Why you need mobile app for business growth in 2018?

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#10 Reasons Why small business need a mobile app in 2018

Why you need mobile app for business growth in 2018?

#10 Reasons Why small business need a mobile app in 2018

What is the first thing that clicks your mind when we talk about the word ‘app’ and how mobile app help in business growth?

Mobile applications opened facets of chances for small-scale enterprises. In the present era, mobile applications are playing important role in customer relationship management to facilitating payments to documenting expenses and fuelling the business grew very fast.

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Digital revolution impacted businesses via Smartphone apps than any other source. Most importantly, these applications have totally changed the way clients interact with brands and businesses.

If making ready for more thorough customer engagement is one direct ramification of business applications, at that point the other is enhanced collaboration in workplaces and employee engagement.

Great thanks to Smartphones and their range of applications!

We should be thankful for Smartphones and their range of applications these days. Why?

All we use Smartphones to place orders, bookings, services, and for other things. As a customer, we need everything at our fingertips. Let’s check.

When do we need to buy something online then what we do?. Sometimes we go to the website of a service provider for this we have to go to the browser and search for that website.

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But in case if you have an application of that service provider in your Smartphone then it becomes easy to access all services and products by just a single click. This is the biggest benefits of having a mobile application for your business.

Using Mobile app business owner or service provider can increase customer engagement and visibility all the times. Which provides customer faith and loyalty on your services.

Fundamentals of Mobile Application

As no one is here who don’t know about the Age of Smartphones. Imagine a life without a Smartphone and you will find that there are many difficulties we have without this device in our lives.

These devices are used to provide different inbuilt features that you can access anywhere and anytime. These are internet, videos, games, music and so on.

With the advancement of technology and dependent on people on smart devices making individuals and businesses to become smarter day by day. Have you ever think it about why all the features are accessible on a Smartphone.

10 benefits of mobile apps for small business
Advantages of Mobile Apps for Business, 10 ways your business can help in growing with mobile app

It has become a vital part of human life, and not only restricted to show the status symbol but have now become a need of the time.

It has affected different aspects of businesses and human lives are one of them.

As the main motive of a business is to reach and enhance the customer base to get more and more profit and to gain revenue.

Mobile applications are the most advanced way to connect and communicate with the customers.

These apps are a collection of self-contained programs that are designed to enhance the working power and efficiency of a mobile device.

These are very helpful to give boost-up and grow your business via the way of easy accessibility and advanced functionality.

Kind of Mobile applications

There are two types of mobile apps, listed below have a look:

  1. Native apps
  2. Hybrid apps

Native apps:

These applications are specially developed and designed to use on a specific platform. Such types of applications are coded in a particular programming language such as Objective-C and Java for iOS and Android OS respectively.

These applications have a high degree of reliability and fast performance. Other features can be easily accessed by these apps such as Contacts, GPS, Storage, Camera, Gallery, Push Notification etc. The examples of such applications are Symbian, Windows, iOS, Android etc.

Hybrid apps:

The programs of these applications are coded in the container of native applications so these apps are much like native apps. So, these applications use the features of the mobile device such as GPS, Phone Storage, Contacts, Camera etc.

Cross-Platform development is also possible with these apps so that the same components can be easily used on different others mobile OS.

How much time is required to develop the app?

If you don’t have time and most importantly if you are not a mobile app developer then it is required to hire a firm that has the expertise and required resources to handle your project and workload.

It is a rushing job not a simple task and also you need a good cost in order to complete the task. The time to develop an application depends on its requirements, functionality and technical features required by a client.

But if you hire a professional mobile app development company for your project then it becomes easy to get a desired result in the minimum time with the complete performance.

They not only develop your application but also test it as an end user time to time and after completion of every phase.

You need to give proper time to developers to get your product without any issue that can meet your requirements.

Check experience and expertise while hiring mobile app developers?

One more thing while hiring developers you need to check their experience and area of expertise. You have to demand a template from them before going ahead to assign your project. This needs structure and extremely important.

Terminologies should be considered and hearing while talking details of your application:

  • Test Design
  • Concept Sketches
  • Joint Design Sessions
  • Brainstorming and Ideation Sessions
  • Iterative Modelling
  • Low/High Fidelity Prototypes
  • Task Optimization
  • Process Flow Development and
  • Innovation Workshops

What are the core reasons a business should have mobility solution for its customers also to increase ROI and customer reach by providing a better and easy to use a platform?

Your application should be fast and highly efficient in order to save time and cost both of a visitor or customer of your business.

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As organizations and businesses are increasing day by day they are rapidly acknowledging the requirements of enterprise solutions that are playing an important and vital role in enhancing the growth of your business.

Why are mobile-based businesses getting new heights with every second?

The coming age of new applications, Smartphone, and mobile phone on regular basis are a direct indication of this development and growth.

Importance of mobile application for a better growth of your business:

  • Keep your business a step ahead in the technological era
  • Increase customer reach and engagement
  • Increase customer experience
  • Promotes your business indirectly
  • Get great ROI
  • Get customer appreciation
  • Customer loyalty
  • Over to you

1. Keep your business a step ahead in the technological era:

This is the age of Smartphones and technology. To get maximum customer reach you need to be on a Smartphone.

In this manner, a mobile application will help a business or individual to get targeted customers in a convenient and better way.

So avail an assistance of technology and the mobile app development or mobile website design service to enhance your business and its profits.

2. Increase customer reach and engagement:

A strong mobile application increases your customer base and their engagement with your business that helps to grow your ROI and if we talk this growth in terms of online reputation then it also helps you to get higher ranks on different search results.

So, it is always beneficial to have a mobile solution for your business in order to get more and more customers, ranking and revenue. It will also elaborate your business among customers.

3. Increase customer experience:

‘Think Twice’ when you get a solution of your requirement in your mobile phone. Why it increases the customer experience and provides them with a chance to visit your business again and again?

There are many reasons but one of the most important reasons is the easy accessibility of your services and products.

However, we know that at the present time no one has time to stay for a long to get anything to a mobile solution is always beneficial to give rapid results to customer requirements.

When your customers get a quick response then it definitely increases their trust towards your service in this way increases customer satisfaction, reduced deviations, increased revenue and higher employee satisfaction.

4. Promotes your business indirectly:

A mobile application is highly beneficial to promote your business directly and indirectly in both the ways. What is the reason behind this fact?

The best answer to this question is that we know that mobiles are the biggest way of communication and for people who use social media platform.

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No one can deny the power of social media platforms there are many benefits we get when we are popular on social media sites.

When a person finds anything interesting related to your business then people like to share it with their known. So, if the mobile application is user-friendly then it becomes easy to get promoted indirectly.

5. Get great ROI:

Many small-scale businesses avoid the usage of mobile applications and they feel fear from its development cost but it is not too much costly if you consider its benefits.

So, if you expect a good return on investment then don’t fear and have an application for your business.

6. Get customer appreciation:

To get good business outcomes it is very necessary that your customer should appreciate your services and products offered by you.

Empowering the clients for word-of-mouth and advocacy is the most effective method for small businesses. With the help of an application, businesses can easily get an idea of people’s thinking about their business by getting online reviews and content from social media platforms.

We know that word-of-mouth has the greatest impact and one of the most important marketing tactics and with an application, this task becomes much easier.

7. Customer loyalty:

An increased customer experience broadly support in building loyalty, so enhancing the user retention rate. In this way, one of the biggest benefits you will get is returning customer.

Loyal Customers are like assets of your business and they help to get more profits. It is fact that from start-ups to big enterprises all of them give priority to their prime and loyal customers.

If you have an application for your business then you can easily start a loyalty program just by offering discounts and attractive offers to the existing customers.

8. Over to you

Are you still in a dilemma that is a mobile application is profitable to you then this news is for you? You can start by making a pilot version application that has online limited functionalities and features. And if your initiative does well in the market and increases the traffic then you can add more features later.


We have many things which are making our life very simple and we need to first add-on a mobile phone in this long list.

It is true that small business owners don’t want to invest much more in the building mobile apps due to cost, limited business access, and other things.

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However, if we focus on different benefits of using a mobile phone then we can broaden the benefits of its usage. It provides proper results for small and big scale businesses in order to increase and generate revenue and to get more customer engagement.

Considering the time it is a fact that for small business owners needs to reconsider the importance and uses of mobile applications in getting profits and to remain in a competitive age.

Think Twice and aim at this redefining way of doing business to get customer appreciation, customer satisfaction, customer experience and customer reach.

Don’t get confused about the benefits of having a mobile application for your business and if you are still not sure then check out the above points to get a better idea about why your business needs a mobile application.

Get improvement and promotion of your business just by using a mobile app. There current time there are many companies who have relatively increase there sales and business by using mobile apps.

If still, you have the query, please don’t hesitate and reach us on direct no. +91 9822117730, skype@ezeelive and send us your text in contact us form.

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