Single Page Application (SPA) – Advantages and Disadvantages

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SPA - Single Page Application - Advantages and Disadvantages

Single Page Application (SPA) – Advantages and Disadvantages

There is no doubt that the present era is internet based and rapid technological advancements are moving people towards online services. In Current time most clients or website owner prefer to develop Single Page Application for better performance.

What to do in this current scenario can be a big question for those are not available on the web but how it will be if you have a quick option to get your online presence just by a single web page.

I think it a very good idea. In this writing, we are going to describe you about single page application and its various uses in different aspects.

Let’s start to understand about Single Page Application (SPA):

is single page application is profitable to make money online or not?

There are many options people have and also getting involved with online in the manner to make money. The internet era has open many doors to earn money either at home or office.

It is a booming sector with various systems and also has a lot of wealth if you have the online presence. One page website is a good idea for those who want to earn money via online mode.

Single Page Application Architecture:

Being cheap is the major factor that this project has going for it. Because it is never a good idea to invest a lot of money in a single project hoping to make money.

Be wise and see the functionalities and importance of single page application architecture.

Single Page Application Development Agency
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The overall growth and development of such types of architecture is very fast and help to achieve the target in the minimum time.

But, it is difficult to say that everything will be better so you need to develop it need a professional supervision in order to make desired profit.

This can be a letdown, particularly when they are not working or not making any money.

The base is to remain at it and you will see the outcomes.

Also, it is more profitable and easy to find out hosting a one-page application without any problem with desired choices.

There are many companies and agencies providing hosting services with domain names. You just need to select the best in order to stop any hardships.

Knowing eCommerce solution – Single page application checkout:

As we know that in today’s era e-commerce has changed the way of shopping you can easily sell or purchase anything at any time at any place.

Online shopping has turned into an easy and user-friendly experience for people. As the outcomes, shoppers are increasing drastically.

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With the ease and convenience it provides, it is unacceptable that people will move towards the old methods of shopping.

Over the time, different customers and users clamored and complain about a better and faster way of online shopping.

In an effort to solve out this problem, a breakthrough in this industry was made. With the increasing trend and development of one-page application checkout system, the convenience and ease are taken to a new experience to all its users.

So now we don’t need to have worry about to wait for a long just to buy, sell a certain service or product. We need only to complete the information on a single page, without any problems such as clicking many ways, which is difficult to process the 3-step payment system.

A single page checkout system also is known as one-page, single-screen or single-step checkout is nothing than an internet checkout system that is one can get on one page only.

Similarly, you can pay by signing into a guest account or an account if you are a member on that particular website. A single page checkout system enables users to information pertaining to payment, shipping, and billing.

Guidelines for choosing single page application development for your online shop:

  • One page checkout should be precise and simple. And if the checkout still taking a long time to fill out because of too many extensions, then it will be just like a traditional way of checkout. Keep in mind, that the more time a customer spends to make payment for any service or product, the chances of losing the customer increases in this way.
  • All sections should be clear and must be in the manner that anyone can easily differentiate between them. Whatever is the type of your application, you should make the sections of checkout distinguishable from each other. For example, booking of any product should have a different section and billing should have a different section in order to remove all types of confusions.
  • You should also offer a traditional checkout system because some customers feel comfortable in the traditional way of checkout. To increase flexibility for your customers you must provide them with the traditional checkout system.

Why is single page application development the best solution for Mobile Commerce?

We can easily notice the rapid changes in the mobile applications of any company like Facebook and others. We can also see the drastic changes in the user experience. Can you guess the reasons?

If we take Facebook as our example then we will find that the company was earning a good amount from the mobile users because of poor experience, so users decided not to give their mobile time for using Facebook, until they will not get the right experience, and in 2013 its 41% advertising revenue came from mobile.

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The explanation is very simple:

People enjoy spending time there, the user experience is good and they can do more than before on a mobile version of Facebook.

In a mobile commerce it is also very important to provide an easy to use and convenient solution to the users and visitors of the website.

It should be simple to use and faster and should also be compatible with all mobile devices. While using your website user can easily see what is popular, what’s on sale, what’s new, and what else is there.

You have to give them an environment where they can stay for a long and can also recommend others to visit your website.

So, if you like more customers on your mobile website then SPA is a good option to get more and more customers because it provides the best mobile user experience to date.

Importance of having a single page web application for mobile commerce are as follows:

  • Fast searching
  • Easy browsing
  • The transition between products is very fast
  • Site loads fast
  • Easy to use, intuitive, and etc.

The user needs just a few clicks to get the selected product or service and need to act very less to purchase it. The single page web application induces stability and is more secure.

Single page application development is beneficial to rank high

It is always beneficial to have a single page web application instead of promoting a multipage website we can easily promote a single page with a long tail keyword. But you need only to select the right keyword to get the desired efforts.

Different technologies are available in which we can have our single page application but the most beneficial is to have JavaScript Framework (Angular, React.js, Ember.js).

We know that we have to optimize a website to rank on any search engine conditions are the same for the one-page website.

Always use quality content and required images and optimize your one-page website in order to support all online marketing strategies. Make use of valuable keywords and try to use them properly in your content.

One of the major benefits of having a single page website in the aspect of ranking is that as search engines give updates from time to time so there are very fewer chances that your one-page website will last.

Advantages of Single Page Application (SPA):

When e-commerce portals offer no hassle and simple checkouts, then more and more customers will like to buy service or products.

This amazing architecture not only makes the payment process a single-step system but also provides other great benefits.

  1. User-Friendly: It feels fast and It offers a more seamless UX Experience.
  2. Load Fast: No extra queries to fetch the data from the server to download pages.
  3. Reduce Server Load: Less Server Interaction, Load the data which require dynamically that help to reduce server cost.
  4. Speed and Performance: Static Files such as HTML, CSS and JS load one time only.
  5. Real-time User Experience: It feels that data is loading fast and real-time.
  6. SEO Friendly: Since SPA loads fast Google will provide better Rank in Search Engine.

Disadvantages of Single Page Application (SPA):

  1. Not Support with Old Browser: SPA is latest technologies is not supporting with old browser versions such as IE 6,7.. 10 and few Mozilla older versions.
  2. The user must need to enable JavaScript in the client-side browser to run a single page application (SPA).
  3. Memory Leak: Memory leak in JavaScript can slow down to a powerful Computer.
  4. Internet Speed: SPA requires average internet speed to execute and load properly in the browser. Slower speed can break design or Single Page Application component during loading time e.g. Google with the slower connection.
  5. As a developer, I feel Single Page Application is taking more time to load in the client browser (All section related CSS and JS load at first time execution) rather than multipage application.


Lastly, we can say that single page application development is always helpful different aspects of online money making as there are different ways we have to make money online but the condition is only your system should be perfect.

Get started right now with single page application development and start the money-making process.

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