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20 benefits of having website for small/ startup business in 2018

#20 Reasons why your small business needs a Website… In the world, everything is going to automatic and hi-tech and computers and mobile devices are rapidly changing the traditional methods of searching and doing the things. Benefits of a website for small business: There are uncountable reasons to have a website for your small business. Before going ahead with the question of why is it important to have a website for your well-established business or startup. We need to know the actual [...]

Mobile App v/s Responsive Website

Mobile App v/s Responsive Website – Which is better for your business?

In the present technical era and the easy access to the thing via small handheld devices like Smartphones developers facing a confusing situation while deciding on which is the best format either it should be a Smartphone-based product or they need to create a responsive web-based product? Mobile App vs Responsive Website - choose one or both Click To Tweet The reason for this confusion is because both of them have their own benefits and we can’t say that one is [...]

Top tips to prevent Web Designing Fraud in 2018

How to Prevent Web Designing Fraud and save yourself from Fake Companies?

Website a place that provides any company or individual with a web presence that is necessary to provide details to the clients about your products and services. There are many companies working in the market providing various types of web development services to the customers. 10+ Tips to Prevent #webdesigning fraud and save yourself from fake companies in 2018 Click To Tweet A web design company is one who makes the exact replica of your business to represent your services on the [...]

SPA - Single Page Application - Advantages and Disadvantages

Single Page Application (SPA) – Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no doubt that the present era is internet based and rapid technological advancements are moving people towards online services. In Current time most clients or website owner prefer to develop Single Page Application for better performance. What to do in this current scenario can be a big question for those are not available on the web but how it will be if you have a quick option to get your online presence just by a single web page. I [...]

Top 10 tips to hire website design agency in Jakarta

Top 10 tips to hire website design agency in Jakarta

Due to the popularity of websites, most of the businesses strive to find expert website design agency so that they are able to get a professional looking website which can catch the attention of both old and new clients. There is a strong competition among all the website design agencies as there are numerous websites and the demand is increasing day by day. Top 10 tips to hire #websitedesign agency in #Jakarta #Indonesia Click To Tweet If you are in Jakarta [...]

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Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

Personal computers or Smartphones or the Tablets are also being used to access web resources as of today by the modern day men and women. We are used to a variety of devices to access information. How is it all made easily possible? Responsive web design to be able to allow the resourceful websites to adapt to the surrounding needs is what that has made it easier for us to look into the websites from so many devices as we [...]

ezeelive technologies - top ten mistake to avoid in your website

Why India is an excellent destination for hire website design company in 2018

As the reason for the advent of a tech-savvy generation and Internet, that has become the storehouse of all the information and entertainment for all, companies today must join the race for the best online presence! With technology leaping at amplifying rates, companies now need a website of their own that allows them to reach out to their customers, easily and 24×7. Advantages of best web design company in India are many. That said, the advantages are many. The companies would be able [...]

Professional Website Design Company in India

Professional Website Design Company – most important factors to choose the best one

A website is a medium through which viewers can get to data or buy items over the web. Having a website empowers a business to achieve a more extensive business or prospective customer base. In today’s reality, the website is evidently vital to a particular end goal to succeed in many commercial ventures. The opposition and nature of the corporate world make it urgent for any business to upgrade its vicinity on a worldwide premise. Master IT, experts who assemble the [...]

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5 Mistakes to avoid when hiring a website designer in 2018

Discovering a Website Designer in Mumbai that comprehends you and your vision might be a disappointing and unnerving procedure. There are such varieties of things to consider, and there is an immense amount of creators out there. To verify you have the best encounter, maintain a strategic distance from the accompanying slip-ups. Top 5+ common mistakes people make when hiring a website designer Click To Tweet 1. Not Getting a CMS for your website: CMS remains for Content Management System, and it permits [...]

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5 essentials for effective Web Designing in 2018

In this advanced century of web outlining, it is a rat’s race to stay novel and emerge in giving something different yet important to the clients. The beneath are few essentials examined by Ezeelive Technologies that will most likely profit the designers in conveying the unmatched experience to the clients and additionally in appreciating the unsurpassed number one position for a considerable length of time to come. 1. Entertaining yet Emphasizing on Content: A great deal of consideration is paid to expand the [...]