Ansible - Automate Application Deployment

Ansible – Automate Application Deployment

What is Ansible – Automate Application Deployment? Basically, Ansible is an automated system which made for you it needs it is a system that has all capability to handle IT functions it is all in one. Basically, ansible Designed for multi-tier deployments since starting, Ansible Handel your IT infrastructure by describing how all of your systems interrelate, rather than just managing one system at a time. It uses no agents and no additional custom security infrastructure, so it’s easy to deploy – [...]

Docker Production Server Deployment Services India

Deploy applications with Docker

Docker is one the biggest hypes in the world of cloud computing and virtualization today. The Docker project today has more than 500 contributors in a limited time. There is also an impressive number of downloads of it and a lot of events (like DockerCon) that promote and discuss the ways to use Docker. What is Docker Docker is a container software. As with many other things with software, container here means something entirely different than in say, a more programming context. Container [...]

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Puppet: its pros and cons

What is Puppet? Puppet is a software configuration management tool that is used mainly by system administrators and cloud administrators today. It helps an administrator declare the system configuration and apply it across one or many systems. It is useful in growing complexity of IT infrastructure management and the increasing number of mundane, routine tasks that are involved in almost any setup. Puppet is an open source tool under the Apache License 2.0 license. Why puppet? Traditionally, system administrators configured computers in a [...]

Jenkins - Pros and cons

Jenkins : Pros and Cons

What is Jenkins? Jenkins is an automation server software that is used frequently to achieve continuous integration and delivery in software projects. It is one of the most popular continuous integration tools available in the market today. Jenkins is open source and is available free of cost. Traditionally, developers used to push their code (the process of code commit) to a version control server. Once there was enough code to build into a release, someone would invoke a build tool that took [...]