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What Makes Zend Framework NO 1 2016 - Zend Framework3 PHP7

Zend Framework 3 – What makes Zend Framework no. 1 for 2016

  The elements that your Zend framework 3 gives are amongst the most key components to the accomplishment and additionally ubiquity among its clients and organizations. Zend Framework is utilized to grow such applications which can be very easy to understand all together that the clients have the capacity to effortlessly utilize and explore these outlines. PHP Zend Development is continuously turning into the shiny new face of PHP. About Zend Framework PHP Zend Framework is sold with upgraded components the vast [...]

Ezeelive Technologies India - Best PHP Framework for 2015

Best 20 PHP Framework for 2015

Wish You Happy New Year 2015…!! PHP is more famous Website Development Technologies among Web Programmers. More than 50% Website or Web Application using or developed in PHP. The framework really helps in development as compare core development, the framework provides every web developer base skeleton or foundation for build strong web application. Every Framework has own Advantages and Disadvantages based on its feature and coding method. In this post we are trying to briefly most famous PHP Framework based on [...]

Doctrine ORM PHP Enterprises - Web Application Development India

What makes Doctrine is the best ORM?

What is ORM? ORM stands for the object-relational mapping. ORM is a programming technique used to convert the data between incompatible type system in an object-oriented programming language. It created the “virtual object database” that can be used within the programming languages. There are many ORM’s available in the market in each technology in which some famous ORM are ActiveJPA, ActiveRecord (AR in Yii Framework) Ebean, Database objects, CakePHP, Propel and the best one Doctrine. But why Doctrine ORM is [...]

why developer love php in web development

Why developer love PHP in Web Development

We are back again with most famous technologies which I think all know in this software development technological world called as “PHP” (Hypertext Pre-processor), which was invented by the Rasmus Lerdorf in mid of 1995. At the start, it was only a simple scripting language with no framework just a simple script but as time goes on our developers added great and mind-blowing features in that and developed many Frameworks with the help of that any type of website [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Kohana PHP Framework

Advantages of Kohana PHP Framework

Kohana PHP Framework is an open source, object-oriented MVC web development framework built using a PHP5. Kohana is licensed under BSD so you can use this open source framework by extending its features to develop your professional or personal website. Kohana is considered as a strong MVC framework after the Codeigniter. This framework was made by some group of the developer so it must be having some features also which will overcome to other frameworks available so let’s come [...]

Laravel Latest PHP Framework for Web Artisans

Laravel – Latest PHP Framework for Web Artisans

As we know PHP launches the frameworks after some interval of timing in regular interval of time. This time we will discuss the customized MVC framework called as “Laravel”. We will discuss some basic part of the Laravel that are needed to start the coding. It gives you the more customized way of development for the web application. Laravel is used mostly for the dependency management. Most sites have a common set of functionality (like handling sessions, data validation, [...]

10 reason why codeigniter is better than other php frameworks

10 Reason why Codeigniter mvc framework is better than other PHP Frameworks

 We will evaluate here why the PHP is better than other PHP frameworks here by considering our own web application development knowledge and what the other developers say why to use Codeigniter? But first, we will try to know what is CodeIgniter MVC framework and what it is? Codeigniter is open source development framework which follows the MVC framework pattern. Its goal is to give you the easy and proper way to develop the project much faster than you could [...]

social media how affects your daily life

Social Media – How affects your daily life?

Do you use Instagram? Pinterest? Facebook? Twitter? LikedIn?. If your answer is YES then you are living in this high tech world only but if your answer is NO then I think you living in the world which was far before of the Orkut or When people had no option to get any information of the world except the old radio and sometimes you can consider the Television or maybe you living on the Mars orbit where Scientists thinking [...]

Ezeelive Technologies India - Connect Jira Tempo Plugin with PHP

Connect Jira Tempo Rest Api with PHP

Jira is well-known team planning and management application. Thousands of companies using Jira to assign work and team activities. Jira provides facilities to add the plugin as per your requirement. Jira Tempo is one of famous Plugin to get the User, Task, and Timeline Reports. Tempo Restful API builds in Java. So we have built our Jira Class in PHP to use Tempo restful APIs… Steps for connecting Jira tempo rest API with PHP 1. Make sure CURL is enabled in [...]

zaakpay payment gateway extension in yii framework - ezeelive technologies

Zaakpay Extension in Yii Framework

1. Click here to Download Zaakpay extension, extract and Copy and paste zaakpay folder with all the files in Protected -> Extension folder 2. Register on and verify your account 3. Go to in Dashboard -> Integration and Click on URLs & Keys Tab4. Create Controller and View folder, here controller name is Zaakpay for example. 5. Create below mention action and define access permission (In my case it is “allow all users”). public function actionPosttozaakpay() { echo $this->renderPartial('postzaakpay'); Yii::app()->end(); } public function actionResponse() { echo $this->renderPartial('response'); Yii::app()->end(); } public function actionReturn_url() { //return [...]