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React.js Popularity in 2018

What are the reasons behind React.JS Popularity in 2018?

Top reason behind react.js popularity in 2018 The growth and development of unique frameworks having different features and characteristics are rising and growing nowadays. No one can deny the importance and features offered by JavaScript framework to its users. Developers of the technology and framework stating that the golden period of the technological era has begun, and the time has gone for the traditional and outdated libraries. Amongst all of these things, the question still clicks the mind is that which is [...]

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EmberJS – what makes it better than other javascript frameworks

There are many web frameworks today that all are approaching or have had any major new releases. Recently, Ember released 2.18 (Ember 2.18 and 3.0 Beta Released – Jan 01, 2018) just less than two months ago by simply making it a stealthily easy upgrade from its previous version. Top features of #emberjs that proving the best #javascript framework for enterprises applications Click To Tweet Also, just a couple weeks ago REACT and Angular new ones, which is a major step [...]

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NativeScript – Mobile App Development Company India

 NativeScript is an open source framework created by Telerik Team for building truly native mobile apps with JavaScript, TypeScript or Angular. Use web skills and get native UI and performance on iOS and Android. Top 8 features of using #nativescript in #mobile application development Click To Tweet As of February 2017, Telerik by Progress team released version 2.5. and Planning to upcoming version 3.0 with massive changes and improvements in the cross-platform JavaScript layer, Greatly simplified extensibility model for custom UI [...]

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Top 7 Advantages of JADE template engine

There is a dozen of template engine available with an option such as Vanilla PHP, Smarty, Twig (Zend Framework, Yii, CakePHP, Drupal), Blade (Laravel PHP framework default template engine), Haml for Ruby / Ruby on Rails. Jade is specially designed for the server side template in Node.js but it can be used in many other environments also. It’s used to produce XML documents like (HTML, RSS etc.), so we can’t use it to create the plain text like HTML/CSS other [...]

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The Good and Bad Parts of AngularJs JavaScript Framework

AngularJS is a structural framework of the JavaScript to make the web apps and applications. AngularJS (version 1.x) is what HTML would have been had it been designed for applications to use its features. HTML is a great declarative language for static documents. which helps you to modify your web applications in an easy way. Now we will try to see some good and bad parts of the AngularJS below: Good Parts of AngularJS (version 1.x) JavaScript Framework: 1. MVC Compatibility [...]

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Advantages of jQuery

What is jQuery? In general, it is magic. JQuery is the most outstanding cross-browser javascript library compiled for the ease of client-side scripting of HTML. To make it short, it’s a “ready to use” javascript library that has many visual functions such as popular ease-in, ease-out effects. Because jQuery has tons of impressive effects, it is often used by web designers to make their designs much lovable and more elegant. Why use jQuery? Using so many lines of codes can hamper the downloading [...]

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JavaScript Library : Jquery or Mootools

I have recently ditched the MooTools Javascript library in favor of the jQuery Javascript library. What that means is I have removed the MooTabs and SmoothGallery from this website and replaced them with jQuery scripts instead. My reasons for giving up MooTools… WordPress uses the jQuery Javascript library in the admin pages. In fact, you will find the jQuery files in the “wp-includes/js/jquery” directory. WordPress has built-in support for the jQuery library. The wp enqueue script function has a list of supported [...]