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What is React.JS

  1. React is an Open Source Javascript Framework created by Jordan Walke, a Facebook engineer.
  2. 109.7 KB Size of Complete Framework
  3. In MVC pattern (Model-View-Controller), React works as the V.
  4. React has Virtual DOM (Virtual Document Object Model) which creates an in-memory data-structure cache, computes the resulting differences, and then updates the browser’s displayed DOM efficiently.
  5. Easy to learn, Support es5, es6 (ECMAScript) and TypeScript.
  6. Have a life cycle method such as shouldComponentUpdate, componentDidMount, componentWillUnmount, render etc. which allow setting different states in application render and DOM update.

Why should use React.js

  1. Easy to learn: JavaScript
  2. Reusable components: the future of web development
  3. Best framework for Real-Time and Single Page Application
  4. The shift from MVC mentality
  5. 100% Secure and Reduce Development Time and Effort
  6. Easy in upgrade version, support with any Backend Programme Language (Easy integration) and 3x faster than the traditional web application
  7. Tons of Readymade Component and JS libraries available.
  8. The Best choice for Progressive Web App (PWA) and Native Android and iOS Mobile Development
  9. Strong active community
  10. 2nd Loved Framework in 2018 – According to StackOverflow Survey

ReactJS for Native Mobile Apps (ReactNative)

  1. 50-70% Web Application code will use in Mobile App Development
  2. No need to learn Native language such as JAVA, Kotlin, Object C, Swift etc.
  3. Developed iOS and Android Native Apps with one code base.
  4. Fast development, Low maintenance, and Cost saving.
  5. Third-party plugin support (Native and JavaScript Modules)
  6. Live and Hot Reloading (Display changes without reloading/ refresh app) Option for Live Development Mechanism

Create an interactive and dynamic user interface with ReactJS:

Hire React.JS Developer IndiaReactJS is known as an accustomed JS library which is widely known for its convenience, extensibility, and adjustability.

Many of the web development service providers have acknowledged it as one of the best open-source libraries based on JavaScript.

React.js has made it possible to develop the complex ReactJS mobile and web applications that serve to the present industry values.

It is on the boom due to the exceptional features provided by it in terms of component reusability. React.js allows splitting the interface into the smaller components to program more effectively and it can be further integrated into big modules.

Due to this splitting process, it helps developers and clients to save a lot of efforts and give results in a robust and highly scalable ReactJS application.

We know that it is an open-source JS library so that it has widened the scope of developing interactive web applications and user interfaces. So, why you are waiting for Hire ReactJS developers Mumbai and have a great online presence of your business.

Full stack development is a big word that covers many stages of software development life cycle such as a database management system, project management, back-end as well as front-end technologies and quality assurance.

Front-end technologies functions to provide interaction to its users and the back-end technology is not seen in the browser, it handles server authentication, logics, database interactions, user authentication and etc.

Presently, developers working with us are very efficient and result-oriented. They also work towards giving the best results by using and implementing the advanced features in ReactJS.

At the time, we have started with ReactJS was our next level on the web and mobile app development technologies. We are known as the best place for those who are searching for No #1 ReactJS Development Company in Mumbai at cost-effective prices.

As an achievement, we are the most recommended and appreciated service provider of cross-platform and open-source technologies. We make the application process high-tech and faster with ReactJS development.

We know that full-stack technology is getting huge consideration from its users and React is a very important part of this.

It is also used for creating single page applications, getting a fast-loading, SEO-friendly and lightweight single page application the best technology we use is ReactJS. Web applications developed by us with React not only functions fast but also appealing for most as well.

Why choose ReactJS for web application development?

Truly outstanding and the most impressive certainties about ReactJS development is that it has been broadly used by big brands, for example, Instagram and Facebook for app development.

As we have stated that ReactJS gives the advantage of splitting the website modules into smaller parts, which is useful for the development procedure also for the final product in a long run. In this way, businesses should hire a react js developer Mumbai to get the highly-functional and the most interactive solutions that are easy to changes.

More importantly, it has been designed that there is a future for an application created on ReactJS. This reason supports all the ReactJS designers to logically implement this technology in their future projects of ReactJS versatile application development to offer a user-friendly and the best interfaces.

Choosing an ideal and tried the tool like ReactJS is always a good idea to develop specific applications for different purposes.

There is no doubt that another technology such as AngularJS is also available in the market but ReactJS is one of the most popular and the fastest-growing frontend libraries that have been rapidly getting huge consideration among developers as well as businesses.

Due to the various benefits provided by this, it has become the most preferred development tool. It is very flexible for developing user interfaces and allows creating scalable, simple and fast web applications. If you are looking for the best Reactjs Development Mumbaithen your search ends here.

Top Reasons to choose ReactJS for your frontend web application development:

  • Managing DataFlow
  • Easy Learning Curve
  • Reusable Components
  • Clean Abstraction

1. Managing DataFlow:

It uses a unique architecture named as FLUX and Redux that handles the flow of data to the components via dispatcher that is known as a single control point. With the assistance of one-way data binding benefit, debugging and error-detection of all the self-contained components becomes easier in ReactJS applications.

2. Easy Learning Curve:

If you are already aware of the basics of HTML and CSS then you won’t find any difficulty in learning this new technology. It deals only with the view layer.

No doubt that Angular and Ember are also very popular but not easy to use. Hence it makes developers design and knows the code in a faster and easier manner than others. Easy usability is also its best advantage making it much popular among the global developers.

3. Reusable Components:

Components reusability is one of the best features of using ReactJS technology because of every part of components functions following its own internal logic.

Yes, this is beneficial for the developers. How? Because it helps developers to reuse the components as well as codes. Now, we can say that if developers are allowed to reuse the codes, it not only provides easy handling but also provides better growth.

4. Clean Abstraction:

This is one of the best features of using ReactJS because there is no need to learn or follow any particular frameworks like MVVM or MVC to develop any new application by this ReactJS.

A developer just needs to know the states, props and life cycle of the components to do the job done. It allows you to develop the architecture of an application in your way.

Providing all the related features of ReactJS in a short span is not possible. However, another of the features of using ReactJS for mobile and web application development are:

  • ReactJS is simple,
  • Great tools to test the applications
  • High-performing,
  • Uses native approach and many more.

So if you are planning to develop a single page application or any world-class big application, you can opt for this technology.

ReactJS development services @ Ezeelive Technologies

For your search of attaining React.js agency in Mumbai, interactivity, simplicity, and scalability, Ezeelive, is the best and the most trusted place to get fully functional and valued ReactJS web and mobile development service.

We always work to meet your business needs. Further, with the assistance of ReactJS, we can also develop various types of interactive and quick user interfaces.

It is the right time to connect with us to get the best ReactJS development services in Mumbai, India. What we do in our ReactJS development services are as follows:

  • Web App Development
  • React Native Mobile App Development
  • Ajax Development
  • ReactJS Native App Development
  • Interactive ReactJS UI Development
  • Application Maintenance & Support
  • User-friendly, creative, interactive, & UI designs & layouts.
  • Custom ReactJS Development
  • ReactJS Front-end Development
  • Social And Interactive Apps
  • ReactJS App Development
  • eCommerce Development
  • ReactJS Custom Development
  • Plug-ins & components Development
  • ReactJS Migration Services
  • Portal Development
  • Enterprise ReactJS Development
  • ReactJS Template Creation

Why outsource your ReactJS development to Ezeelive Technologies?

In our development team, we have experts and dexterous professionals, who are always ready to help you out with all your development needs.

So that it is not a big deal to say that we have expertise in different technologies. We always ensure 100% satisfaction, expert guidance, and assistance to all our clients.

Our prudent ReactJS development solutions and prominent development services are making us different from other development companies. We always develop to make your application according to your business needs.

  • React developers on our team are the most prized asset
  • Dynamic and innovative and web apps
  • On time Project Delivery
  • Proficient team of reacting developers with years of expertise and experience in React JS & React Native development
  • Get a full spectrum of ReactJS development services
  • Active Support & Development
  • Approach Proven Methodologies
  • We develop ReactJS applications in a different niche such as Healthcare, payment wallet, Chat, Hiring Automation, and many more.

Get in touch with our trusted and an efficient team and put all the benefits of the custom component, native mobile app development, interactive UI and many more.

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