Shopify eCommerce System – pros and cons

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Shopify eCommerce System

Shopify eCommerce System – pros and cons

Shopify eCommerce System is a complete eCommerce solution that helps you to set up an online store to sell your goods at high sell rate.

It helps you to organize your products, customize your storefront, access to your credit/ debit/ master-card payments track and respond to orders in few clicks of the buttons.

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It helps a lot to small emerging business stores to get off the ground and grow into successful companies. It does this by creating great technology and by making it accessible to the business holder who was till now not able to afford it.

We have many eCommerce systems available on the market then why we should choose this one for that we will understand about its features also to its negative parts if it has any.

Pros of Shopify eCommerce System:

1. Installation:

Shopify is a web-based eCommerce software system that means there is no installation required and the main thing is that it works with all the operating system. It gets hosted on the server so you don’t have to worry about the maintaining any server or web server and upgrading the server.

2. Currency:

It almost runs in all countries so it includes almost all currency. The currency for the payment depends on the payment gateway which you will use.

3. Domain Name:

You can put the domain name whatever you purchase to use your store. Log in to Shopify, go to PREFERENCES ¬> DOMAINS & DNS in your store admin to register a domain.

4. Start Selling:

All you need is just put your products online, and then need the credit card to make the payments.

5. Tons of Themes:

In Shopify lots of themes available that are used to give the great effect for your website, and that also attracts the user’s eyes that can help to increase the sale. So, if you thinking to make the application using Shopify then you don’t have to worry about the design of the website.

6. Adding products:

The simplicity the Shopify give in to its user you will never get with any other framework or tool on the market. You can add your product by using the CSV format or you just put the each and everything by following simple instruction.

7. Easy to make Changes:

If after adding your product you want to make the changes in that then it’s not a big deal with it you just have to click on “Edit” then you can do whatever you want.

8. API Document and Online Support:

As the developer this really impressive part using Shopify eCommerce system, It has really well-written documentation for API section. Even its Online Support replies all the query or question’s answer in very minimum time compare BigCommerce and others.

Cons of Shopify eCommerce System:

1. Transaction charges:

The transaction charges of the Shopify depends on the plan you buy from the Shopify. Suppose if you buy the basic plan of $29 then the transaction charges will be 2% of total transaction and if you buy professional $79 plan then the transaction fee will be 1%.

So these plans are not like buy the merchants that’s the reason that before making the eCommerce store they think to use the Shopify. This is the main disadvantage of it.

2. Blogging System:

As we all know that in the technology market the WordPress is most used to make the blog, so if you are habitual of using the WordPress blogs then you have to spend more time to get habituate to this Shopify blog because it has its own UI and its functionality.

3. Limited Features:

It mainly suffering from its lag of features. BigCommerce frameworks have features like recommended products or tell to friends, contact forms, last viewed the product, upsell, cross-sell, product review etc. but Shopify doesn’t have inbuilt features like this.

4. Costly Apps or Plugins:

This is really disappointing part of Shopify because it has very basis inbuilt features compare other eCommerce System like CS-Cart, Magento, Prestashop etc. Yes, you can get require feature installing apps from Shopify app center but most of the apps are available on monthly basis charges, So you have spent 100 – 1000 USD per month for system and apps.

5. Exporting Problem:

In case you try to move the whole data from the Shopify then you first have to export it in CSV format and then importing in another project but the many developers facing the problem with Shopify while importing on another web address.

6. Limited Customization option:

If you applied any template on the website and if you didn’t like that and you want to change the design in your way when you first keep in mind that you will not gate the design exactly what you want like the other eCommerce frameworks.

Helpful Links:

1. Shopify App Store
2. Shopify Themes
3. Shopify Discussion Forum
4. Shopify Online Chat

Important Helpline No. :

  1. North America: 1-888-746-7439
  2. United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
  3. Australia: 03-8400-4750
  4. New Zealand: 07-788-6026
  5. India: 000-800-100-5786
  6. Malaysia: 1800-80-6678
  7. Singapore: 800-181-1121
  8. Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008

In the Last Word:

By taking so many things in the mind one thing is clear that if you want to make the small business online store then Shopify is the best option for you and if you want to make the big online store then Shopify is not for you.

Shopify does not provide a large number of customization so before making any store you first clear all the things that which design and which product should be placed at which place so you have to keep many things and a lot of understanding is required for that.

Shopify eCommerce System - pros and cons
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Shopify eCommerce System - pros and cons
Shopify ecommerce system is cloud based platform has lots of feature to start and setup online store in min. time without any technical knowledge.
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  • Shopify Developer India Reply

    Shopify is most preferred ecommerce platform as it has wide functionalities

    August 18, 2015 at 7:18 am
  • Jason Steward Reply

    This is a fantastic post….. Really Cool.

    An enterprise can use Shopify to create web stores for selling the wide variety of products. Here variety apps(free and paid) available. Shopify supports more than 70 international payment gateways.

    It’s Really amazing!

    April 13, 2018 at 6:37 pm
  • Shashank Aditya Reply

    Very Nice Information about Shopify eCommerce system and reason to choose the particular platform.

    May 31, 2018 at 1:18 pm

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