Top 7 Advantages of JADE template engine

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Top 7 Advantages of JADE template engine

There is a dozen of template engine available with an option such as Vanilla PHP, Smarty, Twig (Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP, Drupal), Blade (Laravel PHP framework default template engine), Haml for Ruby / Ruby on Rails.

Jade is specially designed for the server side template in Node.js but it can be used in many other environments also. It’s used to produce XML documents like (HTML, RSS etc.), so we can’t use it to create the plain text like HTML/CSS other documents.

Jade Template Engine is used to make the template more beautiful and more meaningful with the help of description and their layout. So, what are the advantages we can take from the Jade we will try to find out? major in that which are listed below:

1. Re-usable Function:

You can compile your template into the reusable function which can be run on server or client side both. If you want to send the same template again then you just have to write some line of code of the re-usable function and then you have to just run the template in that function and then you can set the different data sets in that and you can send it for the rendering demand.

2. Template inheritance:

Jade has great support towards the Template inheritance. It means that it helps in managing templates that resemble object-oriented programming techniques.

With this, you can inherit the contents of one template into another same like as class. Template inheritance keeps the template management minimal and efficient so we can improve quality of the template on both sides.

3. Template Productivity:

As Jade template engine comes with the many handling modules so final result output comes in a great way in look and feel.

Problems like output encoding, iterating conditions, and error handling come in Jade so it helps in a good productivity of the templates than other template engines.

4. Code Organization:

The presentation is the important thing in any field, if your presentation is in a nice way then it will be clearly understandable to anyone but if your presentation is not good then no can understand it. It will work as miserable.

Jade gives the nice way to the data manipulation and their representation. By this templates, you can easily understand what is data and which part is for presentation. So, it also helps the server side script also to the client.

5. Supported by many technologies:

You can implement the Jade in the language of your project which you making. Jade Template Engine can be implemented with the PHP, Scala, Ruby, Python, and java etc. languages so with such a wide language support everyone want to use Jade for the template presentation and its data manipulation.

6. No closing tags:

Jade is most famous for the self-closing tags which other languages do not include, Means tags such as img, meta, link explicitly self-close a tag by simply appending the / character. It is the most famous part of the Jade which people in the technological world liking it and most appreciable thing in the market.

<foo bar="baz"/>

7. Master Template:

As the name Says “Master” it means that there will be one master template which will come on every page. You can create the master layout for your web-page and include different blocks of the content in the body for the individual section or part particular pages.

In the last word for jade template engine:

From all these major inventions in the Jade, we can say that it’s the best template engine available in the market till now and we can use it for the best result of the templates. It gives the many features to make our templates good which will also feel good to our users and to our clients.

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    I enjoy the efforts you have put in this, appreciate it for all the great blog posts.

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