Warehouse Management System – it’s benefits and features in 2018

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Warehouse Management System - WMS

Warehouse Management System – it’s benefits and features in 2018

A warehouse management system is now a key part of the supply chain system for many businesses that store or sell tangible goods.

Having an automated computer-based system allows management of the products and sophisticated tracking as they come, remain and leave the warehouse.

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Vital, Spacious and big these are three words that work as an adjective for describing a warehouse. Every product that comes from across the ocean, a neighboring state and an adjacent town first arrives on this huge storage system.

And from there, the staff members available here coordinated and distribute the goods to the wholesalers and other retail stores.

What does a modern warehouse management use to increase productivity?

The advanced and modern warehouses are not dependent on the pen and paperwork. Most part of their work is done through the sophisticated warehouse management software that helps them to cover most part of the work through software without any hassle.

This is a fast process and needs very less manpower to monitor the whole warehouse. By using the software the manager can easily monitor and flow of goods.

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All the required things that are necessary to cover the whole process of goods transfer such as required vehicles inside and outside of the warehouse, and the size of packages to load, manpower and time can be easily done by using an automated system. It saves the precious time of workers and helps them in order to do manage all work processes.

Help in moving goods in large quantities

Moving goods in big amounts may prove to be a daunting task if the warehouse management system is not available.

As we know that automated systems always are designed to reduce the manpower and labor cost but if it is storage then human factor has its significant values.

Top Benefits of Warehouse software for goods managementBecause goods will not register and scan by themselves and need human interaction in order to complete the processes till arriving in the consumer’s hands.

Portable scanners help in monitoring and indexing the marked items.

In this way, this system saves the time of people by removing the need for the pen to mark the items.

An integrated system required at WMS

An integrated system of scanning machines and computers keep track of all activities done in storage such as what is being moved, what needs to arrive, what is in storage and what has to move.

The system does the work very smoothly in order to manage the inventory management system (IMS) and saving a lot of time of staffs working there.

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WMS (Warehouse Management System) is responsible for managing a significant portion of retail stores as well as warehouse itself for potential profit.

In this manner by an automated system of procedures, it makes the warehouse a small store to manage the activities.

Benefits of Warehouse software for goods management

  1. It helps to ensure that orders are correct. Since there is no space for mistakes when delivered required to be confirmed and made, the system helps staff members in indicating the correct goods for delivery and shipping. It also lessens the rate of human errors in goods delivery it tends to more profit. So, with WMS, the potatoes a retail or wholesale store orders will not end up as tomatoes.
  2. Having a WMS facilitates a much more effective and efficient process from the distribution of goods to logistics management and above. Technology helps us at each and every stage of different process and management system. There are different WMS that integrates with ADI (Automatic Data Capture) devices that makes it possible to give unique ids to materials and products and then read them at very quick rates.

Here are some of the ADI devices include:

  • Mobile computers as the powerful handheld devices that process the required data on the go permitting managers to locate the materials and products from inside or outside the warehouse.
  • Local Area Network or Wireless LANs also works as the powerful system of linking the entire information collection so that the handheld devices coordinate and communicate with the database, once again enable warehouse managers to be carried out on the delivery and movement of the products.
  • Barcode scanners. It is the most used system we can see easily in all supermarkets. It allows individual items to have information saved about the product and then be located or tracked.
  • RFID has abbreviated as Radio-frequency identification an ultimate device in tracking shipped or stored products. This permits auto tracking of materials and goods around the warehouse as they are shipped or received. It is a very effective and efficient WMS also allows an outstanding communication between what is residing in the storage and the records or database permitting very deep reports about what is in storage, movement of the products, and most importantly allow managers to ensure products are reaching at the right place in a timely fashion.

Warehouse Management Systems have a great use and facilities for all types of businesses. From small-scale organizations to big scale industries showing an increasing interest in these systems.

Best Warehouse Management ProcessAll Warehouse Management System (WMS) is implemented to meet the various needs and goals that as a whole should give the desired outcomes for the customers or importer or distributor or buyer.

Knowing what to expect from WMS make the decision clear between the different WMSs easier.

There are many features associated with a warehouse management system.

Let’s check out some of the features that are associated with this and facility managers in Warehouse Management Process:

  1. Managing the receipts of stock and goods
  2. Improving accuracy of operations and inventory
  3. Facilities management
  4. Providing low ownership cost
  5. Maximizing warehouse space utilization
  6. Logistics management
  7. From pick and pack to shipping
  8. Lowering decision-making time
  9. Allowing for quick implementation
  10. Make warehouse process smooth by applying automation in its process
  11. Storage and tracking requirements
  12. A perfect WMS allows everybody in the supply chain to know what is going one
  13. Delivering quick ROI
  14. Improving order fulfillment
  15. Reducing stock while meeting demand
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To get these and other outcomes need understanding the key points of the upcoming WMS solution, the additional benefits that arise from selecting a particular WMS and the way in which these factors will meet the current requirements.

Stock Control Management SystemWhile choosing any software to automate the process of any type we have check out different things.

As there are many warehouse system are available in the market with different functionalities make it difficult to choose the best selection.

What to look for while choosing a warehouse management system for your organization are:

  1. Organization requirements
  2. Budget
  3. Do we have required staff to manage the automated system and etc?

Functional features that should be in a warehouse management system

1. Flexibility

How easily does the selected system adept itself to meet the client’s need? Because only a flexible WMS is adaptable to various warehousing scenarios without investing other exceptional resources in the system.

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The easier to use the system easily integrates into a working warehouse and also combines the existing working methods and operations.

2. ERP Interfacing

While choosing a warehouse management system you must consider a system that has the ability to integrate with the existing ERP System including the stock control management system.

Businesses and their ROI rely on the smooth flow of information between the customer and company branches. Your selected WMS must be able to support the flow of information.

3. User Friendliness

It must be a user-friendly system in order to save the training cost and to avoid unnecessary operating mistakes.

4. Innovativeness

The technology used in creating the WMS must be effective and faster in order to remove all the undesired cost and time.

An outdated system cannot meet the future requirements so your selected one should be very innovative to get new updates and changes to remove all hassles and to make the process faster.

5. Functionality

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What is the functionality of your selected system? As there are many warehouse management software is available on the market to cover the basic needs of any warehouse.

Traditional Warehouse Working MethodBut in addition to the loading, shipping, replenishment and inventory management warehouses also need high functional features such as RFID support, cross-dock capabilities, and billing and despatch module with real-time status tracking etc.

Choosing an efficient and effective WMS (Warehouse Management System) is very necessary because an unpatched system is useless and can slow down even the existing process.

Some other points that need consideration are a quality support, integration by an experienced and professional supplier and understanding of the key factors of the system.

The beneficial outcomes from the use of an effective and required system can help in enabling a business to become a leader in the market.

In the Last Word:

Use of such types of systems helps businesses to serve a better service in the market to the customers, while an optimized WMS results in a growth and improvement of all facets of an activity or operation.

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Lastly, we can say that implementing a comprehensive warehouse management system can enable businesses to run and to keep track of all products that are to be delivered, stored or shipped in a very effective manner.

Warehouse Management System - Top 15 Advantages of WMS in 2018
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Warehouse Management System - Top 15 Advantages of WMS in 2018
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