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PHP Language Future - Is PHP Dying in 2018

PHP Future – Is PHP Scripting Language dying in 2018?

In 1995 PHP came into existence as one of the most renowned server-side scripting languages that were designed and developed for website development. Today, we can say that a big part of server-wide web development is dominated by PHP. Besides, different websites like Facebook and Wikipedia as well as like Joomla, Drupal, Magento and WordPress are built on PHP. What is PHP? The expansion of the term PHP is Hypertext Pre-processor is a widely used server-side scripting language for web development and [...]

why developer love php in web development

Why developer love PHP in Web Development

We are back again with most famous technologies which I think all know in this software development technological world called as “PHP” (Hypertext Pre-processor), which was invented by the Rasmus Lerdorf in mid of 1995. At the start, it was only a simple scripting language with no framework just a simple script but as time goes on our developers added great and mind-blowing features in that and developed many Frameworks with the help of that any type of website you [...]

PHP vs NodeJS in Web Development

Why choose Node.JS over PHP in Web Development

Nowadays so many technologies coming on the market but in that some are very popular and some not got their life so from those some popular technologies two are Node.js and PHP. PHP is already getting very popular but Node.js is its competitor So, now we will see in which way Node.js we can use for the web development over the PHP. Some major and minor features of Node.js we will see below: Node.js installation: Following example installation of node.js in Mac, [...]

Hire Dedicated PHP Developer India

PHP Development India

 PHP website development has become a service that every company seeks today. Reliable and experienced PHP application development platform is a must for every company that wishes to create an online presence. Thus at ezeelive.com, we provide PHP Development Services and PHP web application development services to the best of our potential at the best of prices. Why PHP Website Development? With the advent of the Internet, all companies and businesses are striving to create a viral online presence among their consumers [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - Hire PHP Developer in India

Hire PHP Developer in India

 Each and every day in India, there is thousands of website getting registered with the domain service clearly aiming that internet is becoming the new marketplace. With time, more and more companies are adapting to online sales model. Not in much time, the presence of the business would demand its online presence for existence. #10+ tips to hire dedicated professional #PHP Developer in India Click To Tweet This gives us a clear picture of the demand for websites and obviously website developers. PHP [...]

php development company mumbai india

PHP Development Company India

 Quick Highlights: The popularity of PHP than other languages in the web development industry PHP7 Features PHP 7.1 Features PHP 7.2 Features Where is PHP6 Why is Ezeelive Technologies No. 1 PHP Development Company Is PHP still relevant for application development in 2018 PHP Release RoadMap PHP Version Release Log Google Trends Report Top 10 key points for PHP Development Companies in 2018 Ezeelive Technologies is Well Known Professional PHP Development Company in India. We use PHP Language in all the web development because PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language [...]

varnish cache integration india - ezeelive

Varnish Caching System with Php

Varnish is an open source HTTP accelerator designed for content-heavy dynamic websites. Varnish Cache is really, really fast. It typically speeds up delivery with a factor of 300 – 1000x, depending on your architecture. A high-level overview of what Varnish does can be seen in the video attached to this web page. Varnish stores data in virtual memory and leaves the task of deciding what is stored in memory and what gets paged out to disk to the operating system. [...]

sphinx php developer mumbai - ezeelive

Full text Search with Sphinx and PHP

Sphinx is an open source search server which combines very fast full-text search with a great scalability. It’s growing up fast and we not only inventing new features for the full-text search itself but also creating new ways to integrate Sphinx into PHP based applications.If you are not yet using Sphinx, we’ll be highlighting some key steps on how to serve Full-Text queries to your PHP based applications from start to finish. If you are an advanced Sphinx Search user, this talk will describe [...]

why developer love php in web development

Advantages of PHP Web Development

Now a day PHP has to turn out to be the most demanding web programming language for web development. There are several reasons why PHP Development is in great demand these days especially in new business or startups. If you would like to hire PHP developers to develop your business or not, it’s a fine thought to be aware of these advantages associated with the development of PHP to understand your best options. Almost 70%+ web development is associated with PHP, [...]

Hire PHP Application Professional Developer India

Advantages of PHP Scripting Language in 2018

PHP is a server-side scripting language used to develop web applications and websites. PHP is world’s most popular programming language, which allows you to go with so many features. The most remarkable thing about PHP is it’s free and an open source platform. So, technically, PHP is the cheap, fast and reliable platform to go with. Php developers Mumbai (Ezeelive Technologies) provides best Online Php application, Web portal, Dynamic website etc. Php has many advantages over .net, Java, Coldfusion and other. What [...]