How to Prevent Web Designing Fraud and save yourself from Fake Companies?

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Top tips to prevent Web Designing Fraud in 2018

How to Prevent Web Designing Fraud and save yourself from Fake Companies?

Tips to Prevent Website Design Fraud

Website a place that provides any company or individual with a web presence that is necessary to provide details to the clients about your products and services.

There are many companies working in the market providing various types of web development services to the customers.

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A web design company is one who makes the exact replica of your business to represent your services on the internet.

A seasoned organization would assist you in making a remarkable website which would assist you in making an outstanding identity for your business.

Due to this, you have to guarantee that you employ an expert web development organization which will be in a situation to build you a fantastic webpage that takes care of the demands of your business.

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Therefore, before you look for the services of a web development company, you should ensure that they may be in a condition to offer you with trustworthy and quick web maintenance and customer care solutions, which will ensure that your webpage is constantly online.

An ordinary organization should give additional solutions, online marketing related services, redesigning services and other services together with the most advanced and adaptable solution for your organization. Any website development company will supply you input all through your organization relationship.

An organization should have no issue walking you through examples of websites they’ve worked previously. In this case, you should choose the designs and development technologies which is the best suit for your organization.

Only the best match of a website can help you to get the desired results in the future. It is quite often better to pick the absolute best web development company for effectively executing a development instead of going into a number of alternate sites in the different area of expertise.

As we have already stated that there are lots of companies providing web development and designing services to the customers who are looking for such types of services but it is also true that it is very difficult to check which is the best company to hire in order to complete the requirements in the desired time and cost.

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If you are unaware of who is the best even not able to find out who is a reliable service provider then there is a big number of chances that you will get cheated.

So, we help in website design fraud prevent we are describing some of the points below to tell you that how can you save yourself from web design frauds:

1. Check their online presence or website:

It is the first tip you have to use before going for a web design service provider because there are many web designing companies who are serving in the market on different niche.

Nowadays if your selected company doesn’t have any online presence then you should not go to that service provider.

If they have their own web presence then it becomes easy to check out about the company details and make it easy to understand their design capability which will help in prevent on website design fraud.

2. Check portfolio of your web design company:

What is a portfolio? Are you aware of this? If not then it is the right time to know what does a portfolio matters for a company.

A portfolio is the best factor that is a collection of any company’s word product that describes their accomplishments and expertise in a specific area.

IT can include written essays, projects, designs, visual art projects that are made electronically. Some of the portfolios also include awards for various references, projects, self-assessment and certifications that demonstrate the quality and domain expertise of a service provider.

3. Check reviews and testimonials given by previously served clients:

One of the most important factors to consider removing web design problems is to check out the testimonials and reviews given by their previously served customers.

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Don’t judge from one or two reviews or testimonials check out as much as you can check. If possible then utilize Google to check out the real-time reviews instead of reviews or testimonials available on a service provider website.

We are saying this because testimonials and reviews can be done by premium services so it may be possible that these are not genuine.

4. Check out experience and expertise in web design company:

As we know that no one will say that they are not the best at their services and it creates confusions and issues that may occur in near future with a service provider.

But what to do to get the best services and designs? One of the possible factors you have to consider while hiring any website designing company in order to prevent and save yourself from frauds is that you can check the experience and area of expertise they have.

tips for hiring a web designerYou have to ask this query directly from them and if they are unable to tell you about this then you have to go for another service provider company.

In the present era, people with single domain expertise are not in demand because of changing demand of the market and trends so you need to choose a multi-domain expert who should also be able to do changes whenever required according to the time.

While choosing a web design company check out their expertise and technologies they are using while doing development process. In multi-domain expertise, they must provide SEO Services, Content Writing Services, website redesigning services, Mobile Website Design Services, eCommerce Web Development, Web Application, and Optimization Services etc.

5. Check their server details and company details on govt websites:

You should also consider the server details and company authentication on government websites like MCA21. One of the other online tools you can use to check the domain age and registration date of a company is

At this place, you can easily get details about the registrant, registrant country, dates, owner contact address, IP address, domain status, and other details.

6. Check complaint board:

Not only web design complaints but also others are available on different complaint boards. When planning to hire a web design firm you should check out the complaint boards.

It is really helpful in order the real status and service quality of any service provider company. On these boards you will the real scenario and how the company is serving to its customers.

7. Ask for their previous work:

One of most important to prevent the website design fraud. When you are looking a design firm don’t hesitate to ask them about their previous work in order to get a better idea of how many domains they have served in different technologies.

It is always beneficial to ask this question for your selected web design firm. This will also demonstrate to you about their area of expertise and skills to develop your applications. If one denies it to provide their previous work details then don’t go ahead with them.

8. Hire a well-established firm:

Cost is one of the biggest factors people consider while hiring any type of service and product. And it should on top priority.

Sometimes people hire freelancers in order to complete their web design projects but it may be risky if the hired person or a team is not reliable.

So what is the option? Where we have to go? A well-established firm is the better option because you can get them at their place. If any issue occurred then you can easily complain to them about it any time.

9. Ask them for support and maintenance:

This is one of the biggest challenges facing web development. What to do if you are not getting required support and maintenance after your project is been delivered to you.

You need to ask them support and maintenance services. A reliable and authentic service provider always provides afterward support and maintenance service to their clients without any extra cost.

10. Satisfaction guarantees:

Ensure that you contract the services of an organization that offers a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. When you pay for your website design, would prefer you not to feel happy with the final product? Obviously, you do and this guarantee will ensure that you get the best quality plan for your site.

Their designers will chip away at the plan until the point when you say ‘idealize’. If you get the services of an organization that doesn’t offer this guarantee, at that point the odds are that you won’t be content with the final design. So, this is the main thing you should search for as you look for a reputable organization.

11. Check the way of communication:

To check out the credibility of a web design company you need to check out their way of communication. Presently, there are many ways you can speak with a website design organization.

A few organizations get a kick out of the chance to offer client support by using phone calls, though some offer live chat and email support.

Tips to prevent fake companiesSo, if you run a website design firm that offers help through phone, at that point you should ring them.

Check out the behavior of the representative to judge their quality of services and way of communication with you.

If the representative is not responding well or yelling your queries then it is the best to get away from that company.

Email is another method for judging their validity. Check out their response time over email it should not be more than 24 hours.

After you email them they must give you a few words in their response. And if they don’t reply in a timely manner then avoid them to design your web application.

If you go over a web design company whose client support representatives chat with you in an informal way and treat you just like their friends, at that point you must avoid them.

Consider all these points to save yourself from fake companies and prevent website design fraud.

It highly suggested to reach out Cyber Crime Portal in India for file the complain for such companies.

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