MCommerce : the future of eCommerce

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MCommerce : the future of eCommerce

The growth of E-commerce market rises by 30-40% annually because of the smartphone mobile app which is available for Android, iPhone operating system and because of this, the web shopping has shifted mostly to the mobile shopping using these E-commerce applications.

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These ways of shopping cannot be ignored because both web and mobile shopping have their own benefits. We will try to illustrate this by giving some examples:

Example:1. Flipkart Big Billion day

The most successful story behind the Flipkart’s big billion days is that more than 23% of shopping was done by the Flipkart app and consequently many users registered and now they use the application anytime on the move.

Example:2. Amazon Festival offer

Amazon is considered as the most popular E-commerce website around the world. After launching their mobile app, the overall performance got improved by 31% and during the festival season, 27% of the total orders got placed via mobile phone. So, you can now imagine, what role E-commerce application plays in growing the market.

How does mobile apps (Android, iPhone) help in eCommerce business growth?:

B2C ecommerce sales growth 2014

The main idea, why nowadays many numbers of users are using the shopping application is that they can take a look of their desired product at any time, even when they are traveling or they have little time to browse the product.

On mobile, they just have to open the application and search for the product which they want. On the other hand, if they have to browse the same thing on the web, then first they’ll have to open the system, that will take around 2-3 minutes, then enter the web address and then search the item of your choice which means that the total time taken via this method is around 10 minutes, which would take 1-2 minutes in the mobile application otherwise.

These days people don’t have that much time to spend 10 minutes on searching their item and that’s the reason that people prefer mobile applications over the web-page.

The noteworthy thing is that user can have the access all time to mobile but may not have complete access to the system for using E-commerce web-page and that’s why more and more products are getting placed via the mobile phone as we speak.

It’s expected that E-commerce business will grow up to 700% in next 5 years due the transactions using the mobile application which in itself speaks the success story of MCommerce.

Business opportunities:

Online mobile ecommerce growth

The business opportunity is spotted by many savvy in E-commerce and they have spotted unique things and innovative approach to beat the competition that they can get only in the mobile applications that features just next to the impossible word to be made in the web-page.

Mobile app development offshore is one such strategic option available to the smart world entrepreneur. Mobile app development at offshore locations brings many benefits to E-commerce companies.

In addition, since people are accessing more and more information through their smartphones, having a mobile website or a mobile application has become almost a necessity for businesses.

Nowadays the world is full of high technology whether you use Magento or Shopify or any another language to make your website, you will get many options to make the websites but to make the mobile-based app you have fewer options.

But once the mobile app has been created, your business will grow automatically because these days people want everything on their smartphone instead of their system.

So if you are planning to make your own E-commerce business then first make the structure for the mobile-based application then think about the webpage of it.

In the Last Word:

After reading this blog I am sure that if you want to make your business in the E-commerce field then you must fit in mind that you have to make a mobile application which can give the users at least same features which your webpage providing, if not more.

The conclusion is that to grow E-commerce business more and more you need to have best website and mobile application to win the race of E-commerce. We are the best web design company in India and well-versed in developing the mobile application and responsive website design.

MCommerce : the future of eCommerce
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MCommerce : the future of eCommerce
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