PhoneGap – Code once deploy everywhere

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PhoneGap – Code once deploy everywhere

The PhoneGap: PhoneGap the new framework for the development of the Smartphone-based application like for iPhone, Android, and windows phone.

The PhoneGap is a mobile application development frameworks developed by the Nitobi which is purchased by the Adobe Systems in 2011.

The main advantages of PhoneGap are “Code once deploy everywhere on the mobile platform”. PhoneGap uses the mostly 3 languages only which are HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3 for the mobile view part and then you can write the server according to your preferred language to build applications for the mobiles.

The developer uses mainly PhoneGap because it allows them to have a common codebase for all their application. It doesn’t force the developers to again write the code for each and every time as they move from platform to platform.

Getting Started with PhoneGap:

The advantage in development with the PhoneGap is that you have to make the application only once then after installing the particular operating systems SDK you have to just convert your developed code using that SDK and then it will be ready for that platform also that’s the reason that many and many people preferring PhoneGap to develop the applications.

The first and the main important thing before starting development with PhoneGap is you need to install the SDK for each mobile platform to which you want to make the applications.

Basic configurations to start development:

1. Install Node.js :

To install PhoneGap make sure that Node.js is installed on your system then you can open your command line and run this:

C: >npm install –g phonegap

Then have to install PhoneGap framework that you can download from the official website and after that, with the help of SDK, you can proceed further.

2. Install Cordova:

Cordova is a framework in which only we have to make the mobile applications and through that, we can select the targeted SDK to convert our app to another operating system.

You can download this from their official website or you just ignore this if you want to use the particular platforms SDK.s like for android you can download it from or for the iOS you can use their SDK.

3. Creating project:

You have to open the new project menu in the SDK and then create new for the project and “Finish” it.

4. Build the Project:

After the coding done in particular language then SDK automatically build the executable file in the subdirectory like Apk file in bin subdirectory that you can run on your Android enabled smartphone.

5. Configure an emulator:

From the toolbar option, you can select the emulator you can run it if not existing old emulator then it will say you to create the new one once it runs on the emulator then you can convert the same app for another operating system also.

Then it comes to the last step where you have to target your devices for the operating systems in which you want them that will be only possible after installing the PhoneGap in the system.

With the help of PhoneGap framework you have to the coding and in the toolbar, you will get the options like “Target” Device there you have to select the targeted devices for which you want to make the applications and that will be generated in the form of apk. ipa, ota, etc as you wish using your SDK of the system.

So, this framework playing a fabulous and great role in the technology of mobile application development which saves lots of time and most important money.

Support feature by mobile operating platform:

FeatureIphone/ IpadAndroidWindowsBlackberry
Notification (alert, sound, vibration)YesYesYesYes



PhoneGap is the very powerful framework for the cross-platform development in mobile application development.

If you have ever done the coding in the mobile development then PhoneGap is the most recommended tool for you to try to make the applications for the multiple operating systems.

After looking at its features and advantages of PhoneGap we can say that it’s the must use framework for all of us who are in the development industry.

Advantages of PhoneGap - code once deploy everywhere
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Advantages of PhoneGap - code once deploy everywhere
Advantages of PhoneGap allows to build mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3, benefits is create app with single code and deploy any mobile platform.
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