Best Open Source eCommerce System in 2024

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Ezeelive Technologies - best open source ecommerce system 2015

Best Open Source eCommerce System in 2024

Current days, creating and manage eCommerce website or portal is not the hard task as we have available free open source and hosted solution in the market which provides rich e-commerce features which require running a great e-commerce website.

Here are some best open source and hosted eCommerce platforms which are very popular in 2024 for small and enterprises business requirement.

Best Open Source eCommerce Platforms

Magento (Community Edition – CE)

Magento is one of the most famous open source system developed by Varien Inc. Nearly by 25% top website developed in Magento System.

Magento is based on Zend Framework (PHP) therefore it has the large number of plugins, extension, modules and online code references/ examples of problem-solving solution communities and forums. Which allows for the addition of new functionalities or features in your eCommerce platform.

Magento(CE) has community forum support.

Magento - top open source ecommerce platform 2015


Prestashop is a PHP open source e-commerce platform. Prestashop uses Smarty template engine which helps to change web page design and improve compile speed of 30-40%. According to W3Techs report 0.5% of all websites using PrestaShop. It has 270,000 Stores in 195 Countries.

Prestashop provides 24/7 technical support by email and phone support on +44 .2 036.971.999.

Prestashop - best open source ecommerce system


X-Cart is a Saas Solution commercial open source system. X-cart is the world’s first PHP e-commerce system released in 2000 by Ruslan Fazlyev.

X-Cart has some amazing features like Mobile Friendly Admin Panel, Multilingual catalog, Call for price, Auction available, Support major payment gateways, multiple transactions per order, HHVM Support, Integration with Drupal 7.x etc.

X-Cart provides the community forum, contact form, community forum, helpdesk ticket and phone support in the USA:1-800-657-7957, UK:44-207-043-4988, International:7-842-279-4038

X-Cart - top enterprise ecommerce systems for small business


OpenCart eCommerce platform is mainly made for search engine friendly, rich features and easy to use by the end user. OpenCart is developed for especially shop system and has major features which require running e-commerce portal.

OpenCart provides the community forum, contact form, and phone support on +852 24990996.

OpenCart - best free online shopping cart software

WooCommerce (WordPress)

WooCommerce is one of Best WordPress e-commerce plugin, which has all the features available which require eCommerce Platform.

As per WooCommerce website, 24% of all website (more than 663,153 websites) use WooCommerce Platform.

WooCommerce provides helpdesk ticket and community forum support.

WooCommerce - shopping cart customizable open source php

Ubercart (Drupal)

Ubercart is a well known open source e-commerce system for Drupal CMS. Ubercart provides:

  1. Single Page Checkout
  2. Backend/ Admin Order Create, Edit, and Processing
  3. Flexible Production Creation and Attribute Setting
  4. Simple, Configurable and Download Product Catalog
  5. Payment Gateway Integration
  6. XML data import/export
  7. User Activity Logging

Ubercart provides community forum and contact form support.

UberCart - open source ecommerce php


Zen Cart origin from osCommerce as the separate platform in 2003 has great features like Easy Payment Gateway Integration, Easy to understand the structure and templating (easy to PHP beginner) and highly reliable etc.

Zen Cart provides community forum support.

Zen Cart - top ecommerce platforms for large retailers


osCommerce is one of oldest open source eCommerce platform in PHP started by March 2000. Currently, osCommerce has 7000+ free Add-ons to help its customization and improvement functionalities.

osCommerce provides live chat, community forum, and commercial (hire developers) support.

osCommerce - best php open source shopping cart


Pimcore is developed in Zend MVC Framework (PHP) based Open Source Content Management System for manage Website Content, Product Information, Publishing, eCommerce and Marketing specific solution.

Its biggest feature is provide integrating Java bridge (PHP-Java-Bridge) to integrate Java-based application and systems.

Pimcore provides community forum, email at info[at]pimcore[dot]com and phone support on +43 662 876 60 62 30

Pimcore - most secure open source shopping cart


CubeCart is open source e-commerce system, provide rich unique e-commerce feature like 100% Smarty Template Driven Responsive Skin, Image Resize/Cropper Tool, Editable Languages, Multiple Currency Support, Mailing List Management, Catalog Only Mode, Staff Order Builder, Server Request Logging, Catalog Search with Advanced Search, Product Clone, Product Attributes and Alternate Checkout Support etc.

CubeCart provides live chat, helpdesk ticket, community forum and contact form support.

CubeCart - best free shopping cart software


AgoraCart is one of oldest Perl based Open Source eCommerce system. Agora provides flexible module structure which allows the developer to complete customization based on requirement.

AgoraCart (Free version) provides community forum and contact form support.

Agora Cart - most popular shopping cart

VirtueMart (Joomla)

VirtueMart is made for Joomla and Mamboo as an extension for the low-level traffic e-commerce website. VirtueMart provides major e-commerce functionalities which major e-commerce provides by due to Joomla Popularity it adopted by over 269,000 and more online retailers.

VirtueMart provides the contact form, helpdesk ticket, and community forum support.

Virtuemart - joomla shopping cart module

Jigoshop (WordPress)

Jigoshop is famous WordPress Plugin which provides major e-commerce features in WordPress Platform.

Jigoshop provides community forum support.

Jigoshop - best open source shopping cart software


Spree is a Ruby on Rails based Open Source eCommerce System, developed by Schofield in 2007. It allows easily configure, modular platform and fully customizable platform.

Spree Commerce provides contact form and commercial support.

SpreeCommerce - best shopping cart website design


Zeuscart is very easy to simple, easy to understand and powerful open source eCommerce platform developed in PHP.

It provides major e-commerce feature like Unlimited Store/Product Categories, Store/Product Subcategories, Bulk Image Upload, Custom SEO Tags, Built-in CMS (Content Management System) and Shipping Weight Calculator etc.

Zeuscart provides community forum and contact form support.

ZeusCart - most secure open source shopping cart


AbanteCart is PHP based Open Source System, provide rich e-commerce feature along with responsive mobile friendly frontend and backend.

AbanteCart provides community forum and contact form support.

AbanteCart - most popular open source ecommerce platforms

Oscar (Python)

Oscar is Python-based domain-driven e-commerce application, provides rich e-commerce features in Python Django Framework.

Oscar provide google group forum and email support on django-oscar[at]googlegroups[dot]com

Oscar Python - most popular shopping cart


TomatoCart is ExtJS RIA framework based Open Source eCommerce system, provides rich e-commerce feature like one-page checkout, Template and module installation, Multilingual, Optimized static URLs, Multi-window operation and Web desktop applications.

TomatoCart has email and commercial support for installation, upgrading, customization.

TomatoCart - best open source online store

Best Paid/ License/ Hosted eCommerce Platforms


CS-Cart is one of the Best License based Rich eCommerce System in PHP provides major e-commerce features which require running best e-commerce portal.

CS-Cart has some great features Theme Visual Editor, Layout Manager, Widget mode, Powerful SEO tools, Mini-cart available on all pages, Built-in template editor, Full import and export of product/user/order/language databases in CSV format, Multivendor, Drop shipping, Full product stock control, and Wholesale trade etc.

CS-Cart provides support for community forum and helpdesk support ticket.

CS Cart - best enterprise ecommerce software


Shopify has fully managed e-commerce system build in Ruby on Rails Framework and Liquid Template Language 2004 by Tobias Lutke.

It provides setup online e-commerce platform with rich built-in features in few clicks. As per Shopify official website 165,000 plus business power by Shopify.

Shopify provides the community forum, email, live chat and phone support on direct helpline no.

North America: 1-888-746-7439
United Kingdom: 0800-808-5233
Australia: 03-8400-4750
New Zealand: 07-788-6026
India: 000-800-100-5786
Malaysia: 1800-80-6678
Singapore: 800-181-1121
Indonesia: 007-803-651-0008

Shopify - enterprise ecommerce platform


BigCommerce is also providing full managed e-commerce system in PHP similar Shopify with 15 days free trial setup and 100+ features included.

BigCommerce provides live chat, community forum, email and phone support on US/CA: 1-888-699-8911, Australia: 1800 107 862 and International clients: +1-512-758-7588

Bigcommerce - most popular hosted ecommerce software


3dCart is easy to utilize and customize, rich features, search engine friendly and visa PCI-certified hosted e-commerce system. It provides the system based on your products with 15 days free trial.

3dCart have the good support system on the community forum, live chat, email and phone support on 1-800-828-6650

3dCart - hosted ecommerce for small business


Volusion is one of oldest hosted e-commerce system founded in 1999 provides rich e-commerce features like multi-channel selling, customer, product and order management, Advance reporting system, highly customizable, search engine friendly, built-in content management system etc.

Volusion provides live chat, expert support, email and phone support on 1-800-646-3517

Volusion - top hosted ecommerce system


PinnacleCart is Hosted eCommerce platform provides A free social media platform, Payment Tokenization, Marketing Tool, PA-DSS Certified PCI Compliant, QR Codes sale support, Easy integration with Facebook app and mobile stores.

PinnacleCart provides the community forum, email and phone support on 1-800-506-0398, 1-602-734-0244

Pinnaclecart - best hosted ecommerce platform

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