Yii Framework Development Services

Yii Framework Development Services

Yii is one of the best and the highest rated performance PHP frameworks. Yii is fast, secure and with it, is extremely professional for developing Web 2.0 applications and much more.
Yii Framework Development Company India
It is also equipped with multiple rich features including the MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord etc. Some of its other best features include the I18N/L10N, testing, scaffolding, along with it the authentication and the role-based access control too.

It can also shorten development time quite significantly for all software or application development thus making the work so much easier and faster.

SSL support out of the box, and some additional features that come with it actually make this application a highly trusted and depended upon framework.

The Ezeelive Technologies is also one of the fastest and leading IT and ITES solution companies too. We have some really outstanding, talented programmers, designers, content developers, writers and internet marketing experts too all in a team, who are very much capable of handling every aspect of the IT and ITES like no other.

Our programmers also can use some software for CRM and Content management, thus resorting to some different languages and the processes after understanding the requirement and the need of the client in detail. This has been actually one of the driving forces behind our continuously growing list of the satisfied customers.

At Ezeelive Technologies, we now also have talented and many brilliant teams of professionals, taking care of designing and development needs for applications and software too.

We also now can provide some of the most cost-effective web solutions, and along with it, many testing services. Our programmers and software developers also now use a layered caching scheme that can also support data caching, dynamic content, fragment caching and page caching, unit and functionality testing, security measures etc. We also design the applications that work well with third-party codes too.

Our Achievements with YII Framework Development

We have got some great numbers that we have under our umbrella. We have got the 4.7-star rating for our work from around 50+ of our clients.

Also, we have our projects laying around in around 80 countries all across the globe. 70 experts have joined us in our framework development programme.

Currently, around 1800 Projects are up given to us by our clients. YII Framework an open source, high-performance & feature-rich PHP 5 and 7 Framework that offers a great development platform for developing web 2.0 apps!

And so having a complete proficiency in the YII Framework development services & other technologies. PHP Development Services also now have attained the success in thousands of projects and have fulfilled complex requirements of all different types of business stuff.

Hire Yii Framework Developers

Our developers are also available for hire on a monthly, weekly or even the hourly basis. You have plenty of doing different options to choose from when you decide to hire the YII Developer on a dedicated or part-time basis.

Our developers can also do a lot more than just using the features of the framework to deliver clients as what they need the most. The transcendent knowledge of PHP coding and frameworks empowers the Yii developers to create a customized eCommerce Applications and also an elite business forum as per requested by our clients.

Benefits of YII Framework Development

The features that we add in the Yii Development are one of the best and highly rated performance open source web application development frameworks that are used for developing web 2.0 applications even.

We also have major expertise in developing multiple apps with the Yii using its developer-friendly features that shall help you to manage the complex functionality with ease.

At Perception System, we are also ensuring that we soon add some other essential Yii features so as to give a complete solution to our clients and thus get them satisfied.

Why choose Yii Framework

There are always continuous efforts to streamline your application development always in order to ensure that it is extensible, efficient and also a maintainable end product.

Our programmers are always enthusiastically committed to keeping offering the most excellent solutions according to the clients’ needs.

It is also the result of their consistent hardworking efforts that now have made us the best YII Framework Development Company, that has also gained NASSCOM certification.

The services that are provided include:

  • Less Time for Development using Gii Extension
  • Fastest framework for PHP development
  • Light weight framework, but yet meets many needs to build large applications.
  • Well documented
  • Easy Installation
  • ActiveRecord (ORM) and Query Builder
  • Nice and clean syntax
  • Fast performance
  • Separate of concerns
  • Flexible and simple
  • Layered Caching System
  • Skinning and Theming

We always try to bring the best results with this framework as it is very highly user-friendly and also easy to use as it follows the MVC pattern. This provides the clear distinction between the presentation, rules and the logic too as a web application, thus making it so easy to use.

It is also very very quick & Fast as compared to the other PHP web applications too. The YII is rated as a faster web application. Our web developers also use this attribute to build the websites very quickly.

As well, we also can completely use this much faster loading system whose performance is so optimized. And no matter what is the size of your project, we can handle it very easily.

Other reasons:

  • Professional developers with 5+ years of experience
  • Services at the most affordable development cost
  • On-time deployment of projects without any hidden cost
  • Assurance of code reusability

Not just that, the envision of the customer is also very remarkably & dedicatedly followed by our PHP Development Services so as to meet the specific demand of our clients.

Our round-the-clock innovation which is in creation is also very clearly reflected in our reliable & much flexible services that are precise to promote your business. And for that, we do full unit testing along with the authentication and authorization.

Ezeelive Technologies has started using Yii 1 in 2011, We have development project such as hawkcareers.com, falconjobs.net, uberdreams.com and bizboon.com. Later we have also upgraded these projects into Yii 2 in 2014.

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