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We have all heard and see the success stories about enterprise software solution – more than 25% increase in profit, cost-cutting in project management, products to market five times faster – but the question is how exactly do those businesses or organizations accomplish that?

Enterprises Software SolutionsSuch software has a unique place all over the world. People also ask the question why we need enterprise software if running a business in Jakarta Indonesia.

It is not a matter of your industry type, an ERP is the backbone of your business, supporting and automating business processes.

ERP Solutioncombines all your business operations and fully integrate with all your systems, bringing value to each and every working section, from management to finance to customer service – if you are running a manufacturing business than it includes manufacturing, supply chain and design teams as well.

It is a matter of Competition!

What do we need to survive in the global marketplace? It is the only technological advancement and modern way of doing the job. It is also true that if you want to survive and remain for a long time in the global marketplace then you need to provide the best in class and unfaltering service repeatedly to your clients and to do this.

You have to implement enterprise software solution in your business processes.

There are many software companies in Indonesia working to provide various software solutions to businesses but as the best software service provider, we know what is the best business entails to ensure that the best possible solution can be offered.

Indeed deep knowledge of how a business or an organization functions is central to providing and developing the software solution which complements and supports all business processes.

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Why is it trending?

We know that the present era is the fastest changing IT era, there is a drastic demand among businesses to use highly feasible and easy to operate enterprise software solutions to better know and address the enterprise-wide challenges and problems.

Enterprises Software Solutions IndonesiaIt is fact that managing multiple enterprise software is a costly affair to handle different organizational functions, networks, and complex databases of customers. In the manner to lessen undesired cost on small scale to big organizations, enterprise software developers have come up with unmatched Enterprise software or IT solutions that assist businesses to automate functions including Security Issues, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Reporting, Billing and Payment Processing (Payroll).

Ezeelive Technologies – Enterprises software solutions

Who it’s for?

We provide software solutions to all businesses from small-scale industries to big scale organizations. We help to improve business processes in order to do cost cutting, ramp up production, increase and bring the marketplace to the new product and regulating the requirements and federal regulations.

Why you need it?

Whether you need to re-examine the current and existing spreadsheets or need a completed replacement, it is necessary to focus on an enterprise software solution that has a strong foundation for business functions and support the unique needs with minimum customization. Ezeelive Technologies is the best enterprises software developer Indonesia takes care of everything you need to increase the business processes.

Let’s check your requirements when you need an enterprise software solution:

  • Protect your customers and brand with easy-to-use traceability and intuitive solutions that help to track ingredients and products from supplier to production to end-users.
  • Increase plant throughput, make informed, contain costs, real-time data and decisions to enhance quality, improve quality of delivery, and performance.
  • Automate Management fees and discounts, non-standard pricing, regulatory compliance needs, stay on top of high data volumes and automate all business processes.
  • Faster time to market
  • Lower production cost
  • Quicker inventory turns
  • Real-time data for higher quality products.

How our software solution differs from others?

Our enterprise applications are designed to support at all levels of production and development. Everyone will get benefits from manufacturer to the end-users. For the manufacturer it helps to accurately manage all raw material, furnished products, successfully manage the complexities and variability of processes and products, improve traceability, product costing, and also improve the production scalability.

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If you have more than one branch even in different countries than our business application will support in terms of currencies, languages and etc to achieve business process standardization all over a global business presence.

With the deep knowledge as the best software development company Jakarta, our technology experts provide you with a solution that is feasible and tailor-made for your organization.

What do you get in our enterprise’s application?

Our enterprise solution provides the “best practices” to your business processes, as well as robust features that are specifically designed for process developers including:

  • Data Collection
  • Mobility
  • Traceability
  • Distribution Management
  • Financial Management
  • Customer Management and Portal
  • Contracts and Chargeback
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Warehouse Management System (WHM)
  • Content Management System
  • SAP system application products
  • Business process management
  • Accounting software
  • Billing Management
  • Business intelligence
  • Master data management (MDM)
  • Enterprise asset management (EAM)
  • Low-code development platforms (LCDP)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
  • Product data management (PDM)
  • Product lifecycle management (PLM)
  • Identity management system
  • Operational risk management
  • Management information system
  • Retail software

Beyond from its features, our enterprise application also provides freedom to add various additional modules such as content management, product lifecycle management, business intelligence, supply chain management, and fast implementations in high-impact areas as your company evolve and grow.

Through technical advancement in the sections of usability and automation, including actionable and relevant information is pushed to you, social networking technologies facilitate you to see the big picture in order to make decisions faster and informed.

Business Application Development @ Ezeelive Technologies

The software itself is sufficient and paramount, but needs significance and required support to know the technology used, as well as assist in driving your business towards future success.

Enterprises Application Advantages
Enterprises Application Advantages, Benefits of enterprise systems in business, the importance of enterprise systems

The Industry-specific application is a certain something yet having inbuilt functionality for particular business forms is something different out and out and will drive organisations forward into another domain of consumer satisfaction.

From a real practical point of view, it is vital to choose a service provider or software developer with a specialist support group who will guarantee the usage and utilization of new software is as efficient as expected.

Picking a business application developer in Indonesia that is experienced to understand all the aspects of your business and organizational needs implies application can be customized to suit needs that are maybe particular to just your business. As it proceeds one size is not suitable for all, so every enterprise needs a unique solution to remain the competition of the global market.

Benefits of choosing enterprise application development services provided by Ezeelive Technologies:

  • Increased Organizational Efficiency
  • Increased Security to Company Data
  • The utility of Cloud-based Enterprise IT Systems
  • Reduced IT Administrative Costs
  • Give a chance to the executives to check out what’s really going on
  • Multiple Users Access

1. Increased Organizational Efficiency:

With the usage of our enterprise application, it becomes easy for organizations to manage their company data and organize the useful information in an organized manner.

It helps to capture, manage and store a large amount of data and information on an integrated and single platform for generating and easy viewing hard-copy or multiple online reports anytime in the future. It is easy to generate and manage customer data in this way you can save time and money both.

2. Increased Security to Company Data:

Businesses, not a matter of complexity and size can use our enterprise applications, to increase the security of important numerical data and text information. You can keep safe your business reports, confidential business data, payment details of customers from cyber/phishing attack.

3. The utility of Cloud-based Enterprise IT Systems:

The main difference between a non-cloud-based/in-house and a cloud-based IT application is that the former gives organizations global access to such business applications like Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etc from any place and all the time. A cloud-based enterprise solution eliminates installation, downloading, purchasing and maintenance costs during the utilization.

4. Reduced IT Administrative Costs:

It is easy to maintain and manage various organizational functions. Using our enterprise application development Indonesia it becomes easy to reduce IT administrative costs. For example, automating the billing tasks, managing the payment processing in this way save the cost of applying IT administration.

5. Give a chance to the executives to check out what’s really going on:

Don’t feel powerless if you are an executive only. Largely the executives depend on the middle-level management for given take of information. But Enterprise application helps you to find out what is really happening. You can easily look at every person and process. You can track the orders given by top-level management and also find unresolved and bottlenecks issues.

No #1 Enterprises Application Development IndonesiaThere is no doubt that middle-level management is necessary but there is an assembly line in every company to handle problems and provide solutions. Enterprise solution provides executives with the chance to easily monitor what is happening on the right down to the bottom of the company – and utilize the information to get things done faster and create a frictionless and smooth-running organization.

6. Multiple Users Access:

It is easy for multiple professional to use enterprise software solution anytime to do various organizational functions. Such application is hosted on the server of the company to give simultaneous access to multiple people over a shared computer network.

There are more benefits of using our Enterprise Application such as Sorting out flaws in organizational processes and structure, finding a deadline before the risk and etc.

Implement our enterprise software solutions and bring your organization in easy doing and automated processing.

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