Best Open Source Learning Management System

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Best Open Source Learning Management System

eLearning application development services are comprised of instructional designer (of diverse flavors), creative multimedia developer, project and program manager, solution architects, as well as engineers. though, beyond the similarity, they like to promote that they are different, as they say, in a good way.

They have an exclusive culture that is validated by near-zero turnover. Their institutionalized culture is base on the concept of caring: care about each other, their clients, as well as the planet.

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Keeping the similar crew means that each of their divisions is headed up as well as populated by talented and synchronized veterans – dedicated, talented, as well as team-oriented people.

They have excellent sustained working relations with a very important roster of Fortune 500 customers. They excel at inventive blended solutions, handle multi-million dollar project from analysis to delivery, as well as our leaders in leveraging technology, for example, mobile and gamification.

They have committed to custom technology growth from inception and have a chiefly strong engineering team. Their creative team is simply the most excellent, and they win many projects based on their focus on project management. Their IDs are obsessively learner-centric as well as focused on analysis and the clients’ business drivers.

When eLearning Development Services compete in RFP competition, up against the main branded players in the business, when clients meet them and see their work, feel their attitude and see their solutions to their challenges, they generally win, since we are… “different, in a superior way.”

They are specialists in project management, multimedia, plus technology design and development. Their award-winning learning solution has helped corporate, non-profit, as well as government clients improve sale, reduce costs, decrease turnover, and retain clientele.

They are most excellent known for excellence in blended learning design, curriculum design as well as development, game-based learning, plus eLearning development.

They work as the clients extended arm/thought-partner with a focus on maximizing results and return on investment.

Whether it choose the best mode of learning techniques modified to organizational objectives, or else designing interactive module with the aid of games or else simulations, they have implemented innumerable programs to the satisfaction of a universal clientele.

These have been deployed on a diversity of contexts and devices, counting mobile phones, tablets, and interactive whiteboards. They have also crafted several just-in-time, micro-learning module and performance-support solutions for their clients.

They create learning solutions that focus on maximizing business value. They achieve this by building a long-term association built on mutual trust as well as a deep understanding of your industry.

For one project, an aggressive timeline might be the most serious measure of success; for another, it might be pricing or the award-winning ingenuity and innovation.

Their Clients and Partners tell them that their global reach, and their understanding of key challenge in the different market, is an exclusive differentiator of marvelous value.

Known for their creative spirit and inventive product design, eLearning Services focus on designing customized learning solution for their Clients that make quantifiable, positive business impact.

Best Open Source Learning Management System :

Moodle :
Moodle customization mumbai - ezeelive technologies

Moodle is an abbreviation for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is a free open source content managing system that is fundamentally used for constructing educational sites.

You do not want to spend any additional penny to use Moodle. Entire you want is a computer and internet connectivity to download it.

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Building an educational site is not at entire a cake walk. It is a highly difficult and tedious work. But with Moodle, the best educational website can be industrialized within the smallest possible timescale.

Moodle is a CMS, which can aid you to build a learning as such as education website that will foster learning for persons whereas on the go. Due to its unrivaled flexibility, it is well appreciated by organizations for forming and conducting online learning seminars, classes and such.

Moodle is very famous and is used by a huge number of businesses as such as educational institutes to deliver superior learning atmosphere both for employees as same as learners.

Moodle development boasts an array of function that helps strengthen the bond among the specialists and the students. The specialists or teachers can make use of audio & video files to share information, as it is recognized that graphical representations are simple to recall compared to the basic text.

Moodle has become a significant tool for remote learning. Moodle also has several plugins that can be used to keep track, of course, lessons, schemes, and plans. There are dissimilar tracking tools which aid the teacher to define the whole performance of every learner or worker.

Employ a Moodle developer who can make especially Moodle to appropriate the requirements of both the specialists and the learners. They can even develop games and puzzle, creating the learning experience more cooperative and fun-completed.

Now the query is why should one choose for this integrated platform? Once, unfolded you will be surprised to know the multitude of advantages that it has to offer.

This is one such a platform that is not solitary cost operative but carries you the maximum levels of security. In adding to that, it also confirms peer review along with the capability to modify codes.

Moodle is a supple platform that comes with several tools and well tested up to date and plug-ins. By resorting to this integrated platform, you can join the students across the world since it is accessible in several languages.

Interested students can easily choose a language by choosing the drop-down list on the upper right side corner of the screen. You can, therefore, improve learning based on local preferences.

If you desire to explore the supremacy of Moodle, it is extremely suggested that you hire Moodle developer who can acquire the job completed for you and provide you a Moodle development solution that best appropriates your needs.

Moodle can be utilized as the front end itself in the circumstance of widely open e-learning portal or can be combined with intranet apps as inner learning managing system.

E-learning businesses, colleges, institutions, industrial training hubs, private coaching classes and even corporates are using Moodle as their favored e-learning platform or LMS.


lrn learning record management system india - ezeelive technologies

LRN (known as “dot learn”) is well mature web based learning management system hosted by LRN, provides features like Site Builder, Module Manager, Campaign Manager, Role-Based Admin Access, Course Customizer, Certifications to gain share valuable knowledge and courses. It can be easily integrated with other third-party application Salesforce’s Chatter, Microsoft’s Yammer etc.

aTutor :

atutor elearning development company india - ezeelive technologies

ATutor is an Open Source Learning Content Management System (LCMS) designed with accessibility and adaptability. ATutor first released in 2002.

It used in various contexts like career development, improvement professional development for teachers, online course management, and academic research.

Canvas :

canvas theme customization india - ezeelive technologies

Canvas LMS is open source as well as the paid learning management system, Provides easy to customization, User-Friendly, Mobile Responsive, Notification Preferences, Automated Tasks, Integrated Media Recorder, Graphic Analytics Reporting Engine etc. which make it teaching and learning easy.

Chamilo :

chamino course management system india - ezeelive technologies

Chamilo is PHP based open source learning management system, which provides key features like User Progress Tracking, Time-bounded exam, Multi-institutions Mode (with central management portal), Support International Characters and automated generation of certificates etc. It’s latest Chamilo LMS released on January 25, 2015.

Claroline (@LMSClaroline):

claroline learning management services mumbai india - ezeelive technologies

Claroline is PHP based open source learning management system, Claroline is presently translated into more than 35 languages and in over more than 100 countries.

Claroline provides the feature like Propose homework to make online, agenda with tasks and deadlines, Compose exercises, Publish document in text, PDF, HTML, video, etc.

eFront :

efront lms development company mumbai india - ezeelive technologies

eFront is best to open source learning management system launched in 2001 as research prototype funded by Greek Government.

In 2005 Greek Government and SCORM development team launched eFront stable 2.5.
eFront won Best Open Source Solution award from Elearning! Magazine.

eFront provides great learning management features listed below:

1. Lessons, courses, curriculum and categories management
2. Progress tracking for User profile, Course, Lesson
3. Online Certifications
4. Report Generation
5. Support Major Payment Gateways
6. Custom modules institutions for extending functionalities
7. Customizable notification system through email
8. Social tools (lesson & system history, user wall, user status, Facebook interconnection)
9. Assignments and exam builders
10. Files management
11. LDAP, TinCan, Scrom support


ilias e-learning application development India - ezeelive technologies

ILIAS (Integriertes Learn-, Informations- und Arbeitskooperations-System [German for “Integrated Learning, Information and Work Cooperation System”]) is PHP based open source eLearning Management System provides great features like Internal Mail, Personal Learning Progress, eCalendar, e-Portfolio, Personal Notes and Workspace, Blogs etc.


lams course management services india - ezeelive technologies

LAMS (Learning Activity Management System) is Java-based open source learning management system available in 32 languages. LAMS stable version 2.4 launched in 2012 and won Best Learning System at the IMS Global Learning Consortium’s Learning Impact Awards (LIAs) in May 2009.


olat learning management services india - ezeelive technologies

OLAT (Online Learning And Training) is the Java-based open source learning management system developed by University of Zurich in 1999.

OLAT stable release 7.6 launches on September 17, 2012. OLAT provides unique learning feature like Podcast, Time marker for video data, Run as Cluster, UTF-8 Support, Chat, Survey, Quizzes with different kinds of questions, Forum and Content Management System etc.

Sakai :

sakai development company india - ezeelive technologies

Sakai is the Java-based open source learning management system developed by Mellon Foundation as the Sakai Project. Sakai available in 19 languages with features like document distribution, online testing, assignment uploads, course management etc.

Totara LMS (@totaralms) :

totara elearning development company india - ezeelive technologies

Totara is PHP based open source learning management system available in 19 languages with over 5 million subscribers.

Latest Totara LMS stable version 2.7.3 release on May 19, 2015, based on Moodle 2.7 and provides major learning management features like Certifications, Performance Management, Sophisticated reporting, Open Badges, Competency management, Team and Classroom management, Cloud Technology and Mobile features, Supports SCORM 1.2, AICC, OLSA etc.

Other Famous Self and Cloud-based hosted Learning Management System :

1. Adrenna
2. LoudCloud
3. DoceboLMS
4. EduWave
5. Expertus
6. Intuo
7. Latitude Learning
8. Litmos
9. TalentLMS
11. WizIQ
12. MatrixLMS

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