Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

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Pros and Cons of Responsive Design for eCommerce Websites

Personal computers or Smartphones or the Tablets are also being used to access web resources as of today by the modern day men and women.

We are used to a variety of devices to access information. How is it all made easily possible? Responsive web design to be able to allow the resourceful websites to adapt to the surrounding needs is what that has made it easier for us to look into the websites from so many devices as we wish. Coming towards analysis the pros and cons related to it, here we go.

Interesting best statistics reveal that almost fifty percent of the men and women in the UK are using the web resources through Smartphones of their own.

Just a few years ago, it was just about 31%. A whopping raise of almost twenty percent in just about four years is the incredible leap.

Yes, it is a gigantic leap in fact as you can wonder about it. If the same level of best user experience is assured with Smart-phones as that of a personal desktop computer, then why not resort to it, is the call of action here.

Top players in the industry have already done the needful to stay tuned for the latest needs and wants by making their platforms responsive enough. Is it a good trend by all means?

Advantages or pros of using the Responsive Design :

  1. There is no need to go for content for every version for every page again and again, as you are to use the same content in all the formats or different versions of your site when it comes to mobile phones or tabs or the computers as such.
  2. The enormous amount of money, time and efforts are saved as you do not have to come up with separate sites for specific versions as design and development process could be troublesome in some cases to be up to the mark on par with the desktop options.
  3. Updates are to be done only just one time and not for every other version as and when a need arises. A short amount of time is alone spent towards adjusting the background styles as well as the various environments as needed.

Responsive website design simply extends the boundaries of turning a neatly done desktop site design to be used into a Smartphone site as well. Techniques involved in the responsive design are such that you can get things done in a flexible manner to be suitable for fitting multiple needs as such.

Cons of Responsive Design :

  1. Responsive design is just where you are either hiding or changing the elements which cannot be ideal for all the environs like mobile or tab apart from the desktop.
  2. Even smart Televisions are to be added to the list as of today. Naturally, the downloading time has to be undergone and it is going to be more time-consuming.
  3. Information architecture has to be rebuilt often according to the needs and changes in the websites with respect to various requirements that might arise over a period of time such as the search engine optimisation efforts, brand building and so on.

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