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Codeigniter Development India : CodeIgniter is small powerful PHP Framework which have 2 MB file size of framework version CI 3. It is very simple for understand specially beginner and having powerful security features and speed. Codeignitor having following key features :

MVC (Model View Controller) architecture
Light Weight – CI 3 having 2 MB file size
Form and data validation
XSS filtering
Data encryption
Error handling and logging

Apart from above it will come with other third party libraries like FTP, Localization, Session Management, Image Manipulation, Query and Full Page Caching, Zip Encoding, Template Engine, Trackback, Unit Testing and XML-RPC etc.

Ezeelive Technologies India - Best PHP Framework for 2015

Best 20 PHP Framework for 2015

Wish You Happy New Year 2015…!! PHP is more famous Website Development Technologies among Web Programmers. More than 50% Website or Web Application using or developed in PHP. The framework really helps in development as compare core development, the framework provides every web developer base skeleton or foundation for build strong web application. Every Framework has own Advantages and Disadvantages based on its feature and coding method. In this post we are trying to briefly most famous PHP Framework based on [...]

Doctrine ORM PHP Enterprises - Web Application Development India

What makes Doctrine is the best ORM?

What is ORM? ORM stands for the object-relational mapping. ORM is a programming technique used to convert the data between incompatible type system in an object-oriented programming language. It created the “virtual object database” that can be used within the programming languages. There are many ORM’s available in the market in each technology in which some famous ORM are ActiveJPA, ActiveRecord (AR in Yii Framework) Ebean, Database objects, CakePHP, Propel and the best one Doctrine. But why Doctrine ORM is [...]

10 reason why codeigniter is better than other php frameworks

10 Reason why Codeigniter mvc framework is better than other PHP Frameworks

 We will evaluate here why the PHP is better than other PHP frameworks here by considering our own web application development knowledge and what the other developers say why to use Codeigniter? But first, we will try to know what is CodeIgniter MVC framework and what it is? Codeigniter is open source development framework which follows the MVC framework pattern. Its goal is to give you the easy and proper way to develop the project much faster than you could [...]