Hire Moodle Developer – The No #1 eLearning Management System for 2024

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Hire Moodle Developer in India

Hire Moodle Developer – The No #1 eLearning Management System for 2024

Hire Moodle Developer in India

The current age is the age of the Internet. We search for various things on it, we hire moodle developer from different service providers.

Every sector is becoming advanced and getting the benefits given by the Internet to its users. Technology is playing an important role in our life it making the things easier to handle and maintain but in some cases, we can’t replace it the importance of a person. For examples, technology can’t replace teachers.

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However, every teacher should have some knowledge about the way to integrate the technology into their teaching methods in the manner to help students to develop their skills and efficiency.

In this manner, we can take examples such as online blogs, forums, drawing tools, writing tools and quizzes etc all these are technology resources and very helpful for enhancing team working skills, critical thinking, problem-solving, and improving communication skills etc.

Additionally, we can say that the best use of technology can assist to improve literacy.

What is the challenges of School Leaders?

There is no doubt that the school leader is facing big challenges in the present educational system. All of them want to live at the top in their education services with the thinking of “No Child Left Behind”. Most of the schools are working towards increasing the working skills of their students.

The educational system is getting advancement due to e-learning platforms provided by various institutions. It is helping students to get the education easily without compromising with the quality and productivity.

Moodle LMS – Best Solution for Schools

If we talk about the best solution for schools to improve their learning system in the competitive age and make education more engaging for students and make it simple to use at the same time.

When you initiate searching for a tool to make and improve the efficiency of the students and make them more productive then it is always suggested to use Moodle.

It (open source learning system) is not an unknown identity in the educational system the choice is yours you have to choose the best according to your needs.

This system allows users to improve, change the system and functionality and even distribute the software for further use.

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Not only Moodle there are other different platforms allowing e-learning management system to its users and are beyond it. But it is also that some of them need the license and some of them are very costly to develop and after maintenance.

It is very cost-effective to deliver online delivery of teacher training with Moodle and it is recommended that it should be a part of every professional development program. It is required to hire the best LMS developerin order to get the best e-learning platform for the students.

What is Moodle?

Moodle is termed as “Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment” is an e-learning platform that came into existence in 2002 as a free software tool developed by Martin Dougiamas (Founder and CEO of @moodle and @OETGlobal) and was available to download for anyone.

Such types of learning management systems are used for both educational institutions and also in training institutes.

It provides the best and productive results when implemented in the educational system. If we look at its features then industry experts state that Moodle is the best tool providing various benefits to educational organisations in terms of improving efficiency and cutting cost.

It was designed to provide the best interactive e-learning platform to its users. It not only benefits the learners but also facilitates trainers from its features the rich platform, which are effective and easily customisable at the same time.

All these traits are very necessary and decent to make a good e-learning platform. Due to this various customised versions of this software available to the user for the public is increasing every year drastically.

Advantages of Moodle LMS System

  1. Moodle has most, if not all, of the abilities expected of a learning management system. It is simple to manage and implement and also provide the best administrative back-end interface.
  2. The accentuation was to build up a safe and simple-to-manage system that did not require specialised administration. The course components take permit for boundless quantities of classes.
  3. Classes can use wide range activities including assignments, chats, choices, surveys, glossaries, resources, forums, quizzes, and workshops.
  4. The system facilitates and supports collaboration across the learning groups and communities as decided by the administrators and user of the system.
  5. There are many companies working in developing various types of e-learning platforms but to get the best outcomes from the system you need to PHP Development Company in India who are expert in PHP and Moodle LMS.
  6. While the basic software system is really effective, what makes it so interesting is the developer and user community that provides support to the platform.
  7. It’s add-on components have everything and are able to integrate social media platforms into the Moodle system to the capacity to easily publish and include podcasts in your lessons.
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All these add-ons are also present under the GNU (General Public License) it means that they are free to modify and use.

Why is Moodle known as the best LMS in the world?

As we know that there are many LMS and service providers in the market but only a professional Moodle Consultant India can provide you the best ever and expected outcomes.

Moodle being an exceptionally intuitive tool allows for the students as well as the teachers to work in coordination with each other, making novel online course structures that are tweaked precisely to their particular needs.

The adaptability of this ceaselessly developing platform which is molded always to achieve credibility and credibility is the thing that has purchased 70+ million devoted clients to it.

Scale and Personalise

Forget the vanilla definitions and the jargon online that make it ordinary. With its features free and open source learning management system it is also the most largely used LMS all over the world.

It allows people to create utterly, engaging and online learning courses, for the people who are special or matter the most- whether that’s teachers, students, recruits, affiliates, partners, team members or even volunteers. We can say that it is the real beauty of Moodle. Decide it today in your education system.


Yes, it is right. Moodle is a free and an open source learning platform developed in PHP. There is no need to pay for software renewal charges or license fees ever.

We can say that it is very useful for all types of reasons; there are no sneaky backdoors and hidden facts with open source.

As it is open source tool and its own community so it is very useful to utilise it because it is monitored and supported by thousands of experienced eyes all the time. All of the people of this community have a collaborative vision for collective empowerment.

Millions of people are part of this system because they trust it and also because they get something different in it and various features that can’t be bought.

One of the best reasons to choose Open Source is that you don’t need any to pay any charges to customise. You can add new functional features, new features, and whatever is new in your mind.

Learning and Teaching with Moodle LMS Platform

There are many reasons for choosing Moodle as the best e-learning platform. It has millions of users in the world. Let’s check some of its factors influencing learning or teaching:

1. Community

The most important factor is “the community” this is one of the best sources of Moodle’s popularity. The dedicated and experienced international community gives regular support in order to fix bugs, and assure it the best resource for the organizations and training institutes for small or large scale.

2. Free License

Yes. It is a license free and an open-source platform. It is free to use and download for both uses either commercial or non-commercial without any need of licensing. As it can be easily extended and modified according to the needs of users, it is very cost-effective to use for institutes and trainers.

3. Reliability

This tool is been used by millions of users in the world and have its importance from over a decade and meanwhile, it has gone through by many changes to make it advanced, proven and the most reliable resource.

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It is not only used in institutions but also used in universities size of the institution doesn’t matter because it is customizable and they used it according to their standards and needs. It shows that it is very reliable to use as the best LMS.

4. Accessibility

When it comes to accessibility then it is true that Moodle is highly accessible and usable for all users.

Teachers or trainers are personally responsible for assuring that their content is accessible or not in different file formats such as Excel, PPT, DOC, PDF or others.

5. Content Repository

Moodle repositories permit its users to easily upload files to a course from a kind of outside file repositories including Google Drive, Flickr, Dropbox, Amazon S3 and conventional computer upload. It is easy to search files from any of their course whatever is listed on the Moodle.

6. Multilingual

It is one of the greatest features of using Moodle. It is available in many languages, so students and teachers from various cultures and parts of the world can adapt it easily.

Language is not the limitation if Moodle is implemented. 120+ languages are available in this system and serving the best to the learners.

7. Security

In every system, one of the major concerns is the security and privacy capabilities. However, by regular checks and updates, Moodle system has proven its usability against data loss, unauthorized access and similar misuses. It is an ideal platform for the learners and trainers who are searching for a safe channel.

8. Mobility

It is highly mobilized because it is a web-based system and allows its users to get access anywhere anytime whenever is needed.

You just need an internet connection to reach its content. It is available in responsive themes and also a cross-browser platform. It is working to provide the better usability and making learning perfect and more engaging.

9. Course management (administrator)

You can coordinate Moodle with your organization’s SIS, however, it does not turn key. Since Moodle has a tremendous measure of customization alternatives, you can decide to self-hate and introduce pre-made customizations and make your own.

If you don’t have interior system support, you can pay a Moodle partner to support and host course management

10. Course management (faculty)

Depending on your site level choices, educators can highly modify their course management and setup. Teachers can utilize Moodle as a basic file store.

11. Tool Variety

You will get the wide range of tools in Moodle that can be turned on or off whenever required by you at the system level, such as publisher integration and gamification.

12. Analytics

It makes tracking of successes and progress report of students. Teachers can easily monitor their reports because it has many logs and reports. Trainers just need the training to use them all in the right manner.

13. A Complete Package

Moodle has experienced long periods of improvement on different fronts to make it an entire device set for a wide range of online courses.

Users can design the plain center of this tool and empower or cripple its different features to make it the bundle they would need to help.

The package ensures asset for the following features

  • Little to no paperwork
  • YouTube video embedding
  • Automated grade-books
  • Save a lot on course materials
  • A wide range of learning activities
  • Details and feedbacks are stored meticulously
  • Interactive homework/assignments
  • Evaluation of skills are fully customizable
  • Best for online learning and training environment.

Moodle FAQs

Moodle is a part of the bigger Linux ecosystem. It is an open source LMS, utilized broadly in organizations. It is exceptionally popular with e-learning educators and developers. With an amazing cluster of features, Moodle is equipped for tending to numerous instructional issues. Let’s check out the FAQs raised by Moodle users:

What is the cost of installing and maintaining Moodle?

There is no cost because it is license free. But, the cost is associated with the training in-house team, maintaining support staff, building customized themes, and allocating server space.

Where to host Moodle?

If you are the large organization with many users, then it is recommended to use the in-house server to host Moodle but if you are a small scale organization then you can use server space provided by Moodle providers (MoodleCloud).

Do we need custom themes?

Moodle facilitates customized themes. All the things depend on your need. You can customize themes according to your needs. To develop the best custom look and feel you either need Moodle development company India or in-house team trained in PHP, CSS and HTML coding.

Is it required to build custom modules?

Many organizations tend to develop custom Moodle modules. This helps to provide the best e-learning experience to its users.

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Also, a customized system provides the flexibility to record data, track courses from students and handle education/training as per your need.

How to migrate from the existing system to Moodle?

You can hire experts to make this migration process effective and quick and on budget.

Is Moodle training required?

Yes, it is required to have the proper training to use its functionalities. It is recommended for trainers and end-users to get the proper training for better utilization of an LMS.

Have you done conversation to Hire Moodle Developer?

It is good if you are aware of the capabilities of Moodle LMS, but it is always beneficial to talk with an expert on below issues:

1. Budget: Cost required to implement Moodle

2. Implementation time: Estimated time to install and implement the process

3. Support services: Infrastructure support, training time, cost and staff.

If you have queries in your mind regarding Hire Moodle Developer then please connect with Ezeelive Technologies for expert consultation.

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