Many people do not a clear idea about what they exactly need on their website and how it should be looked? What should be the colour scheme, design patterns and other factors that are necessary for your web presence according to your business needs?

The fact is that if you are unable to decide and articulate your desires and needs, both you and your service provider will become stressed and the development process will take long a time to complete the project within the budget.

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Also, you need to know the actual purpose of your website. Is your website a promotional site or an informational one? Do you need an eCommerce website to sell products or services? Do you want subscription from visitors? Do you want visitors to come to your site in order to participate in discussions, click on ads or download a file?

If you are the one who is not sure or unable to decide what are the actual things you need in your web design at that point we come in the role and assist you the best ways and required things that are suitable for your project.

As the best Web Design Agency Jakarta web assist people to know the goals of their website. We have a wide range of abilities; our web designers have expertise in developing different types of websites according to the client’s requirement. We assure you the best in class results in the form of a website.

How we cater our web design services!

  • First, we understand your business category after that we develop a web design, which is as per your needs and lets you have a unique place among visitors.
  • Our web designers have the ability to fulfil your dreams by giving a unique brand identity and recognition.
  • As a set of services required by the people, we accomplish different requirements of customers by providing static to dynamic design of a website.
  • If you need website redesigning services than we do deep studies of the current or previous design and after that create a new one, which is according to the latest web technology standards?

Why choose us?

1. Aligned structure:

We don’t trust in stuffing the site with an attractive design. But, we provide clear navigation and design that seem good enough for users or visitors to remain on the page.

2. Detailed website:

We know that there is a big competition on the web. So, that we have to work on the complete structure of the website including the right selection of colours, fonts and design to improve its functionality.

3. Distinct from competitors:

It is very important to have a unique identity on the web; we make you a winner in today’s competitive web world. Our expert designers know that value of uniqueness and always design your website design and graphics that provide an effective and a coherent visual message.

4. Scope for development:

It is one of the best features of a good quality design and our developers always design your site with space for further improvements. In this way, we provide a website, which allows you to add both products and services easily. So, we remove the scope for doing extra efforts for this job.

Benefits of hiring Ezeelive Technologies in Jakarta Indonesia:

As we know that there are many companies providing web design services to the people who need to have a web presence. Different companies have different abilities and serving their designing services to small as well as big scale organizations.

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We are the most renowned company who has the best team of Responsive Web Designer Jakarta. We are also involved in providing flash design, logo design, graphic design and custom web design and development.

  • If your website needs to be updated such as content update, phone number change, add new product and services. Our expert team members help you at every moment and task you want to do on your site.
  • As the best web design company in Jakarta, we assist our clients to have a strong visual identity that represents your business, brand and culture constantly across various contexts. We know the science of alignment which assists to develop a visual guide to the visitors of your website.
  • We know the future spectrum and upcoming advantages of online business so we help you better while integrating third-party APIs and web services.
  • We know the importance of security and it is relying on the professionals. As a professional web design company, we know that different kinds of vulnerabilities and bugs a site may face one it goes live. So we are the security issues from the starting phase of development.
  • We help you in doing new changes and ad new features as and when required according to the latest technological changes.
  • We have the specialist programmers, skills of designers, business management experts, SEO Experts, who always do the results-oriented job. Our skilled team of designers always help at each and every stage of development. We are one of the most recommended companies to get the best responsive website design in Indonesia. Our clients are in all over the world and they always appreciate our job.

At last, we can say that there are millions of services providers working in the market but to get the best you need to visit the best. A professional and the best web design is only achievable with the experts of our company.

Good Luck!

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