Why I hate Shopify and Love Magento CE

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Why I hate Shopify and Love Magento CE

Shopify and Magento are the two eCommerce solutions which are currently available in the market and who are in the best business market currently which people using it, to make the eCommerce portal and the eCommerce stores.

But as we all know that in today’s current technological market no language or framework can be same as the other one.

So, same fight is also going on with the Shopify and Magento and in that fight as per my usage of these two tools, the winners are Magento because many things are there which I don’t like of the Shopify and Magento is having much more features than the Shopify. So what’s the reason that I hate Shopify (Magento vs Shopify comparison) listed below?

  1. The first and foremost important thing why I hate Shopify is because it gives only basic things and configurations to the e-commerce portal not as big as which currently Magento providing.
  2. Magento is a downloadable product and we can make the changes in that and according to our view we can create the store and then we can host the site but Shopify is a hosted shopping cart i.e. it’s just a template based online store solution that can only provide you with the configurations to set up any type of store on which you can just choose from the given templates that are like the templates of WordPress you can’t make your own UI design and deploy on Shopify.
  3. Shopify comes with the monthly package that means package charges are ongoing and can end up being steep. If you want to keep the website for long term, the highest package i.e. unlimited which comes at the cost of $179.99 monthly (Click to view Shopify Pricing), and on another hand Magento (Magento community edition) does not have any package to make the eCommerce applications so it saves a lot of money.
  4. Another major aspect on why I prefer more Magento is that you can manage the Magento websites on your server inspite of other server because if you look towards the Shopify you have to manage the store on their server and also you can access only your files not the configuration files means if you want to make the changes in the size of pictures or video then you can’t make the changes in that and in magento that you run on your server you can make the configurations according to your need and requirements which I think everyone look for.
  5. If you look as per the store owners view then in magento you can set multiple languages, multiple currencies even multiple stores all in one admin panel and magento is designed in such a way that you can grow its designed structure, easily can change things by using the admin panel but in Shopify store if you want the multiple stores then you have to take the two different stores and at the start only you have to look what the different languages it can give you because once purchased you can’t add your own need languages in that.
  6. Magento provides the bunch of free plugins or one time buy fee but in Shopify most of the good plugins available on monthly basis. It creates the extra cost burden on client’s pocket to run Shopify store long-term.

Conclusion: Overall in magento vs shopify comparison, I will recommend you to use Magento website if you are looking to build a business website that should affect the business for the lifelong time and through that, you can also get the maximum benefits with minimum maintenance cost and with best features.

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  • Bhumi Reply

    Very useful article. Another one bookmarked!

    February 4, 2015 at 8:32 am

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