Full text Search with Sphinx and PHP

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Full text Search with Sphinx and PHP

Sphinx is an open source search server which combines very fast full-text search with a great scalability. It’s growing up fast and we not only inventing new features for the full-text search itself but also creating new ways to integrate Sphinx into PHP based applications.If you are not yet using Sphinx, we’ll be highlighting some key steps on how to serve Full-Text queries to your PHP based applications from start to finish.

If you are an advanced Sphinx Search user, this talk will describe where one can offload MySQL or standard Database functions to Sphinx. From some specific queries, one can run on the Sphinx to how to increase both performance and scalability of your applications (web-based or otherwise).

Besides tips and tricks centered around integration with PHP/MySQL based applications, you will learn about the recent 2.0.1 release straight from the proverbial ‘horse’s mouth.’ This talk will utilize and focus on real-world examples from installation and integration to handling search results. Sphinx is the acronym for SQL Phrase Index.

Some key features of this search engine are (from official site):

1. high indexing speed (up to 10 MB/sec on modern CPUs)
2. high search speed (avg query is under 0.1 sec on 2-4 GB text collections)
3. high scalability (up to 100 GB of text, up to 100 M documents on a single CPU)
4. supports distributed searching (since v.0.9.6)
5. supports MySQL natively (MyISAM and InnoDB tables are both supported)
6. supports phrase searching
7. supports phrase proximity ranking, providing good relevance
8. supports English and Russian stemming
9. supports any number of document fields (weights can be changed on the fly)
10. supports document groups
11. supports stop words
12. supports different search modes (“match all”, “match phrase” and “match any” as of v.0.9.5)
13. generic XML interface which greatly simplifies custom integration
14. pure-PHP (ie. NO module compiling etc) search client API

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Full text Search with Sphinx and PHP
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Full text Search with Sphinx and PHP
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