Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

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Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

Mobile App Development Trends in 2019

What will be the latest mobile app development trends in 2019

It is not easy to predict to upcoming mobile app development trends of 2019 but from the current trends of advanced technology and interest of mobile users, developers are planning to provide the technological advancements in the near future.

The third quarter of 2018 has been already started and developers are analyzing the ways to evolve the modern approach of mobile app development and technology.

They are eagerly working to give something new in 2019.

According to developers of the technology future of mobile app development, 2019 will be very bright because of new inventions and technical features.

Businesses will get many things very beneficial and the year will also very helpful for individuals using mobile applications to search for things and services.

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Experts of mobile technology are trying to measure the way in which this industry is going ahead. Before going ahead to know about what is the next we are going to get in the mobile apps, let’s start the journey by understanding the dependency of current users on mobile applications:

The Connection between Mobile Applications and Smartphone Users:

According to the current situation of this connection, it is not a big deal to say that Smartphone users are addicted to mobile apps.

How? Check the daily routine from the first light of morning we start using such applications such as people check messenger, WhatsApp to know how many people tried to connect with them, we get updates on anniversaries or birthdays via social media channels, watching a film on movie apps like Netflix,JioCinema, booking movie tickets, lunch, dinner, listen to music to get relaxed, booking of a cab to go somewhere else, and etc.

There are many users of mobile applications in our current life but can you that it is it. Not. Because it is just the start of a new trend of technological revolution combining trending technologies and mobile applications. It would be very interesting the length of this craze in the upcoming year.

Top #10 revolutionary mobile app trends in 2019:

  1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Internet of Things (IoT) will be More than a Buzzword
  3. Wearable will be the New Technological advancement and fashion standard
  4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  5. Cloud-Based Mobile Applications
  6. Mobile Wallet Usage
  7. Beacons technology
  8. Accelerated Pages
  9. Android Instant Apps as a separate trend
  10. Application Security

1. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence:

It is fact that AI has very deep roots in mobile applications, so we can’t neglect its importance in the technology of mobile.

The types of replies from its users are now adding to the increased development of this bidding process. We can say that the day is not far on which AI will replace humans with robots and will decrease a vast number of jobs in many departments like customer service in the next decade.

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AI and machine learning are accepted by companies in order to increase productivity and reduce operational costs. Not only the customer service sector but also automobiles and healthcare are revolutionized by AI and ChatBots.

Let’s check some statistical data of AI as the best mobile app development trends of 2019:

  • According to IDC, by 2018, more than 75% of workers using ERP solutions will take the assistance of Artificial intelligent or we can say that intelligent personal assistant in the manner to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • It is Garner’s prediction that the ChatBots will boost-up more than 80% of all the CS (Customer Service) communications by the year 2020.
  • One of the other reports by Juniper Research predicts ChatBots will help in saving the cost of over $8 billion yearly by 2022.

2.Internet of Things (IoT) will be More than a Buzzword:

IoT termed as the Internet of Things has already got its presence in various industry verticals till half of 2018, but we know that there is no limitation or end of possibilities in technology and applications that drive on this associated ecosystem.

The retail industry is using it a lot and increasing its business in this digital age. Not only the retail industry but also the real estate sector is using its power to build parking lots, smart buildings with sensors and also creating smart cities.

#10 Revolutionary Mobile App Trends in 2019If we talk about schools or colleges then IoT is playing a very important role and allowing teachers, students, and parents to stay connected and informed about the current happenings in the compound of the educational institution.

Parents can easily get information about who their children are performing in the well-established system of IoT.

Healthcare or hospitality has a position very far in terms of using IoT and its associated applications in case of appointment with a doctor and enabling them to do an operation on their remote location patients.

But this is not the end of IoT; it will spread faster in the coming year of 2019 and will benefit its users in different ways.

Developers and the creators of technology are working on IoT very deeply and working to provide automation in the business processes.

3. Wearable will be the New fashion standard and Technological advancement:

The impact of wearable is the direct reflection of people’s interest in the latest technology trends. Wearables have demonstrated its utility in the healthcare area to a degree that now an ever-increasing number of individuals use such gadget to keep a consistent mind their heartbeats, eating habits and exercise routines.

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Style remainder just adds to the list of reasons on why specialists anticipate wearable as one the most encouraging portable application development patterns of 2019.

Both iPhone and Android Smartphone producers are building wearable devices to help users make ease of their lives with the connectivity of mobile apps and wearable. Definitely, it will be a big trend of such types for devices in 2019.

Look at wearable acceptance and its technology Smartphone users:

  • Sale of wearable will undoubtedly develop exponentially from 29 million in 2014 to more than 250 million out of 2019. According to a report given by CCS Insight, right around 350 million wearable gadgets will be being used worldwide till 2018.
  • Companies empowering the use of wearable technology detailed 3.5% increase in job satisfaction and a 8.5% increase in employee productivity.
  • According to Business Intelligence report, the market for wearable is about to be increased to 35% by 2019.

4. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality finds its root back in 2014 has its huge impact not only in games but also has penetrated social media.

We know that Snapchat is the biggest examples of this and also the fastest growing social media platform. We can see a drastic growth in user engagement it is a motivation for app development organizations to execute this technique.

All of we are aware of Instagram. Millions of people are using this application in the present day. It also uses the same technology and planning to increase further to make this more engaging and interactive.

There are several applications we can find running on the same technology. Virtual reality in growing and definitely will boom in 2019 with the rise of associated mobile applications and wearables.

According to a report by Statista Forecasts, “more than 5 billion applications will be based on mobile augmented reality by 2019”.

5. Cloud-Based Mobile Applications and Cloud Storage:

Latest mobile app development randomly offers for cloud management. We know that there is a restriction on storage in mobile devices.

We are not allowed to store more applications if we don’t have sufficient space. A big amount of data that is phone memory along with information saves in various applications use huge space in Smartphones.

It will not be a problem in the coming year because the issue will be solved by cloud technology. The user will be allowed to save all the information and data in a specific cloud. So, the limitation of storage in your mobile device will not be an issue.

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Reliable experience over various gadgets using the information put away in the cloud comes as an additional favorable position of this trending innovation.

Enterprise mobility, which is an uncommon idea presently, will pick up footing with expanding the number of organizations adjusting to this theory of cloud and mobility. We can say that it will be the best mobile app trends that will rule in 2019.

According to experts, the application which is cloud-based is more secure than any application saved on a hard drive.

Cloud hides your information completely and provides the best information security. It is very important to be used in corporate where security of data is very essential to save from leakages.

According to a study, mobile cloud traffic will be projected to increase by 90%. This traffic is not only from a single source it will include audio/video streaming, web browsing, online gaming, and social networking.

6. Mobile Wallet Usage:

Definitely, there will be a huge demand for increasing the usage and development of mobile wallets. Such wallets in the form of an app that allows users to do and keep financial transactions with the right encryption would be in big demand with the increasing fever of online booking and online purchasing system.

7. Beacons technology:

It is not a new technology. But still, it does not sit quite and ever changes. Someone can say that the latest or recent trends have changed it.

But the trend was set earlier and not it has become more understandable and intimate for the normal users. For them, more usable applications and functional features are developed. It can be used as the best for virtual guides, sources of information and etc. Its development by 2019 is fixed, and it will be more measured and smooth.

8. Accelerated Pages:

The usage of this technology (accelerated mobile pages) is more metonym than earlier. What was the turning point of this trend? The answer is at the time when Google presented the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) project in the market.

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We should be thankful for this technology because it has accelerated the loading time of pages into mobile gadgets. Additionally, Google has announced that it will provide an isolated search index for every mobile network. This move will definitely lead to conceptual and new changes in the mobile industry.

Accelerated pages definitely faster the web applications and ensure a faster loading time. With respect to the benefits of the AMP venture, they are multifaceted.

Above all else, the number of visitors is increasing. Additionally builds clickability. Pages get the advertisements to become more visible and the page will get the highest rating.

The examination of visitor behavior is simplified, and the disappointment rates are lessened. This impact is enough to tell about the impact of such technology on the new arrival of mobile applications in 2019.

9. Android Instant Apps as a separate trend:

Android Instant Applications which are very similar to websites. Easy of access is the key factor that attracts people towards this. Installation of comparable applications isn’t required, and their differences from sites are very restrictive.

One of the primary favorable circumstances of encouraging people to use this is that they can be accessed from anyplace and don’t need a personal installation.

If we look at running then it is very easy like downloading any internet page. It has very good compatibility with Android Jelly Bean. With its usage, you can save space on the phone.

10. Application Security:

Security is one of the biggest factors in any sector. Security features of all the applications in increasing day by day and the developers of the technology are regularly advancing it in different sections.

Many applications are still not secured and may get attacked by malicious codes anytime. It also affects its users because they can lose their data.

There are very high changes that app developers will start to focus their consideration on enhancing their level of security by 2019.

At this point, the alternatives of encrypted messages and self-destroying messages assist in this matter. Definitely, it is in the list of the top 10 mobile app development trends but what the developers will evolve is still unknown.


No one can ignore the importance of mobile applications in our daily life. We perform many tasks by using various mobile applications and many of the things are easily accessible by using mobile app technology.

Businesses are using mobile applications for different purposes such as managers of restaurants and hotel business, banking institutions, and trading companies are actively using various types of applications in the process of making their good public image.

Also, this is an essential tool for successful branding and reputation management. If we look at another side of application functions then we can see that these are an expansion of open doors for interactions of organizations and service providers with their customers. There is no doubt that it will help in increasing profits and the level of orders.

According to the interest of companies, customers, users, and developers of mobile applications, we can draw conclusions. We can definitely state that the mobile application development trend will grown-up very fast.

Now, this isn’t a field for extra investments, however a vital direction for expanding the target audience and forming the brand image. Also, mobile applications development is firmly identified with web development and their trends by 2019.

People progressively cleaning services and order food by the way of mobile applications. Definitely, competition will be higher next year in every sector so you should be updated with the latest trends and technology.

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