Top 8 Magento Tips – how hire best magento expert for ecommerce website?

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Top 8 Magento Tips – how hire best magento expert for ecommerce website?

Today we are discussing the new concept How to hire best Magento expert. Here we will discuss some major points on Magento expert hiring but first, we will illustrate why the only Magento for making the e-commerce website.

The first thing is Magento is open source, It has the feature of handling the multiple stores for the same merchant, you can make the small business store or big business store with Magento system.

When you use Magento you can display your products more easily than any other eCommerce platform. Search Engine Optimization is the main role played to increase the traffic on the website also that increases the good return and business growth. It searches friendly URL, meta tags and page structure that help to make store Google SEO Friendly.

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Security, Third Party API or Module, Integrate with ERP, SAP, CRM, Help Desk, Email Integration, Shopping and Fulfillment, Other Shopping Site Integration, Social Media and Marketing Integration and Payment Gateways etc. are the best use by the Magento. It has large benefits to make the E-commerce Store in Magento eCommerce System.

Now we will discuss the tips that should be taken care of hire best Magento expert:

1. Experience in making the E-commerce Website:

If you planning on making your own E-commerce website or any of your client’s website then you require the Mage Expert who can make it in less time with full security and full features.

For that, you require the expert people who know all the things about the E-commerce from the basic design to payment integration and Cart.

So during the interview or analysis of his previous design and developed E-commerce websites and features of that website can help your website.

2. Fixing Bugs:

Making E-commerce website includes lots of effort and time so the software development life cycle should be kept in mind and see the Mage expert who can solve the bugs in the initial phase of the software not after making the product. The expert should test the software completely.

3. Database Designing Skill:

The database of E-commerce websites is so vast that they are normally not understandable by the general developers so when hiring the Mage expert analyze their database designing, optimization and migration skill. He/She should better understand on database structure specially Entity-Attribute-Value (EAV) data model.

4. Mobile Friendly E-commerce Website:

It gives the feature of the mobile-friendly website (m-commerce) so ask the expert whether the website will be the mobile-friendly responsive website or not? Because nowadays mobile shopping increases the business by almost 20-30% so your website also should be mobile friendly that user can use easily on mobile also.

5. Special Feature:

Today in market E-commerce websites come with their own new feature that attracts the anyone’s eyes so you must ask your expert during hiring that what the special feature they can give to your E-commerce platform and how it will beneficiary to the business.

6. Using of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The best way to increase the business via E-commerce platform is by increasing the traffic on the website and that you can achieve by increasing your page ranking on the search engine or by giving as much as tags possible to your products. Your developer should implement the SEO best practices and make it easy for you also to update the website.

7. Integration of Third party API:

Today the third party API integration is like the must think that your website should have because third-party websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter etc play the main role as part when comes to the promotion and sharing with other people which also increase the popularity of your website and also productivity.

8. Latest Magento Version:

This is one of the important parts of hiring Magento Expert. Ask He/She that is which version they will use to create your eCommerce Store and what the new features in latest version compare the previous version.

The expert has to well PHP Sound especially Zend Framework (Magento core functionality developed in Zend Framework) and prefers that He/She has worked on Core Zend Framework application or website previous.

In the Last Word:

So from this article, we got some idea about that we should take care when hiring best Magento expert for the e-commerce website. These are some major points we discussed, that are very useful while hiring the Magento programmer and also while making the website.

Top 8 Magento Tips - Hire Best Magento Expert in India
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Top 8 Magento Tips - Hire Best Magento Expert in India
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  • Magento Developer India Reply

    Useful points to be kept in mind while Hiring Magento Developer.

    August 10, 2015 at 4:38 am
  • Mark Reply

    I can clearly say you do lots of work to create this link, as we all know Magento Development is covering IT industry and every company want to win this race. Magento is great technology especially for big e-commerce website but most of the company in market charges very high.

    May 10, 2018 at 8:12 pm

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