Real time application (RTA) – It is not just a trend it’s a necessity

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Real Time Application (RTA)

Real time application (RTA) – It is not just a trend it’s a necessity

Real-time technology or real-time! Listen and used a lot but don’t have the clear idea about the concept?

Well… Go with us and know in this way!

A fairytale story clarification of ‘Real-time’

On a radiant evening, you go out to meet a companion and have a dessert with her. Well, you have thought of decided to give her surprise, and when you reach her home and knock the door.

Story of Real-time ResponseShe opens it and you both share welcome, after which you approach her out for a dessert.

Without any delay, she says “yes” and takes some cash, ready to leave.

After reaching the dessert place, both of you order your share of dessert and in a minute got it.

From that point forward, you pay the money required and leave to live cheerful ever after.

There are few incidents in this story describes real time itself. For example, when you approached her to for dessert and she said: “yes without any delay”.

So, we can assume that she didn’t take a few minutes to the response it means zero delays in processing the data given by you.

On the other hand, at the dessert place, the vendor responded promptly to your interest for dessert, ensuring sure services have kicked in when the demand has come in.

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Also, one more real-time incident happened when both of you got your desserts and both of your decision to pay for it instantly.

Among all these three incidents shows the immediate reactions against an action without a minute delay. This momentary reaction is done in real time.

Similarly, if an activity produces a response, by using an application, without the passing of a minute, it is known to be done in real-time application development.

What is the need for real-time apps?

The term “real-time” is fundamentally a catchphrase that tends to the ability to set jobs randomly or at the right moment they need to be accomplished.

Also, Web 2.0 made it possible and easy for businesses of individuals to broadcast or gather news, conversation or information instantly.

Developments of real-time applications that can react to the client’s request immediately, are the trends of the present era and is all the more captivating.

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The time of static apps has gone. Real-time applications bring altogether the way we communicate, travel, shop, work, and educate and a new experience.

Have you ever realized that the apps you use say Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Twitter, FB Messenger, Facebook, Whatsapp and many more, all are based on the real-time data concept? In short, we can say that real-time apps are the exact image of real-life experience of actions and reactions or effect and cause, on the random basis.

Comparison between online and real-time

The meaning of “Online” in terms of a business is that a user of a website can use the functions that are provided by that website.¬†Examples are:

  1. The Subscription or a contact form to an e-mail newsletter. A visitor decides and enters the required input and then the system will send these inputs to a back-office. Generally, this is the complete process of an online interaction. A real-time web application is said to be input-based. Each action through the site is handled as a transaction always having two sides, the visitor or user inputs and the system reacts with prompt feedback.
  2. Online money trading systems are generally real-time but not totally. A user chooses order data in the order screen and the order is directed to the trade. The system working behind the order-entry will randomly confirm the financial implies that justify the order or request and after these checks, the order will be processed and forwarded to the exchange.
  3. The primary difference between a real-time and online system is the interaction and interference of an individual behind the web application to check for a specific circumstance. There is no human interference in the case of a real-time environment.
  4. One of the differences it the cost of development in a simple online application and a real-time application. Real-time apps are more costly but at the same time also allow a website to attract more customers towards it.
  5. Take one more example the functionality behind comments. In case of an online environment, to validate the misuses of the function or there is no spam a human interaction is a must. But in case of a real-time environment you all these issues can be easily checked by software. It needs an investment, however, in the meantime will make your web place more adaptable for a lot of visitors who leave comments.
  6. There is a condition where there is nearly or no difference between online and real-time environment. This is with talk or we can say that chat functionality when you are to indicate your query about a service or product to a service provider who is using the web or sitting online. Almost, because it may take some moments before the service agent will reply to your query. Again, relying on the capacity of the agents and the amount of traffic.

Check out the challenges occurred and faced while developing a real-time web application developers and how developers overcome it?

Real-time Mobile Application Development Agency in IndiaPresent 21st century is technology era, and affecting communication, shares buys connects, lives and more. And because of this, even a second’s delay can damage a whole system.

It is because of this, that the real power of real-time web applications are worshipped in the whole world and many efforts have been done to make sure the as many as applications possible, getting connected with the real-time system.

However, developing a real-time application is not an easy task or a cheesecake. It needs perfection and precision from the end of the developer to it done in a successful manner.

Here are some challenges described below that can be faced by a developer while making such types of apps and the solutions to be applied are also described here:

  1. As real-time applications are dynamic in nature and functionality so the wireframe it needs is a big challenge in itself.
  2. The key challenges that are also faced by developers while making real-time web applications are its reliability, efficiency and performance.
  3. One of the biggest challenges the developers face while making such types of apps is load handling. Because the application needs to be developed for thousands or more than of people using the app at the same moment. So, the app needs to be designed and developed in a way in order to remove any type of component crashes or failures.
  4. Developers also need to maintain the response time of the application. The main motive of these apps is to give the immediate response to any query or transaction occurred. It means that even if thousands of visitors are using the application there should be no time delay in response.
  5. It is not possible to count how many people will be online at the same time so it makes difficult for developers to sustain the system in the manner of response time and also make it sure that the system will be active without any issue or crash.

Real-time apps and their computing infrastructure need to be efficient and robust as more of the web applications are shifting on it.

Many open source communities who are involved in basic advances in technology are making it possible for current mobile app developers to stay a step ahead of the scalable real-time computing requirements of the consumers.

Examples of some Real-time web tools to randomly connect and communicate with the world!

1. Worldmeters:

It has only specific and reliable sources from world level trusted institutions such as UN, WHO, WTO and more.

2. AllVoices:

Real-time Web Application Development Agency
Real-time Web Application Development Agency in India

This platform help contributors to share exchange ideas and global news to the people. With the help of RSS feeds the reports get posted automatically. It allows people to share news on all voices via the website or using SMS.

3. Google News:

We know that Google is the number one search engine tool. It provides people to get all types of information anytime from anywhere in the world. People can easily get real-time news and events reports on this.

4. Twitter:

It is one of the biggest examples of real-time web tools in the present era. It allows users with unlimited real-time content. by using different platforms you can make the best out of this. These platforms are Trendsmap, Twitscoop, Tinker, Share2Me, FriendFeed.

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In Last Words:

People are moving towards using only real-time web applications and tools either they prefer to use these web apps on mobile devices or on their PCs.

Real time Application Development Company IndiaWe can say that real-time applications are a must need of today.

These applications are the future of web era and more importantly the base to get the solution to a lot of problems and questions.

Some part of real-time web applications is in use and rest is yet to be explored.

So, keep in mind if you are searching for any real-time web application development, then you should always consider the best in class and the most reliable web developers.

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