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Bad Parts of NoSQL MongoDB Database

NoSQL Database – the bad parts

NoSQL (Interpreted as not only SQL) database is a non-relational and large distributed database system that enables the data for a rapid and ad-hoc organization and analysis of large data volume and disparate its data types. NoSQL databases sometimes also referred as cloud databases, non-relational databases and Big data databases and their applications. NoSQL database is generally referred by the Big Data companies to store a large number of databases. But as we know every technology has its good part and [...]

Ezeelive Technologies - MySQL versus Mongodb Database

MySQL versus MongoDB Database – Which one is winner and looser based on performance

When MongoDB comes to mind then everyone starts thinking that it’s just a NoSQL database but no one thinks that why it was developed and what its benefits over the MySQL. In this Article, we will first demonstrate that what these both things are i.e MySql and MongoDB because MongoDB is little new so we have first read about its definition. MySQL Database: MySQL is an open source relational database management system (RDBMS) which is based on Structured Query Language (SQL). MySQL virtually [...]

MongoDB - NoSQL Database - Ezeelive Technologies

MongoDB : Why use MongoDB NoSQL Database – Pros and Cons

RDBMS or Mongo DB, What is the best option is the question of the hour. If you are from the SQL background and in need of knowing closer information and details pertaining to MongoDB then here we are to present you with some quality info here. Yes, the pros and cons of the major kind are exposed. Use it to your best potential. MongoDB NoSQL Database Pros : 1. MongoDB Database is absolutely schema-less. It is one major advantage for the [...]