Amazing features in Latest Joomla3 Content Management System

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Amazing features in Latest Joomla3 Content Management System

Joomla, yet another CMS (Content Management System) which is used to manage the content of a website. Joomla content management system is designed in such an easy to install and setup whole platform even if you are not an advanced user.

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Since Joomla is so easy to install and make the configurations you can quickly build the websites. Now, Joomla released their new version called Joomla3 with some advanced features so we will now look to these some major features in it, which are listed below:

1. Mobile Friendly and User-friendly:

With the new package of Joomla3 release, you can make the mobile-friendly website which was improved in this version. By making the mobile-friendly website your users can take the advantage of same things on the mobile also.

Joomla’s mobile-friendly website comes with the complete user-friendly interface for both user and the admin panel. So, you can also access your admin panel by your Smartphone also.

2. Improved Security:

In joomla3 the security got new heights of intelligence. Joomla3 uses the BCrypt password hashing for the data exchange which also includes the Two-way authentication i.e. on the user and server side both.

BCrypt password hashing added some salt in the data which interchange between both sides so that the data can be protected from the rainbow table attacks. So, it makes the data fully protected from the third-party or you can say them the attackers.

3. Cloud Storage:

Today in the world where more and more technology and researches going on in Cloud computing and Cloud storage then Joomla3 used it in quite very well.

Joomla3 now coming with the Cloud Storage like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google storage etc. which our developers can use to save their data on the cloud which makes all data safe and secure.

4. Improved user interface:

Now we can use the Joomla Content Management System with the Bootstrap and Font-awesome latest version, they integrated these new technologies in the Joomla.

With these integrated technologies, user interface got really improved to the new level of interface with which users also feel good and visit the websites again and again. The user can take the full advantage of your website with which your business will also improve.

5. More Advance Module Setting:

Besides just to provide the great UI for anyone Joomla3 also updated with the more advanced module settings which come in part of developing phase.

With these high-end module settings, you can allow the user to make the changes in the module size, header tag or bootstrap tag. These latest changes in the Joomla3 also help the user to generate the SEO for the website.

6. Facility to save blank articles:

If you will look to the previous versions of the Joomla it was just to provide the complete details about the article before saving it but in the latest update joomla3, you can save the blank articles also without giving any details about that. This feature enables the user to save the article which is incorporated into the images only.

7. JFeed is used in Joomla3 for feed generator:

The previous versions of the Joomla Content Management Systemare loaded with the Simplepie feed generator which was quite outdated but joomla3 got loaded with the JFeed feed generator.

This feed generator is very updated and advanced as compared to the simplePie. This file contains the advance flexible error handling which supports this content management system in very well manner.

In the Last Word:

Joomla is most popular CMS in the world as we all know but after adding these advanced features in this CMS it got the more new height of advancement and technology.

That’s the reason that more and more developers start using it and started to make the projects on Joomla by ignoring others CMSs which they were using until now. And we can also after looking to this feature say that no other CMS provide the feature like this CMS so I will recommend you to use this CMS only but other CMSs also have some feature which can help you so it all depends on you that which CMS to use and which not.

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