Choosing secure open source cms system – 10 reason to use Drupal

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Choosing secure open source cms system – 10 reason to use Drupal

Another new and great creation by the PHP DEVELOPERS is known as the Drupal. Drupal is an open source cms system, maintained and developed by the community of users and developers.

It is released under the GNU (General Public License) or GPL that means it’s completely free to download, use and modify and make the web application.

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It doesn’t require any cost to get the license or to develop the project because its open source it doesn’t cost anything.

ezeelive technologies india - drupal secure open source cms systemDevelopers are comfortable to make all types of websites with Drupal like News Publishing Website, Corporate website, E-commerce website, International websites, and Educational websites.

So choosing the Drupal for making any type of website is not a problem for anyone.

Now we will try to find out the what are some major reasons to use the Drupal for making the websites. I will illustrate this below:

1.Reliable and Efficient:

Drupal is a CMS on which you can trust even with closed eyes because it provides a great reliability for its websites that totally error free.

The major thing is that Drupal is used by the president of the USA for the website Customer and content management can be handled efficiently because many features are included in the Drupal framework itself so you don’t have search for the features which you want on your website.

2.PHP Template:

Drupal uses the PHP Template theme engine or plug-ins by default. Using the templates in Drupal is easier than using the template in the WordPress. Drupal Theme Developer Guide is a great resource available for using the themes in the Drupal.


Not only the Drupal is flexible but also it provides a lot of control to its users to make any changes immediately to update the website according to their way.

Drupal allows the webmaster to set the different controls for its users that they can use. So with Drupal, you can give the particular control to the particular user.

4. Many and Easy Third Party Integration:

These days third-party integration is the major part which every website looking for but with the other frameworks it can be little tough but with the Drupal, you can integrate the third party API like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc. in very easy steps.

5. Community Support:

As I discussed Drupal was made by the community of user and Developer which almost include 1,000,000 so its huge community for any framework in the world has.

So at any time if you stuck with Drupal this Community can help and will solve your problem immediately.

6. Secure Tool:

Since Drupal is built in PHP which is widely used the programming language and PHP also have the security inbuilt in that so with that Drupal also has an active security group that provides the daily updates to secure the website.

7.Runs on any platform:

Since Drupal runs on any platform of the Hardware and Operating System (Windows, Mac, Linux etc.) so it makes is more flexible and efficient that the reason that more and more clients prefer to Drupal.

8. Title and Tags:

Titles and the tags of the page play the main role in SEO means in searching on Google so it increases the ranking on the Google so with the Drupal you can give the meta tags and Title in the HTML body. This is difficult in some Content Management Systems but is very easy in the Drupal.

9.Content Types and Views:

In the Drupal, we have one feature called as Content Construction Kit and views module with that you can create new content type and create advanced custom views without writing any code so it helps in phase web development also to deliver the project in short span of time.

10. Everyone Using It:

Over a million sites running on Drupal in which the best example is, with this example you can think what how much security Drupal have and how much reliable it is. Everyone today in the world trying to learn Drupal which can give one stable life.

In the Last Word:

As we saw some major parts of the Drupal and what the advantages we can get with the Drupal development so we can say the Drupal is very secure, reliable, efficient and secure open source cms system to make any website or web application.

It’s easy to use and with its inbuilt features, we can make the project in short span of time.

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