Top 10+ Open Source Content Management System in 2024

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Top 10+ Open Source Content Management System in 2024

When we talk about developing a website that is based on content, the perfect choice is usually to go for a content management system.

Having an unplanned website without keeping a solid maintenance budget for the coming time an affect your business functions in a long time, whereas we know that most of the CMS today is open-source and easily maintainable.

Why require content management system:

According to tech reports, “The top 2 content management systems are accountable for more than 75% website based out on CMS on the web.”

In this writing, you can easily learn about the different types of content management systems available to use with different features.

Developers use these CMS according to the client’s requirements and the type of website they need to have for their business such as eCommerce.

Why Choose Open Source / Free Content Management System (CMS) ?

If we consider the benefits we get by using CMS while developing a website in a short span of time, why it is necessary to ask it for free?

Open and Free source CMS facilitates the companies for saving big and creating web pages in the easiest ways.

It is always beneficial to develop websites based on such tools. It is like having a web identity in the minimal cost that every business desires.

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Blogger, Writers, Creative Artists, eCommerce business owners, Start-ups and many others who are related from the same fields have realized that there is no need to invest a big amount in developing their personal content platform, instead they like to rely on the open source tools that are well developed, established and get supported by community of millions professionals.

There is a long list of CMS is available to use for development but which one is really better? What are the top 10 open source CMS system in 2024 on the web, a brief analysis is here to describe which one you have to use to develop your website for a better content management?

What are the top 10 open source CMS system in 2024?

  1. WordPress
  2. Strapi
  3. Keystone 6
  4. Apostrophe
  5. Joomla!
  6. Drupal
  7. Magento
  8. Blogger
  9. Bynder
  10. Shopify
  11. TYPO3
  12. Squarespace
  13. Mambo


A well known and one of the best use CMS of today’s web era facilitating millions of websites for managing the contents in the easiest way.

Websites of different sizes depending on the WordPress to organize, manage and publish content of wide variety stories, blogs, articles, videos, photos, tutorials and much more.

Top 10 Highlighted WordPress Myths - Ezeelive TechnologiesIt is not just an easy to learn platform but also very flexible to manage the content even by beginners can do it alike experienced users.

The free to use plugins are more than 40k available to download, while the free to use or public WordPress Themes have over 2100 styles to select from.

It has become the standard for a site that is both pleasant and functional to search. Mobile applications and start-ups have long shifted to this technology for their web place requirements, not just due to the wide range of styles and themes available to use but also easy to maintain and provide the flexibility to work with.

It is very pleasant, reliable and secure to work with. It allows users to build websites on the different niche such as non-profit, eCommerce, business, community, creative and etc.

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For better solutions, you can hire WordPress development company to get the best outcomes to meet your business needs.


Drupal initial release in 15 January 2000 and since currently 2.3% wordwide website using. Many developers, webmasters and engineers have adapted to Drupal as their essential content management system.

ezeelive technologies india - drupal secure open source cms systemIt provides more than 30k extendable modules to convey your website to a unique level, unique themes as well as more than 2000 individual that will assist you to develop the website that you have always desired to develop.

A large number of people participate in daily forum discussions. It means that if any problem occurred while development then you can easily get the support.

But the question still remains is that for you really need any assistance, or a lot number of resources are accessible that is available to solve your problems without going to any forum.


Joomla the CMS Trusted By Millions for their Websites

Amazing Features Latest Joomla Content Management SystemIt is beneficial to those who are seeking to have little bit challenges, at least if it is a matter of coding.

In different ways, the developers built Joomla! With small, medium to big sized websites in mind.

The code base of Joomla! is much more sophisticated if we compare it with WordPress, but it provides more back-end integration and scalability.

Many of the developers and end users who are using Joomla are very attached to features a native integration of multiple languages, content management flexibility, and native front-end content editing which makes the content of the website all the more friendly towards guests of remote nature.


It will not be big deal if I say that eCommerce is a big marketplace in itself, Millions of people visit various eCommerce website to buy or sell something whenever is needed.

It is vital that we understand that for a portion of our eCommerce functions, maybe the best decision is to select an autonomous eCommerce platform altogether and one such stage is Magento.

Whether it is a matter of developing a professional enterprise eCommerce solution or you need a small business solution in a way where no one can catch your requirements than Magento is the best choice to consider and remove any further disappointment. Organizations such as Cort, Gant, and Nike are some of the brands using Magento based eCommerce platform.

Hire the best Magento development company to get better management of your website.


Bynder CMS is a great tool for publishing content online clearly enough, but at the same time, they’re gold tidy with regards to working together on content across teams. This CMS is a good marketing platform that lets brands work, use, find and create content effortlessly.

It gives a plenty of great work processes to assist marketers, brand managers and editors circulate, approve and produce new marketing content.

There is also the capacity to make a style guide that is shareable, so all content is reliable and meet the requirements of your company.

While it provides some handy functionality, it is a lot more costly than other offerings. The better idea to connect with a professional team for correct pricing, keep in mind that the prices can reach up to thousands of dollars per month.

All things considered, the tool is intended to take a decent deal of strain off your marketing cost by simplifying time-consuming tasks and many mundane.


Blogger has evolved and showed its significance over the years. In any case, it keeps its legacy towards being a blogging system.

Ezeelive Technologies - which is better wordpress or bloggerIt is used by developers as a CMS in different ways than the single one. In recent years, significantly greater adaptability was introduced in the way Blogger websites can be designed and styled.

This implies that creative, foodies and photographers have more space to build a content platform for their needs.

It is a product of Google and provides a wide range of functional features such as customization options, custom styles, and custom domains.


The biggest question about other CMS platforms v/s TYPO3 is that TYPE 3 has been developed only to serve the websites of a considerably bigger magnitude, and in addition to being a native content management system.

It is a well-known tool amongst corporate websites. There is no need for plugins or extensions due to its integration features. All these are responsible to slow down the websites and also affects the performance of your website.

It is a very flexible tool. It is easy to enhance and increase it using new functions without writing a single line code.


Another eCommerce platform that is more centered on small businesses and freelancers. Shopify supports big size businesses to require secure and reliable eCommerce services.

Shopify eCommerce SystemShopify is respected as one of the best leading eCommerce Content Management System. It is always beneficial to hire professionals to get Shopify web development services in the most effective manner.

Shopify has a huge list of community members who actively use this platform to trade, buy and sell products.

It functions well with all types of devices. So, it is also very beneficial for those who don’t have enough budgets to spend on custom designs.

Other than that, Shopify offers a scope of designs which you can be easily optimized by yourself.


Squarespace is another CMS platform; it was begun at the same time as WordPress. But is not an open source platform- so you are not allowed to download the software in your server.

Instead, it is a hosting service, blogging platform, and an integrated website builder. The thing to do is that you need to register for a subscription and the tool makes it simple to develop a site from scratch, which is very easy to handle if you are an inexperienced person in web development.

Like WordPress it allows you to install various themes and develop a website using videos, images, and text.


Mambo is used for small-scale websites to the big one. There are many plugins inside so it is very easy for users to manage their website.

Mambo has multimedia galleries, forums and eCommerce, tools for documents management, shopping carts and many more. It is also known as MOS (Mambo Open Source).

Other CMS platforms are:

  • Frog CMS
  • vBulletin
  • Liferay
  • HubSpot
  • Wix
  • Prestashop
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A good content management system is not only responsible to make your website faster to maintain, but also makes the most of your thoughts and innovative ideas.

Make a great selection of CMS to have a great web place!

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