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Top 10+ Open Source Content Management System in 2018

When we talk about developing a website that is based on content, the perfect choice is usually to go for a content management system. Having an unplanned website without keeping a solid maintenance budget for the coming time an affect your business functions in a long time, whereas we know that most of the CMS today is open-source and easily maintainable. Why require content management system: According to tech reports, “The top 2 content management systems are accountable for more than 75% [...]

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Top 10 highlighted WordPress Security Myths

WordPress is an open source content management system or CMS tool written in PHP which is generally most popular for its easy creation of the Blogs. Nowadays in market blogs are made in WordPress only and the huge number of people using it. We think that its very secure and reliable but there are some myths that we should know about the WordPress. Is #WordPress really insecure for enterprises website? Click To Tweet Below are some highlighted myths of WordPress which people [...]

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Which is better WordPress or Blogger – blogging platform comparison

WordPress is the best of all the CMS as per the opinion of a few experts out there. While there is another section of Tech geeks that disagree with that fact saying that the self-hosted blogger platform can be superior to anything as such? Whether your business firm is a start-up company or a big concern already, this basic ambiguity might put you in procrastinating things for a while. How to select the appropriate option is what we are [...]

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20 Best Free WordPress Themes

WordPress is an open source, free of cost blogging tool. This content management system or CMS is purely based on MySQL and on PHP. Its amazing feature includes a plug-in architecture with a template scheme. The popular WordPress is used by more than 22% of total 10 million websites. It is as well recognized as the most popular blogging system. There is Best WordPress themes design company in Mumbai who prefers using WordPress and its pre-defined themes instead of creating its [...]

WordPress- advantages and disadvantages

Starting a new Website?? First know what WORDPRESS is

 WordPress is one of the most widely used platforms to create websites, blogs, complex portals, enterprise websites and even applications. 17% of the web today is powered by WordPress and this figure is growing day by day. WordPress provides all coding facilities to the developer yet its simplicity makes it easy for the average users and publishers. It has speed and gives a great user experience. WordPress is a powerful semantic publishing platform and comes with a great set of features [...]

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WordPress : Its Advantages and disadvantages

WordPress started in 2003 with a single bit of code. Open Source WordPress platform is the platform of choice for most bloggers and can be used successfully for simple website design. It does have some stiff competition though, especially with the release of Drupal and with Joomla’s increasing popularity. Top 8 #WordPress - advantages and disadvantages Click To Tweet Initially, WordPress simply started out as a blogging system, but with time has evolved to be used as the full content management system and [...]

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Advantages of Using WordPress for Designing a Website

 WordPress was originally launched to be a blog site but has steadily grown and turned into the most favored platform for the design and enhancement of sites these days, especially e-commerce sites. The best part of the WordPress designing and development is; even a non-technical person can also use this platform easily. Plus, it open source cms and totally free, which is helping it to make a most common and well-known platform. Top 6 Advantages of using #WordPress in #WebsiteDesigning Click [...]