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Best Content Management System

Top 10+ Open Source Content Management System in 2018

When we talk about developing a website that is based on content, the perfect choice is usually to go for a content management system. Having an unplanned website without keeping a solid maintenance budget for the coming time an affect your business functions in a long time, whereas we know that most of the CMS today is open-source and easily maintainable. Why require content management system: According to tech reports, “The top 2 content management systems are accountable for more than 75% [...]

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Best Open Source eCommerce System in 2015

Current days, creating and manage eCommerce website or portal is not the hard task as we have available free open source and hosted solution in the market which provides rich e-commerce features which require running a great e-commerce website. Here are some best open source and hosted eCommerce platforms which are very popular in 2015 for small and enterprises business requirement. Best Open Source eCommerce Platforms 1. Magento (Community Edition – CE) Magento is one of the most famous open source system developed by Varien Inc. Nearly by 25% [...]

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Why I hate Shopify and Love Magento CE

Shopify and Magento are the two eCommerce solutions which are currently available in the market and who are in the best business market currently which people using it, to make the eCommerce portal and the eCommerce stores. But as we all know that in today’s current technological market no language or framework can be same as the other one. So, same fight is also going on with the Shopify and Magento and in that fight as per my usage of these [...]

Why Magento Slow Ecommerce Platform

Why Magento is slow compare other ecommerce platform

There are many eCommerce frameworks available in the market but Magento is considered as the best eCommerce platform for making the E-commerce application in current development area but only the lag is it takes a time to load the application which impacts on the user interface that also affects on the business part. Top #5 reasons - why is #magento slow compare other e-commerce platforms Click To Tweet So, we will try to cover some major topics why it’s too slow [...]

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Top 8 Magento Tips – how hire best magento expert for ecommerce website?

Today we are discussing the new concept How to hire best Magento expert. Here we will discuss some major points on Magento expert hiring but first, we will illustrate why the only Magento for making the e-commerce website. The first thing is Magento is open source, It has the feature of handling the multiple stores for the same merchant, you can make the small business store or big business store with Magento system. When you use Magento you can display your [...]

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Export Magento data to CSV format using custom PHP Code

Magento is one of the Best eCommerce platform in PHP using Zend Framework and Mage Class Library (Mage Static Classes). Magento is highly secure, dynamic SEO friendly, internationalization support, large number built-in features, and modular based system. Magento System is growing day by day and it has a very good growing community, large no. of paid or free plugins, themes that anyone has in eCommerce Platforms. It has Core Code level access for a developer to see code class/functions and [...]

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Magento Customization India – Custom Payment Gateway Module in Magento

Payment Gateway is the most important section of any eCommerce or Shopping website. Where user can purchase and pay by using Credit Cards online. Magento base code developed in Zend Framework Module structure. Here developer can developed modules and extensions as per there requirement and use or re-use. A payment gateway system mostly does: A. valid and accept credit card detail B. authorize payment detail when submitting order detail C. Save Transaction ID along with user detail in Order So let’s create a Custom Payment [...]

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Comparison between Magento and CS Cart Ecommerce System

Each technology has their advantages and disadvantages depend on usability. As per my point of view none of the technologies is perfect in their field, but yes they are full fill requirement to using API, extensions, plugins, and modules. Magento and CS-Cart are two very well know the name of online eCommerce system in PHP. Where Magento (Community version) is freely available for download and CS-Cart coming with paid license purchase based. Both have advantages and disadvantages in their implementation, support, [...]

comparison between magento and prestashop

Comparison between Magento and Prestashop Ecommerce System

Hello Friends…Thanks for your comments on my previous blog comparison between Magento and Zen-cart. Recently I finished one project in Prestashop and I found that its very good E-commerce system for the small business solution.  And also I found PrestaShop and little less feature than Magento Provides, Here below I provide the brief comparison between Magento and Prestashop About Magento: Magento is Open Source eCommerce software. Magento eCommerce was launched on March 31, 2008. Within two years of development, Magento has become one of [...]

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Comparison between Magento and Zen-Cart Ecommerce System

“What shopping cart do you recommend?” is the number one query we get. An easy enough question, but the answer depends on your business and your requirements. To make your choice simpler, we’ve compared the features of our two most popular carts, Zen Cart and Magento Magento eCommerce System Magento (community edition) is a free open source shopping cart started by Varien in 2007. Magento impresses with its extensive feature list. Most functions which need to be added on with other carts come as [...]